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Real Secret

Real Secret

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Published by durrie

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Published by: durrie on Feb 16, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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You create Your own realitY. Just
“think positive,” and you’ll get yourself a new car, a great job, the perfect partner and lots of money. That’s a message heardmore and more frequently, most promi-nently in popular documentaries like
, following the success of 
What the Bleep Do We Know!?
 To offer concrete evidence for their 
claims, the lmmakers point to discover 
-ies in quantum physics. But does physicsreally provide the proof for these claims?Quantum physics describes the so-called “observer effect,” which refers to theimpact the mere act of observing can haveon the phenomenon being observed. Phys-icists speak about this as the “collapse of the wave function.” The wave function de-scribes the probabilities of a particle beingobserved in any of its possible states. Whenan observation is made, the wave function“collapses” and the particle is observed inone particular state. A popular interpre-tation of this is that the act of observationaffects physical reality, “freezing” it into acertain state. Hence the claim that you cre-ate your own reality, and the importance of holding a positive vision of a desired out-come.The original formulation, however, putforward by Nobel Prize-winner Wern-er Heisenberg, states that is your 
of the system that collapses. Nothing
Hit lms like
The Secret 
serve up a strange mix of New Age andquantum physics. Yet, a physicist asks, do they really understand what science and spirituality are all about?
by peter russell
Marlee Matlin in
What the Bleep:
 a “quantuM fable”with too Muchhollywood and toolittle science?
october 2007
   c   o   U   r   t   e   S   Y   o   F   L   o   r   d   o   F   t   h   e   W   i   n   d   F   i   L   m   S ,   L   L   c

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