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Bodybuilding - Dumbell Exercises for Every Muscle Group

Bodybuilding - Dumbell Exercises for Every Muscle Group

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Published by marcy1957

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Published by: marcy1957 on Feb 17, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dumbell Exercises... Simple, SafeAnd Effective
complete collection
of dumbell exercises will strengthen, toneand build every major muscle group in your body.Use them to put together your own fitness program for the home orgym. Better still...Visit theweight training programs articlesometime. It describes a wholehost
strength training routines
for all kinds of fitness outcomes. Youcan use them in conjunction with the exercises outlined here.Dumbell exercises offer some tremendous advantages over traditionalresistance machines. Here are just a few...
Dumbell exercises incorporate
stabilising muscles
helping youdevelop a much more
posture and physique.
Done correctly dumbell exercises are extremely safe.
Dumbell exercises fit round you instead of you fitting around amachine.
Dumbell exercises allow you to train with the most naturalmovement patterns.
Dumbell exercises allow you to work through a
greater range of movement
than resistance machines.
You can put together a great circuit training program with nothingother than dumbell exercises, improving your
as well as your strength.
Dumbell exercises allow you to build highly specific sports fitnessprograms. Because dumbell exercises are so dynamic and flexibleyou can use them to closely match the
movement patterns
inyour sport.On to the exercises...Print this page out and take it with you to the gym or use it at home.Give yourself a full week to get accustomed to the dumbell exercisesbefore you start lifting heavier weights.
Dumbell Exercises For Every Muscle Grouphttp://www.sport-fitness-advisor.com/dumbellexercises.html (1 of 8)4/4/2004 7:20:09 PM
Dumbell Exercises For Every Muscle Group
General guidelines For Dumbell Exercises
Dumbell exercises are extremely safe if you perform them correctly. Thefollowing guidelines are not just for your safety, they will improve thequality of your workouts as well...
1. Always warm up before dumbell exercises.
Perform 5-10 minutes of light aerobic exercise followed by stretchingexercises to all major muscle groups.
2. Perform each of the dumbell exercises with a light weight tostart.
Become fanatical about technique. You will start to get diminishedreturns from dumbell exercises if you keep increasing the weightwithout maintaining quality.
3. Have someone spot you at all times.
4. Avoid suddenly dropping the weights to the floor.
As you perform dumbell exercises your muscles are under tremendoustension. Abruptly releasing the tension by letting go of the weights is agreat way to get injured!5. We have to put this one in... please read ourlegal disclaimerbeforeperforming any of these dumbell exercises.
ChestDumbell Exercises
Flat Dumbell Press
Works the pectorals, triceps and the anterior deltoid (front of shoulder).1. Lying flat on a bench, hold the weights directly above your chest,arms extended and palms facing towards your feet.2. Lower the weights to your chest under control.3. Press the dumbells back up to the starting position and repeat.4. Avoid locking your elbows. This keeps the tension in your pectoralmuscles and prevents joint damage.
Incline Dumbell Press
A variation of the flat press, this exercise works the upper pectorals,triceps and the anterior deltoid.1. Adjust the bench to an incline of 30 to 45 degrees.2. Perform a dumbell press as described above.
Flat Flies
1. Lying flat on a bench, hold the weights directly above your chest.Palms facing towards each other.2. Bend your elbows slightly and maintain this flexion for the rest of theexercise.3. Open your arms in an
lowering the weights. Your elbows shouldremain 'locked' in a slightly bent position. Imagine opening your arms to
http://www.sport-fitness-advisor.com/dumbellexercises.html (2 of 8)4/4/2004 7:20:09 PM
Dumbell Exercises For Every Muscle Group
give someone a hug and you won't go far wrong!4. When your upper arms are parallel to the floor, use the samemovement to return the weights to the starting position and repeat.
Incline Flies
1. Adjust the bench to an incline of 30 to 45 degrees.2. Perform the exercise described above.
ShoulderDumbell Exercises
Seated Shoulder Press
Works all 3 heads of the deltoid (shoulder) muscle.1. Sit upright on the end of the bench with the dumbells extendeddirectly above your head. Make sure your back is not rounded. Adjustthe bench so it forms an upright chair to support your back if necessary.2. Lower the weights slowly and under control to your shoulders.3. When your arms are bent to 90 degrees, press the dumbells back upwithout locking your elbows and repeat.
Lateral Raises
Most dumbell exercises are superior to the machine equivelent. This oneis no exception. Out of all the dumbell exercises described this is alsothe one that is invariably performed badly. If you keep good form youcannot lift a heavy weight.1. Stand upright, knees slightly bent and shoulder width apart, holdingthe dumbells at your sides.2. Bend you elbows slightly and raise the dumbells out to the side. Keepyou elbows slightly bent as you do this.3. When your arms are parallel to the floor, slowly lower the weightsback down and repeat.4. If you catch yourself arching your back, dipping your knees orbringing your shoulders back use a lighter weight.
Reverse Flies
Works the posterior (rear) deltoid. The exercise is performed as itsname suggests. It's simply a chest fly in reverse.1. Sit on the edge of a bench, feet flat on the floor and knees bent atright angles. Bend right over so your chest is almost resting on yourthighs.2. Hold 2 dumbells next to your feet and bend your arms slightly. Openyour arms out in an arc keeping your elbows bent.3. When your arms are parallel to the floor slowly lower the weightsback to the ground with the same motion.4. You can and should only use a light weight for this exercise. If youfind it places too much strain on your lower back try this variation...Adjust the bench as though you are about to perform an incline dumbellpress. Lie face down and let your arms hang down so your knucklesbrush the floor. From here perform the movement described above.
Front Raises
Isolates the anterior (front) deltoids.1. Stand upright, knees slightly bent and shoulder width apart. Hold the
http://www.sport-fitness-advisor.com/dumbellexercises.html (3 of 8)4/4/2004 7:20:09 PM

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