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Twilight Twist Full Story

Twilight Twist Full Story



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Published by Jane
This is the first two chapters of my Twilight Fan fic, I say that I do not own anything, all The credit gose to Stephanie Meyer, this is just my twist. Enjoy ; ) Oh and I will update asap when I write more, so as soon as the ink dries so to speak
This is the first two chapters of my Twilight Fan fic, I say that I do not own anything, all The credit gose to Stephanie Meyer, this is just my twist. Enjoy ; ) Oh and I will update asap when I write more, so as soon as the ink dries so to speak

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Published by: Jane on Feb 16, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 1: The Accident
Hello you all know me, I am Bella Swan. I live in Forks Washington. I am livingwith my dad Charlie, and I am in love with a vampire named Edward, who is theone who thirsts for my blood most. It sings to him, anyways I also love his wholefamily, I don’t know how I ever lived without them until now. Well at the momentI am not so happy, you see it is my birthday and they insisted on making it a bigdeal out of it. I was walking up the porch with Edward, Alice had decked the houseout for a party. We entered to their smiling faces, the greeted my happy birthdayand started with the presents. So far I have a new radio for my truck, which Emmethad already installed while I opened the box. A Cd from Edward, and plane ticketsfor Florida to visit my mom from Esme and Carsile. I was opening another when Ifelt the sharp pain in my finger. “Ouch. Paper cut” I pulled it out, I got a paper cut.Well forgetting where I was, well lets just say bad idea. I saw Jasper, he wasrunning for me, Edward shoved my back to hold off Jasper, I crashed into a tableholding glass bowls with scented candles and roses, I felt the pain in my are andsmelt the smell of rust and salt. I was suddenly in a room with seven vampiresthirsting for my blood. Well everyone except Carsile. He came and ordered theothers out. “Come Bella I must take care of that arm.” He picked me up and carriedmy to his study. He began to pick the glass from the wound, plink plink plink, into
a glass bowl they went. “I am going to have to stitch this Bella. I will give you ashot of local anesthetic.” He reached into his bag and pulled out the things heneeds. He gave me the shot and waited for it to take affect before he began. “BellaI am asking for forgiveness for Jasper, as you know he has a harder time with thelifestyle than the rest of us.” He looked at me with sorrow in his eyes. “Oh of course, it wasn’t his fault, I must be more carful. I should have never. I will talk with him, I don’t want him feeling guilty.” Carsile smiled at me, as he dropped the bloody gauze and the needle and such into the glass bowl and poured rubbingalcohol over it and lit a match. The bloody mess was burned up. “Alright Bella,you are all done I suggest you take some pain relievers when you go home, thatarm will be sore once the anesthetic wears off. I will say that your talk with Jasper will have to wait. Now Edward will drive you home, the family needs to hunt. I amsorry this happened. Have a good day Bella.” He smiled as he walked out of theroom. “Are you ready to go Bella?” I turned to see a pained looking Edward.“Yeah, when you see Jasper before I do tell him I am sorry, and that he will notfeel guilty over this alright.” He smiled a little, although it didn’t reach his eyes.“Of course love, now let me take you home.” He offered me a hand I took it and heswept me off my feet and out the front door. The drive home was quiet. We werestanding at my front door now. “Edward, since it is my birthday, can I ask for something.” He looked at me and smiled my favorite crooked smile. “Of courselove, what is it?” “Kiss me.” He leaned down and gave me a kiss, he pushed me
against the side of the house and kissed me like never before, thank god Charliewas on his night shift. His kiss deepened, his carefully guarded barriers were gonefor the moment. The kiss ended too soon for me, he gave me another peck on thelips. “Alright love, I have to go, don’t forget to take some pain relievers. I won’t behere tonight, I am going hunting.” He smiled and turned to run and he was gone. Iwent in and took the pills and went to bed, I was very tired, it was close to eleven.Ok I woke up today and I looked outside, it was sunny, that meant the Cullensweren’t going to school today. I got showered, and dressed, I skipped breakfast,grabbed my bag and I was out the door, I didn’t want to wake Charlie. I hoppedinto my truck and left, of course chances are my truck starting could have wokenhim. I got to school and the day passed quickly without incident. I got home to anote on my front door, from Edward.
 Bella, meet me on the trail behind your house, I want to have a talk. E.C.
I left the note there and went to find Edward. He was leaning against a tree. “HiEdward, what did you want to talk about that couldn’t be done inside?” He walkedover to me. “Bella were leaving.” “What why?” “Because it’s time, we have beenher too long.” “Alright, let me think of something to say to Charlie, and grab whatI need and lets go.” He frowned. “No Bella, My family and I are leaving, withoutyou.” “What, you are leaving me? Please Edward, don’t I love you, you can’t do

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