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AK 47 Cleaning

AK 47 Cleaning

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Published by Tegerian
AK 47 Cleaning
AK 47 Cleaning

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Published by: Tegerian on Feb 17, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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AK-47 Cleaning and Maintaining
Cleaning? Yes, despite the ruggedness of your AK and its reknowned ability to functionwith sand, grunge and grit choking its internals, a basic cleaning and maintenanceprogram will sertainly extend the life of your equipment. Many different methods ofcleaning your AK type rifle are discussed among AK fans. Methods are really diverse,and unlike any other type of military weapon include terms like "water hose","dishwasher" and "local car wash". Seriously. The rugged design of the AK and itsinherent simplicity allow its maintenance to be discussed in such words. It is acompliment to a military rifle designer to have upkeep of his design discussed interms like 30 weight motor oil and bearing grease- both viable options with the AK!
Step 1: Field stripping the AK 
Field strip your gun. It seems obvious, but be sure its unloaded- check it! You justnever know. Remove the top cover off of the receiver by pushing the button on therear of the receiver cover and lifting the cover up. After the cover is removed, slidethe receiver retainer button that held the receiver cover down forward until itdisengages from the trunion that holds it in place. This will allow you to slide therecoil spring out of the bolt carrier. Next, pull back the bolt to the rearmost positionand lift the bolt carrier/gas piston assembly out of the receiver. Watch the bolt! It isloose and with a turn will fall out. Remove it by turning it until the locking tab isclear and you can slide it forward and free.
Finally, with the bolt carrier/gas piston assembly removed, lift the lever on the rightside of the gas block up by rotating it clockwise. The gas tube/upper handguardassembly will be loose now and you can move it upward and off the gun. That's allthat is required to field strip your AK, and it is ready for cleaning.
Step 2- Initial Cleaning
First, I apply CLP to the parts that I can get at with a toothbrush and scrub., Thisincludes the bolt carrier/gas piston and the bolt itself. I also use Hoppes #9 on thebore by passing a saturated patch down the barrel. You can use any solvent here thatyou wish, from kerosene to WD-40. The idea is to flush out the grunge and scrub offthe stubborn carbon deposits. The brass brushes will come in handy on the gas pistonand the bolt face. Run the shotgun brush down the gas tube a few times to knock outany carbon in there. Check the gas port too, making sure the channel leading to thebarrel is open and free of carbon. A special tool is available for this, or a length ofcoat hangar will substitute just fine.
Step 3- Degreasing
Once I've loosened the really nasty grunge with the toothbrush and flushed withcleaner of my choice, I spray off the interior, parts and bore with brake cleaner to getthe cleaner and remainder of the grunge off. This step leaves a nice, greaseless, baremetal finish.
Step 4- Lubrication
Using CLP, I lube all operating parts. Inside the receiver, go ahead and coat the wholething in a light film of CLP or light machine/gun oil. You don't want any rust in there!I use Tetra grease on the rails. I give it a good coat with my finger, but it reallydoesn't need much as this stuff leaves a film behind even if you can't see it. A largeblob of grease only attracts dirt.
Step 5- Protection
Use CLP here. Some folks prefer Motor oil, Automatic Transmission Fluid, or light gunoil. With a rag, wipe down all exposed metal with CLP- interior and exterior,parkerized, blued or otherwise. Get it all. A slight film is all that is required toprotect the gun.
Many folks report that storing your AK in a foam lined gun case is dangerous sincesome foams react to CLP and other chemicals over time to mar you gun's finish. I'vehad this happen to a shotgun stored for 10 years in a foam lined hard case- it has adefinite discoloration of the blued barrel at regular intervals where the egg cratefoam touched it. If you store your AK in such a case, line it with cotton cloth first.
And that's it!
Alternate cleaning methods for the AK 

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