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Figure Ground Assignment

Figure Ground Assignment

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Published by clara8940

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Published by: clara8940 on Feb 16, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Cardboard piece (provided), ink, brushes, markers, paint, pens, pencil, ruler, eraser, 11”x14” Bristol Board
Your ormat will be 8 1/4”x12”, Trace in pencil a 1” border in rom the edge o the paper; this will be cut of.
• Use your imagination to create a pattern or image that will cover the entire picture plane. Draw lightly in pencil.• Use the cardboard piece to trace a secondary pattern over it.• Exercise good judgment in placing the new shapes, being conscious of opportunities for interesting overlap and gure/
ground reversals
• Figure out an interesting way to integrate the title and author of the book. Is it part of the design, or does it lay on top?• Use ink, brushes, markers, paint and pens to nish your design.• Slow down and work over the page methodically (its easy to get confused as to which shapes are black and which
remain white
• Once the ink has dried, erase all pencil lines. You’re nal design should be an eye-popping treat!
cardboard piece
Figure/ground Ambiguity bookcover
fgure (positive space):
Reerred to as a positive shape, an image that appears to be closer to the viewer than the
background against which it is seen. An area in design that appears to be lled or occupied.
ground (negative space):
Name for the background or eld of a composition. The area of a two-dimensionaldesign that appears to be the farthest from the viewer. An area in a design that appears to be unoccupied or empty.
fgure/ground ambiguity or reversal:
A composition that makes it dicult to determine which is gure andwhich is ground. The design can be read either way.
fgure/fgure (equal fgure ground):
A term implying no hierarchy in the relationship of shapes in acomposition, each helping to dene the others ground.

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