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Energy and Cell Resp ETC and GLYCOLYSIS Ch 7 Part 2

Energy and Cell Resp ETC and GLYCOLYSIS Ch 7 Part 2

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Published by mdonohueHGHS

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Published by: mdonohueHGHS on Feb 16, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Cellular Respiration
Ch 7 pp.145-155
Energy From Electrons
Atom nucleus
Attracts/pulls electrons
Potential energy released when nucleus pulls electrons to it (makes bond)
Think of the atomic structure of the following atoms
Oxygen (make up the oxygen molecule in cell resp)
Hydrogen and Carbon (bonded to each other in glucose)
Which has a stronger attraction for electrons?
What happens in cell respiration?
Oxygen molecule reacts with glucose
Carbon and hydrogen leave each other and become bonded to oxygen's,creating the carbon dioxide and water produced in cellular respiration
The electrons in hydrogen and carbon are pulled toward the nucleus of theoxygen atoms, thus releasing potential energy
Occurs when you burn sugar, lots of energy released almostinstantaneously
In cellular respiration, occurs in controlled steps to prevent a massiverelease of energy

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