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The absolute weakness of Man

The absolute weakness of Man

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Published by haitham
The absolute weakness of Man
The absolute weakness of Man

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Published by: haitham on Feb 16, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The absolute weakness of Man
Don't you think that we (humans) are so weak?May be someone here says NO, we are not weak, we have allthis technology, all this science, or maybe someone considershimself as a champion in body building or in wrestling, so hethinks that he could beat anyone who annoys him.some countries which are equiped with aircrafts, nuclearweapons, troops assume that they could eliminate anyone whothinks to disturb them.there are many examples regarding what I said. Many peopledon't deserve blessings, because they get arrogant because of these blessings, they think that they are better than others, sothey misuse the blessings forgetting that there is a God whocan eliminate them at any moment .of the things that reveals the weakness of humans;is thatsomeone may be so strong but misuses his power so he mayhave an accident resulting into getting handicapped, or anation thinks it is the strongest nation on the face of theearth,but without a previous caution suddenly faces anearthquake or a tornado that would evacuate all the powerthat this nation had and becomes one of the weakest nationsand may ask the surrounding countries to support it.97. Are the people of these towns then secure from the comingof Our punishment upon them by night while they are asleep ?98. And are the people of these towns secure from the comingof Our punishment upon them in the early part of the forenoonwhile they play ?99. Are they then secure from the design of ALLAH ? Andnone feels secure from the design of ALLAH save the peoplewho are destined to perish.( Holy Quran 7:97-99)We are so weak, and this can be proved everyday, till now allthe science and technology can't predict an earthquake or astorm, very bad diseases are spreading without finding an
appropiate cure for them,when a volcano errupts no one canstop it, at that time, there is no place for passion, only hope tosurvive or not to die, if someone's arm is cut, no one canreplace him with an equally efficient arm, even the excretionsman excretes, if something got wrong with these systems, hislife would be turned to a nightmare.46. Say, `Will you tell me, if ALLAH should take away yourhearing and your sight, and seal up your hearts, who is the godother than ALLAH who can bring it back to you ?' See howWE expound the Signs in various ways, yet they turn away.47. Say, `Will you tell me, if the punishment of ALLAH comeupon you suddenly or openly, will any be destroyed save thewrongdoing people ?' ( Holy Quran 6:46-47)Think about it, see how much we are weak, see how much allthe interests in this life worth when a disaster happens to aman? For example, a very rich man, suddenly was infected bya very bad disease that keeps on torturing him all night andday, and he couldn't be healed despite all medical technologies,ask him :" What if I guarantee healing for you, how muchwould you pay me?", his inevitable answer would be:" all mywealth", think about it every part in your body and everyblessing God gave you, if it went out of your hand, all interestsin this world would be nothing for you and you could sacrificeanything to live naturally again. And at the end, all of us willdie, there is no question about it, so why do we get concernedwith these low interests?24. The likeness of the present life is only as water which WEsent down from the clouds, then there mingles with it theproduce of the earth, of which men and cattle eat till when theearth takes on its ornament and looks beautiful and its ownersthink that they have full power over it, there comes to it byOur command by night or by day and WE render it like amown down field, as if nothing existed there the day before.Thus do WE expound the Signs for a people who reflect. (HolyQuran 10:24)

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