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Does Your Church Need CRP? Church Planting And Revitalization Booklet / Manual

Does Your Church Need CRP? Church Planting And Revitalization Booklet / Manual

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Does Your Church Need CPR? Church Planting & Revitalization! Here is how to manual and a study into the need to plant new Church and revitalize existing churches.
Does Your Church Need CPR? Church Planting & Revitalization! Here is how to manual and a study into the need to plant new Church and revitalize existing churches.

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Published by: Jeramiah "Just para-DOX" Giehl on Feb 15, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike


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Planting and MaturingCity-reaching ChurchesIn Contemporary Culture
Will you reach your city for God? 
By Jeramiah A Giehl
para-DOX parables
Table of Contents
IntroductionWhy Church Planting?1. Is there really any need to evangelize the world?2. Morality – who are you to tell me what I can and can’t do?3. Complacency – How can we sit idle with the solution, watching a lost world perish?4. Church Planting – Gods Great Commission For His Glorious Gathered Christian Community.Chapter 1The necessity of constant and consistent revival1. Universal church growth is declining – complacency and lack of concern is killing the Missio-Dea of the church!2. Institutionalization, control, sin, and pride – have murdered Apostolic New Testament witness and power.3. Revival – A call to reformation and a removal of earthly hindrances of a true heaven sent revival.Chapter 2Blurred Vision – Our need for God to refocus our lives and ministries1. Without Vision they perish God give us your vision.2. Maturation – Gods process of sanctification, empowerment, activation, and commissioning.3. God’s victorious end-time army – God is calling for a spirit lead army to hear and obey His voice.Chapter 3God motivators1. God is my source – I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.2. Set your priorities in order with Gods word.3. Servant style leadership – Leading from the front by example, pulling the flock toward God.Chapter 4Informed warfare1. Get The Inside Scoop – Spiritual mapping – the key to unlocking our cities to the power of God.2. Faith Projections – Projecting Gods Prophetic Vision for the advancement of His kingdom through your obedience.3. Goal setting – How shall I do what Jesus told me to do?Chapter 5Assessing the war-zone1. What are the rules of engagement in your region of battle and how do we conquer them?2. Survey – finding the weakness and strengths in your area and using them to advance the kingdom of God.3. Spiritual Mapping – unveiling the enemies strategy over your city.Chapter 6Rallying the troops1. Networking – unity is the greatest offensive weapon of the body of Christ! If only we could all work together.2. Allow God to use you to break the dividing walls between people-groups, denominations and sects.3. City-Churches – local shepherds united under the Chief Shepherd, Jesus.4. Intercession and Identificational Repentance – one of the most powerful important offensive weapons of the church of Jesus Christ.Chapter 7Time to Congregate1. It’s time to build a Church body – let God build His church.2. Outreach busting out the doors.3. Levels of Outreach - targeting your city for Jesus.4. Not just converting but multiplying through assimilation.5. Church Growth - stability, stagnation and continued-vibrancy.Chapter 8Appointing Proper Leadership1. Appoint proper New Testament leadership as the Holy Spirit directs.2. Deacons - serving and relieving the shepherd from the arduous duties that take away from spiritual headship.3. Shepherds networking for accountability - proper alignment of leadership and accountability.4. Jesus - the proper focus of New Testament ministry should be upon the cross.5. Assimilation maturation – and fellowship equals growth.Chapter 9Discipleship the key to making world changers and history makers1. Mentoring the commission of the church and a powerful key to spiritual growth.2. Because of Lack of Knowledge, Vision and Training Gods people perish.3. Spiritual "Boot Camp" – one year of intensive training – commit to mentor a New Believe for one year.4. Select, matriculate, exemplify, consecrate, impart, demonstrate, activate, delegate, supervise, and watch your ministry multiply.Chapter 10True Christianity - Restored Vibrancy1. Charisma or institutions - mans way or Gods? I will obey Jesus who shall bring victory through obedience.2. Avoiding at all costs complacency - the churches call to continual revival, the restored apostolic paradigm, Revelation 3:15.3. God's gifts are eternal – the five fold gifts are irrevocable.4. Christ commanded us to be a conduit for Gods power to flow through not a form of religion denying or talking about the power of God.Chapter 11The church being the church to the world1. Power Religion the New Testament Paradigm - releasing spiritual body ministry - from the body to the body - the Christians way of life.2. Incarnational Ministry – Jesus, through His church, by His spirit, to the world.3. Continual Local Church based deliverance ministries - the world needs the power we have got to set them free, give it to them, don't keep itfor yourself.ConclusionThe Church Must Be the Church1. Transformed Christians transforming society by the "Dunamis" of the Holy Ghost.2. You can do it - We can do all things through Jesus who gives us strength by the power of the Holy Ghost.Bibliography
IntroductionWhy church planting – is there really any need to evangelize the world?
 Church planting! What for? What is the need for Church Planting today as the dawnof a new millennium has passed? After the so called "Decade Of Harvest," at the dawn of the twentieth century here in America, "The land of the free and the home of thebrave?" America in 1895 in the Trinity Church versus the US Supreme Court decisionruled that the USA was in fact a Christian nation. However, in the so called ChristianUnited States of America today many millions of men, women and children are destinedfor hell without any hope, having never heard a clear presentation of the gospel of JesusChrist. Many are starting to call America a post-Christian nation.
Today all sectors of society are being infiltrated the neo-pagan revival that has itsroots in ancient Druidism and witchcraft.
"The spread of humanism, neo-paganism, multicultural religious pluralism, andNew Age spiritism only speeds the erosion of our country's precipitously weakened ‘Christian’ moral base."This neo-pagan revival continues to grow in moment in the US and the globe itspans every sector, every age class, every culture it transcends every barrier and isblatantly aimed at attacking all that is Christ. There is a major focus on trying to removethe Church form all strata of life. This show use even more now the needs to plant andgrow Churches. This appears to be the end-time delusion Jesus and the Apostlesprophesied about. In response to this there is a general degradation of morals. There isa definite and blatant frontal attack on contemporary Christianity and historic biblicalvalues.
 Land of the Freaked Out & Home of the Faint At HeartAmerica has:
 … the highest rate of 
mental illnes
… the highest rate of stress related illness… the highest rate of debt… the highest rate of single stressed out women raising children… the highest rate of women having heart attacks… the highest rate of judgemental and prejudice people… the highest rate of divorce… the highest rate of abortion… the highest rate of pornography (#1 world wide exporter)… the highest rate of violence in a majority of countries
The Church in America has:
 … the highest rate of divorces, more divorces in the Church than the world.… about the same rate of adolescence fornication in the youth groups.… a lot of minister who have been caught having affairs.… a lack of connect with peoples real needs.… let the world remove God from school.

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