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English - Simple Past Continuous Tense

English - Simple Past Continuous Tense

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Published by Amee Rahmidewi
about simple past continuous tense.
about simple past continuous tense.

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Published by: Amee Rahmidewi on Feb 16, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PATTERN(+)S + to be (was, were) + Ving + C(- )S + to be (was, were) + not + Ving + C(?)To be (was, were) + S + Ving +CFUNCTIONSimple Past Continuous Tense is a tense that is used to show anactivity that is going on in the past when another activity happens.I didI was doingId done _______*__________________________*______________________*__________ PastPast ContinuousPast Perfect TIME SIGNALSWhen, while, as, etc.EXAMPLES:(+)I was sleeping when my father came home.(- )I wasn’t sleeping when my father came home.(?)Was I sleeping when my father came home?NOTE There are some verbs (for example: know/want/believe/go/etc.) thataren’t normally used in past continuous tense.Example:
We went to market yesterday (not “We are going to marketyesterday”).
I want to go home (not “I am wanting to go home”).
A. Change the verbs in the brackets into past continuous form!1.)Mary and John __________ (talk) when the teacher came in.2.)I __________ (study) when Roy called me.3.)The students __________ (play) in the school yard when the bellrang.4.)It __________ (rain) when I left home.5.)The snow __________ (fall) when we went out.B. Change these sentences into positive, negative, andinterrogative form!
(+)I was playing computer when the lamp went out.
(-)Mother was not cooking when I arrived home.
(?) Were they playing cards while we came?
(-)Anna was not studying while the phone rang.
(+)We were watching television when we heard a strangesound.C. Answer these questions using Past Continuous Tense!
What were you doing when I called you last night? (reading somebooks)
What was mother cooking when father came home? (cookingsalad)3.)What were the boys doing when the accident happened?(playing kites)
What was father doing when you wake up this morning?(drinking a cup of coffee)5.)Where were they going when Ratna called them? (going to thebeach)
We thanked to God because we can finish this task as well aswe can. Group 2, has made this task to improve quality andrelevance of English in tenses.As we know, there are 16 tenses:# Simple Present# Simple Future# Present Continuous# Future Continuous# Present Perfect# Future Perfect# Present Perfect Continuous# Future Perfect Continuous# Simple Past# Future Past# Past Continuous# Future Past Continuous# Past Perfect# Future Past Perfect# Past Perfect Continuous# Future Past PerfectContinuousIn this chance in our task, we will learn more about PastContinuous Tense. We have made summary of this tense in thistask. It can develop the competence of students in knowledge andattitude. This part was made systematically and appropriated withstudents’ thought.We hope our work will be useful for everyone who read this. To all of sides who have helped us to finish this task, we arereally thanked to you. We realized that this task is far fromcomplete. Hopefully, suggestions and critics are given to us. Thank you.Surabaya. August 2007Group 2

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