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Eritrea Profile 17022010

Eritrea Profile 17022010

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Published by: Serenity on Feb 17, 2010
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Vol. 16 No. 100Wednesday, 17th of February, 2010Pages 8, Price 1.50 NFA
In an interview with the Gulf News and Khartoum Monitornewspapers, President Isaias Af-werki said that the Eritrean people’snoble culture and values, coupledwith the Government’s strict andtransparent handling of the corrup-tion issue have enabled the nationto be free of the malaise that iscommon in a number of countries.The President explained that as aresult of corruption, the resourcesof many countries are only servingthe vested interest of a handful of of 
cials and foreigners at the ex-pense of the majority of the indig-enous population. In this respect,he pointed out that Eritrea has beenand continues to strive to uprootcorruption since the days of thearmed struggle so that endeavorsto ensure a bright future may notbe undermined. And as such, it hassucceeded to attain the set goal, heelucidated. President Isaias wenton to say that on top of combatingcorruption, the Eritrean people’smorality and cherished values haveequally made due contribution increating corruption-free environ-ment.As regards the issue of corrup-tion in South Sudan to which hereferred to on previous occasions,the President stated that as genuinefriends, Eritrea’s serious concernabout corruption there should beviewed within this framework.Replying to question as to whyhe doesn’t send his children abroadfor education as do other leaders inAfrica and elsewhere, PresidentIsaias noted that access to educa-tion in other parts of the world is aprivilege enjoyed by the rich, whilein Eritrea every citizen is entitled toeducational opportunity. “As such,my children are pursuing educationin their country as they are not dif-ferent from fellow nationals,” heelaborated.Concerning Eritrea’s relationswith neighboring countries andthe Arab world, the President un-derlined that good neighborliness,mutual cooperation and respectconstitute the sole reliable meanstowards ensuring common inter-est and development. In line withthis principle, Eritrea has been andis still striving to enhance relationswith the Arab countries and thosein the Horn region, he added. Onthe contrary, President Isaias un-derscored that those countries thatdo not uphold such a policy con-tinue to weave conspiracies with aview to undermining stability andcooperation.In an interview he conducted withthe London-based newspaper “Al-Commemorative events markingthe 20th anniversary of OperationFenkil that took place in the portcity of Massawa from February 12to 14 under the theme: “Bequeath-ment for Full Emancipation” con-cluded yesterday in a colorful man-ner.The Chairman of the holidayscoordinating committee in theNorthern Red Sea region, Mr. Ha-Hayat” as well as the Qatar NewsAgency President Isaias pointedout that in propagating the smearcampaign launched against thepeople and Government of Eritreaby special interest groups in Wash-ington, certain media organiza-tions have not only degraded theirprofessional ethics and discreditedthemselves but will also be heldaccountable for their actions.President Isaias went on to ex-plain that in their attempt to de-monize Eritrea as the primarydestabilizing agent in the Horn of Africa and the Middle East as wellas a country with no respect for hu-man rights, special interest groupsare using media organizations as atool by fabricating con
icting lies.The fact that this smear campaignis being carried out at a time whenthe general public’s awareness asregards such matters is increasinghas turned it into a tedious joke, thePresident added.“Just because we refused to bemisled by those who proposed to‘help’ us for nonexistent ‘hunger’or ‘con
ict’ and compromise withour policies and strategies, theysought to demonize Eritrea’s im-age. Although such measures arequite astonishing they nonethelesswill not derail us from our devel-opment progress,” President Isaiasemphasized.As regards the issue of Somalia,the President stated that Eritrea hasnever believed that religion can beemployed to resolve political prob-lems and that it is playing its duerole as a member of the region sothat all Somalis can exist peace-fully as a nation.Indicating that anyone who un-derstands that safety in the neigh-borhood will mean safety for his/ her home will never try to desta-bilize neighbors, President Isaiasunderlined that the allegations thatEritrea has a hand in the problemsin Sudan and Yemen are outrightlies and that they merely re
ect thefrustration of those who fabricatesuch lies.Stating that democracy is not acommodity that a wealthy benefac-tor can handout to some while de-nying others, President Isaias ex-plained that political systems are avehicle for achieving set out goalsand that countries have the right tochose the type of system that bettersuits their objectives. We were la-beled ‘undemocratic’ just becausewe did not emulate or conform toothers’ systems, he added.In replying to a question whetherthe intensive propaganda couldundermine the country’s security,President Isaias underscored thatlies have a short life span follow-ing the death of which the truthcomes out even more brighter. Weare not overly concerned becausewe are not the kind of people to beafraid of lies or use lies to terrorizeothers, he added. President Isaiaswent on to state that Eritrea caresabout the peace and stability of itsneighbors and also works to thatend because it believes one countryalone cannot achieve developmentor secure peace.President Isaias asserted that thepeople and Government of Eritreawill not be held hostage by the al-legations and accusations designedby special interest groups and thatthey will keep on marching alongtheir free and independent path tillthey achieve their ultimate objec-tive.President Isaias Afwerki under-scored that the unjust sanctionsresolution adopted in the name of the Security Council was simplyresorted to in a bid to make Eritreaa scapegoat for the US Administra-tion’s failed and erroneous policiesand strategies.He pointed out that the US-engineered Resolution 1907 thathas no legal or political evidencewhatsoever is not something newas far as the people and Govern-ment of Eritrea are concerned. Assuch, the move will not impede thenation’s development drive, buton the contrary make the peopleand Government of Eritrea pursuedevelopment goals with greatermomentum, President Isaias elu-cidated.In an interview with the Libyannewspaper, OEA, the President ex-plained that although changes werewitnessed and favorable groundcreated in the Horn region over thepast 20 years that would enable thepeoples to strive for progress inunison, these golden opportunitieswere, nonetheless, subverted dueto Washington’s obstructive inter-
mid Haji, told ERINA that variousprograms, including artistic andcultural performances, seminars,shows highlighting the potentialsof the sub-zones, arts exhibitiondepicting the activities of EDFmembers, sports competition, seacarnival and others added color tothe event.Noting that tens of thousands of nationals from inside the countryand abroad participated in the com-memoration, he lauded the nobleculture and dedication the residentsof the port city demonstrated on theoccasion. Mr. Hamid pointed outthat the vigorous endeavors exert-ed by the Ministry of Informationfor the success of the event deservehigh appreciation.He went on to say that the pro-grams featured highlighting the he-roic feats of EPLF
ghters in Oper-ation Fenkil, the barbaric atrocitiescommitted against innocent civil-ians by the Derg regime as a lastresort before its demise on the onehand, and the efforts being madeby the people and the Governmenttowards rebuilding Massawa on theother are indeed praiseworthy.Mr. Hamid stressed the need forthe general public, governmentinstitutions, the PFDJ and vari-ous organizations to enhance theircontribution in organizing nationalholidays.
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Eritrea Pro 
le, Wednesday 17th of February, 2010 
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 Azzazi Zeremariam
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Yishak Yared 
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Ghenet TeweldemedhinSamrawit Ghide
 By: Amanuel Mesfun
Similar to the moth of Augustwhere every Eritrean commits tomemory the cactus fruit, ‘beles’and the yearly staged Eritrea fes-tival at the Expo ground, Eritreansfrom all walks of life also remem-ber whenever the month of Febru-ary comes the port city of Massawain general and the Fenkil Opera-tion, during which Massawa wasliberated. This operation was oneof the greatest strategic offensivesconducted by the Eritrean people.It was done in order to totally driveout the Ethiopian colonial army,which was supported by the super-powers of the day and was the big-gest military in black Africa. Thisoperation signaled the opening of the door for the total liberation of Eritrea from the lords of the tyran-nical rules of Ethiopia. And lastweek from the 12th to 14th of Feb-ruary this port city celebrated its20th anniversary of Fenkil Opera-tion under the theme “Bequeath-ment for full emancipation”.Preparation to celebrate this an-niversary has been swinging for al-most a month. The port city of Mas-sawa was decorated with differentcolors and banners that mark thespecial occasion commemoratingthe 20th anniversary of Fenkil Op-eration waiting to accommodate itspilgrims. The celebrations startedin the evening hours of the 11th of February with general knowledgecontests among the Marine collegestudents. Also sport competitionscommenced the same day.Although the port of Massawawas liberated through a success-ful combined operation betweendifferent units of liberation armyin 1990, many also remember the1977 challenge to liberate the city.To recall the memories of that dayand to pass it to the coming gen-eration, the
rst day of the festivi-ties started with a program stagedat Salina located at the Salina saltground. The programs that includ-ed pavilions was participated bythe Eritrean Naval Forces, Agita-tion Department of the Ministry of Defense and the nine sub regionsof the Northern Red Sea Regionwhere they presented the develop-ment activities in each sub regionand agricultural and industrialproducts.Later that evening a new
lm ti-tled ‘Midremayawyan Anabs’ (Li-ons of the Sea) which is producedin connection with the 20th anni-versary of Fenkil was presented tothe public. The
lm, which is basedon true story recounts the heroicfeats accomplished by the EritreaNaval Forces, which was thencalled Bahrya, and the challengesthat they met in the course of thestruggle.A delegation comprising 20members headed by the Adminis-trator of the Sudanese Red Sea re-gion Dr. Mohammed Tahir Ela ar-rived in Massawa to participate onthe occasion. This visit describesthe brotherly relationship betweenthe peoples of Eritrea and the Su-dan.The second day of the celebra-tions began with laying wreaths of 
owers at the Massawa MartyrsMonument. The three tanks at themonument located at the end of the
rst causeway, Sigalet Ketan, wereamong the main military hardwareused by the EPLF in the operationFenkil to penetrate enemy lines.They now serve as a statue at thespot where they did miracles inFebruary 1990, in memory of thosewho gave their lives for the libera-tion of Massawa. During the occa-sion President Isaias Afwerki laidwreaths of 
owers at the monu-ment in honor of the heroic free-dom
ghters who sacri
ced theirlives in the decisive confrontationagainst the Ethiopian forces of oc-cupation, resulting in the demise of the enemy forces. Similarly PFDJSecretary, Mr. Alamin MohammedSeid, the Defense Minister, Gen-eral Sebhat Ephrem, the Adminis-trator of the Sudanese Red Sea Re-gion Dr. Mohammed Tahir Ela, theAdministrator of the Northern RedSea Region, Mrs. Tsegereda Weld-egerghis, and the administrator of the cityof Mas-sawa,Mrs. Fana Tesfamariam respec-tively laid wreaths of 
owers at themonument.During the celebrations a seminarwas given to the participants of thecelebrations to brie
y explains thehistoric Fenkil Operation. Duringthe brie
ng it was explained thatthe heart of this operation, Febru-ary 8, 1990 was a historic day. Atthat day the liberation army startedits victorious march from she’eb intwo wings. The
rst wing the gal-lant TPLF
ghters marched to con-duct a surprise attack on the enemycamps around Gahtelay; and thesecond force marched to the moun-tains of Shekor and May Atal aswell as to Dogoli and Gurgusum.Just within a day, the Eritrean Peo-ple’s Liberation Army destroyedthe camps of the enemy. Unlikethe 1977th attempt to liberate Mas-sawa, this one was meticulouslyplanned and executed. Then in thenext days, the second wing of theliberation army went to the mainroad of Asmara Gahtelay. Thiswing divided itself into two; andthe
rst half force went to Dongoloand the other half to the eastern sideto Gahtelay and Degdegeta. As themarching forward continued theLiberation Army rapidly liberatedall the areas of Demas, Hatmlo andEdaga and other areas demolishinga number of enemy military campsand personnel. Finally, throughsacri
ce and remarkable operation,Massawa, and its environs becameliberated in the 10th of February1990.The formal opening of the cel-ebrations began in the morninghours of the 12th of February withopening of an exhibition preparedby different institutions. Mr. Ala-min Mohammed Seid, PFDJ Sec-retary, of 
cially opened the exhi-bition. In the exhibition differentgovernment and other institutionsdisplayed their products. Fisher-ies Corporation displayed over 15different types of 
sh found in theRed Sea and
shing boats. The ex-hibition of the Fisheries Corpora-tion was a real manifestation thatEritrea is blessed with immensemarine resources that need to beharnessed effectively.Massawa port also displayed its20 years development achieve-ments. The port in which its historydates back to the Italian colonialera, start to render services in 1898.In the exhibition staged with videoand slide shows, port authoritiesbrie
y explained that considerabledevelopments have been achievedso far to improve port services. Es-pecially from 1997 with a project,Eritrean ports rehabilitation proj-ect, the port started to modernizeits facilities and eventually saw aradical development changes. Atpresent Massawa Port is equippedwith 6 docking facilities that canaccommodate 6 to 7 ships at a giventime. Moreover, the same facilitiescan serve big ships with a length of 240 meters. The port is currentlyin a position to provide ef 
cientservice to about 400 different shipsannually with a capacity to trans-ship cargo with about one milliontons and has 310 employees.The exhibition displayed by theMinistry of Tourism also addedcolor to the exhibition. Birds andwildlife potentials in the regionand different activities that are un-derway within the framework of the Warsay-Yikallo DevelopmentCampaign were also part of the ex-hibition. The pictorial presentationsthat re
ected the ancient Massawaand Asmara-Massawa railway line,as well as the formerly existingelectrical ropeway was one whichrevealed the nation’s potential.More over the Massawa Inter-national Airport, Eritrean Elec-tricity Corporation, Massawa SaltFactory, Eritrean Cement Factory,Gedem and Mussa Ali Construc-tion Companies, Water Supply andsanitation department of Massawa,Eritrean Demining Authority andMinistry of Health exhibited theirrespective products, achievementsand their plan of action. Educationpavilion was also part of the exhi-bition staged along side the differ-ent institutions. In the afternoonhours of the second day, residentsof the city
ocked to the center of the city to participate at the of 
cialceremony of the celebration. Theresidents marched to Massawa Portwhere the of 
cial ceremony tookplace voicing their conviction thatthe illegal Security Council resolu-tion would be resolutely rebuffedthrough the united struggle of theEritrean people and their leader-ship.The of 
cial ceremony started onSaturday, 14th of February, with aminute of silence in remembranceof our martyrs in the presence of President Isaias Afwerki, seniorgovernment and PFDJ of 
cials, thedelegation from the Sudanese RedSea Region, diplomats, religiousleaders, community elders andthousands of nationals from aroundthe country and Massawa itself.Then President Isaias delivered aspeech on the occasion highlight-ing the great signi
cance of thevictory scored through the historicOperation Fenkil, and the ongoingmultifaceted reconstruction anddevelopment programs in the portcity in particular and the region ingeneral. The President noted thatthis historic event is underway ona historic juncture where the Secu-rity Council passed an illegal reso-lution and Eritreans in all walks of life are expressing their determina-tion to rebuff all acts of hostility.(Full text of the President’s speechon page 3)After expressing her gratitudeto all who exerted their effort tomake the event real, the Admin-istrator of the Northern Red SeaRegion, Mrs. Tsegereda Welde-gerghis noted that this celebrationwill reinforce Eritrean patriotismand unity in rebuf 
ng the SecurityCouncil resolution against Eritrea.Representing the National Holi-days Coordinating Committee of the Northern Red Sea Region, Mr.Hamid Haj said that this celebra-tion is a point of reference for ourdevelopment endeavors underwayfor economic emancipation. Songswere also part of the event, whichre
ected the value of the eventand Massawa’s potential as a tour-ist destination.Along side other activities sportalso added color the event. Swim-ming competition, camel racingcompetition, half-marathon race,
nal soccer and cycling competi-tions, disabled sports activitieswere among the activities in thethree-day celebrations.
 Massawa On Its 20
Eritrea Pro 
le, Wednesday 17th of February, 2010 
 Ladies and Gentlemen
Excellency Mohammed Tahir Ela, Administrator of Suda-nese Red Sea ZoneFirst, I would like to congratulate the Eritrean people insidethe country and abroad on this auspicious occasion. My ap-preciation also goes to all those who made due contribution inorganizing such a glorious event. I would particularly like toexpress my appreciation to Brother Mohammed Tahir Ela andmembers of his delegation for being in our midst in the com-memoration of the 20th anniversary of Operation Fenkil.
 Ladies and Gentlemen
Operation Fenkil marked a heroic feat that paved the wayfor the country’s total liberation 20 years ago, besides deal-ing
nal blow to 50 years of colonization through proxy. Andas such, it occupies special place in the history of the Eritre-an people’s struggle for independence. It was a period thatmarked the end of the Cold War at the global level and onein which a number of changes were witnessed and ample op-portunities created in the region. Moreover, it was a period inwhich especially the people of Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia came out of a dark era and managed to laythe ground for fostering friendship, and thus undertake wide-ranging development cooperation endeavors, inaddition to opening a new chapter of peace and mutual respect for the bene
t of future generations.Although the achievement we have registered in rebuilding a war-devastated nation over the past 20 yearsdoes not measure up to our aspirations, it should, nonetheless, not be viewed lightly. Taking into account the un-interrupted acts of hostility weaved against us over two decades, the resolute determination the Eritrean peoplewaged in rebuf 
ng such acts fully attests to their resilience and potentialities.
 Ladies and Gentlemen
At this juncture, it is quite right to ponder as to the stage of development we would have reached had there ex-isted no acts of hostility and impediments over the past 20 years. By the same token, what level of developmentwould the region as a whole have attained had the people of Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia been spared of obstruction and adventurous interference on the part of special interest groups in Washington, and thereby work jointly for peace and prosperity? This is not mere aspiration and wishful thinking, but rather a historical optionand blessing. On our part, no matter the extent of challenges and acts of hostility encountered, we coped with allsuch hostile ploys. After all, it is natural to mount resolute rebuff under the circumstances.The sanctions resolution adopted in the name of the Security Council against Eritrea that was mastermindedby Washington and its servants through concocting hips of lies and slander is but a manifestation of series of hostilities and bankruptcy of its authors. This act of conspiracy does not only target Eritrea but also constitutesan act of gambling aimed at exercising monopoly and domination through fomenting persistent crisis in theregion either directly or via servant entities.In the face of such challenges, the Eritrean people at home and abroad continue to further enhance their aware-ness and readiness to deal resolute rebuff to enemy conspiracy. Parallel with this, it is natural to witness thestrengthening of resolute rebuff involving the people of the region against the current hostile ploys.On this auspicious occasion, I would also like to reaf 
rm that in line with the historical and strategic tieswith the Sudanese people, Eritrea would enhance cooperation with the Sudanese Red Sea Zone and Kassala,especially in the domains of trade, tourism, transport, marine resources and others areas of investment and de-velopment ventures.
 Long Live Operation Fenkil Commemoration!Glory to Our Martyrs!Victory to the Masses!
President Isaias’ SpeechOn The Occasion
ference. Noting that the Horn of Africa has become a zone of con-
ict and confrontation, he statedthat it is not logical to think that thepeople of the region would perma-nently endure US adventurism.As regards Eritrean-Libyan re-lations, President Isaias pointedout that it is historical, and thatthe Libyan government’s stanceregarding the sanctions resolutionstems from this
rm historical tiesand political maturity.On development progress in Er-itrea, he indicated that the task of achieving food security has beengiven top priority and that gratify-ing outcome has been registered inthis regard. The President went onto say that major tasks have beenaccomplished in putting in placeinfrastructure facilities, expandingsocial services and developing hu-man resource.Also in an interview with theKuwaiti newspaper, Khalij Times,President Isaias dismissed as to-tally baseless allegations claimingthat ‘there exist Israeli and Iranianbases in different strategic placesin Eritrea.’ In this connection, hedeclared: “Let alone compromiseour sovereignty, we do not evenallow any party to exercise remotecontrol over our thinking.” ThePresident further asserted that al-though various smear campaignsagainst Eritrea are being resortedin an organized manner, such actswould not conceal the real truth.Stating that there are leaders andregimes in the contemporary worldwilling to offer themselves forsale, he underscored that it is notEritrea’s political culture and thatof its people to compromise theirdignity and independent path.Likewise, in an interview hegave to another Kuwaiti newspa-per, Al-Anbae, and the Sudan Vi-sion paper respectively on regionaland international issues, PresidentIsaias emphasized that Eritrea doesnot view the prevalence of peaceand stability in the region in isola-tion from that of its own. In this re-spect, he explained that Eritrea hasbeen playing and would continueto play modest role towards achiev-ing lasting solution to problems inthe region. The President furtherstressed the need for the people of the region to say no! to externalinterference and servant regimes,and thereby ensure developmentand prosperity in a coordinated andcomplementary spirit.
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The people of Eritrea in the past week colorfully commemorated the20th anniversary of Operation Fenkil, one of the miraculous achieve-ments of the struggle for independence that unsettled the foundations of colonization.Operation Fenkil, as it has been explained by President Isaias Afewer-ki was a heroic feat that paved the way for the country’s total liberationand dealing
nal blow to 50 years of colonization through proxy. ThePeople of Eritrea have withstood and endured challenges unparalleledelsewhere in the history of nations of the world and were able to ex-ecute remarkable feats such as Operation Fenkil thanks to their politicalstrength, which is characterized by fervent nationalism and love of themotherland.This power is not endowed to the people of Eritrea only. It is an ex-perience and a value that has been acquired as a result of long and bitterstruggle. In times in which the superpowers, the United States and SovietUnion both one after another tried to stand by the side of the Ethiopiancolonizers in their attempt to wipe out the struggle of the Eritrean peoplefor independence, the leadership of the struggle only depended on theEritrean people and its national resources to come out being one of themost developed and advanced revolutionary movements in the world.No force or movement has ever been able to mobilize the masses for acommon cause to a magnitude like our liberation movement. The failedattempts to undermine the sovereignty of the people of Eritrea that werecarried out after independence were disgracefully foiled. All those re-peated attempts failed because they met the strong resistance of the com-mitted and civilized political culture of the people of Eritrea.Hence, the frustrated decision masterminded by Washington Adminis-tration and its cronies to impose sanctions on Eritrea using the impotentand ineffective Security Council as an instrument has met the ever strongresistance of the Eritrean people. And the remarkable feat accomplishedin Operation Fenkil and the jubilant commemoration, as always, willstand witness to the fact that the Eritrean People will come out victori-ous, and the Washington Administration and its cronies as always andever, losers.President Isaias Afwerki receivedand held talks with the delegationfrom the Sudanese Kassala regionthat participated in the commemo-ration marking the 20th anniver-sary of Operation Fenkil. The talksfocused on bilateral cooperation of partnership.In the meeting, the delegationcommended President Isaias’ roletowards resolving Sudanese prob-lems, and denounced the US-en-gineered sanctions resolution ad-opted in the name of the SecurityCouncil. It further asserted that thepeople of the Kasala region wouldstand alongside the people andGovernment of Eritrea.Moreover, the delegation ex-pressed readiness to strengthenthe existing bilateral relations of friendship between Gash-Barkaand Kassala regions in line with thecooperation agreement concludedbetween Presidents Isaias Afwerkiand Omar Hassan Al-Beshir. It alsoextended invitation to PresidentIsaias to pay visit to the Kassalaregion.Expressing his acceptance of theinvitation, the President noted thatenhancing the people-based andhistorical relations between Eritreaand Sudan is for the bene
t of bothpeoples. In this regard, he under-lined the need for the neighboringregions to fully exploit this asset.
Political Power StrengthenedThrough Resistance

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