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Blood and Loam Chapter 1

Blood and Loam Chapter 1

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Published by Nadine Feldman
Opening chapter to a dark story set in the small-town Midwest in the late 1960s.
Opening chapter to a dark story set in the small-town Midwest in the late 1960s.

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Published by: Nadine Feldman on Feb 17, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PRELUDEFear sliced through her with icy, demonic fingers. Ifshe had eyes to weep, she would. If she had legs to run,she would. If she had a voice, she would shout warnings toeveryone in Eastland, Iowa. But she didn’t. She could onlyreach out, as best she could, to those few who could hearher, and even then, little could be done.Back in those days, the old farmers heard her speak tothem. In the still quiet of a Midwestern summer, theycaressed the loam between their fingers, and she told themof storms to come. Men in conversation would look downtoward the ground rather than eye to eye, dragging worn-outdusty boots along her surface. Of course, the wind and skyspoke, too, but the land was something they could hold intheir hands. Times were changing, though, speeding up, andthe old ways were dying. Most couldn’t hear her anymore.When a wanderer arrived, passing through the Midwest,she saw the future and cried in the only way she knew how,determined to send warning to those who could understand,and forced to put her greatest trust in the least of them.
Blood and Loam2Paranormal Thriller/75,000 WordsThis time, she was fighting for her own life.PART 1 - 1969CHAPTER ONEAdrian Ferrol, carrying a backpack with a few meagerbelongings, hitched a ride with a truck driver in Chicago,en route to California. He had already traveled the long,bumpy journey from Boston with another trucker and neededsleep, so after a bit of small talk with the driver, hedrifted off, missing Illinois entirely. He awoke when hefelt the truck come to a halt, blinking to stave off thebright morning sun. “This is where you get off,” the driversaid. “I have to start moving south from here.”As his eyes adjusted, Adrian. “Where am I?” he asked.“Looks like the Middle of Nowhere, USA. Circa 1950-something.”“Well, you got that right,” the driver said. “We’re inEastland, Iowa. Big enough to get you food and shelter, but
Blood and Loam3Paranormal Thriller/75,000 Wordsthat’s about it. You’re in the Heartland, kid.”Adrian thanked the driver and stepped down from thetruck into the parking lot of a small restaurant that stoodalone on the east edge of town. Flat farmland surroundedit, with modest cornstalks like toy soldiers standing atattention in long, even rows while the wind rustled throughthem. It was a Saturday, an early summer’s day in theMidwest, before the usual onslaught of heat and humidity. Acloud of dust rose from the truck’s tires as it left himthere.Adrian fingered the few bills in his pocket. He hadenough money for some food, but he needed to find a freebed for the night, and after being a drifter for a fewyears, he knew how to get it.He walked into the restaurant with its dark woodpaneling and gleaming counters. A poster of a smilingRichard Nixon hung prominently above the cash register, anda mournful Johnny Cash tune warbled from cracklingspeakers. The restaurant bustled with breakfast businessand plenty of curious, staring eyes. He ignored their slyglances and mutterings.He would have stood out no matter what, as a strangerin a town where everyone knows each other. His long,graying hair and thick beard just added a reason for the

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