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League of Legends: A Match to Remember

League of Legends: A Match to Remember



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Published by T3hUb3rL3g3nd
League of Legends: A Match to Remember is the epic tale between two teams in the most epic battle ever told.
An American classic.
League of Legends: A Match to Remember is the epic tale between two teams in the most epic battle ever told.
An American classic.

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Published by: T3hUb3rL3g3nd on Feb 18, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The match was beginning. On one side stood Ashe, Heimerdinger, Cho’Gath andRamus. On the other stood Master Yi, Pantheon, Malfight and Gangplank, readying for the greatest battle of their lives. Or so they thought as purchased their items from themerchants at the opposing ends, readying themselves for the most epic battle they wouldever know.=====================TheUb3rL3g3nd presents=====================
Part 1: Pre-Battle
Gangplank wanted the Rod of Ages. And it wasn’t a mere “want” of his. It was a
, a necessity if he was going to have a 3:1 KDR this round.“Rod of Ages? That’ll be 5000 gold,” said the pig-like merchant. “Heh, looks like youain’t got enough. Come back later once you got enough, ‘kay?”But Gangplank would not take no for an answer. “What? I am Gangplank, the fury of theseas. How DARE you, thinking that you could swindle me out of the Rod of Ages!”But the merchant had seen this behavior before. “Sorry pal, but no dice. Unless you wantto destroy your dignity….” Gankplank turned around. He had no dignity left, and thiswould be an easy way to get the Rod of Ages that he so desired. “What was that? Whatshould I do?”“You must…” the merchant said, delaying his words, “gives me a blowjob.”At first, Gangplank was shocked. Never before had he sucked someone’s cock before.But if he wanted that Rod of Ages…. “Fine,” Gangplank replied, “I’ll do it. I’ll suck your cock.”The merchant smiled with glee. The merchant unzipped his pants and revealed his fat,massive penis to Gangplank. “Suck it,” he ordered. “Suck it hard and good.”And so the blowjob began. It was slow at first, as Gangplank’s mouth was not used to thetaste of a big, fat penis inside of it. But as Gangplank started sucking on it like somecheap whore, he started enjoying it. It felt good as he bobbed his head up in down, feelingthe vibrations of the cock inside of his mouth. After about 2 minutes of sucking,Gangplank could feel the merchant’s dick ready to cum. He increased the speed of whichhe was sucking at, and soon he was going incredibly fast.Then the merchant climaxed. It was explosive, and Gangplank felt semen go everywhereinside of his mouth. Some of it made its way down his throat, but most of it was stuck down his throat.It was exhilarating. Gangplank removed the penis from his mouth and stood up, waitingfor his Rod of Ages. “Well,” said the merchant, “that was an amazing blowjob. Here yougo.” The merchant gave Gangplank the Rod of Ages, and Gangplank put it in hisinventory, and went off to the battle raging at hand.Back at the item shop, the merchant sat back in his chair. He had just had one of the best blowjobs of his entire life. He knew Gangplank would go pretty far as a male prostitute,and perhaps maybe even in gay porn. But the time was not right for Gangplank to enter inthe porn industry. He needed to win this battle.Part 2: TopHeimerdinger had his turrets set up and ready to go. Minute after minute, minions
came and were slaughtered by these rampaging weapons of destruction. Soon, Ramus andHeimerdinger were attacking the turret that laid in front of them, their enemies turret.Ramus and Heimerdinger attacked the turret, hitting it and hitting it until the turretwas destroyed. Now, all they had to do was hit the turret by their base and they would beall set to win the match. But before they could do this, a level 17 Malfight arrived, buffedout after destroying anything that laid in the forest (Heimerdinger was level 10 andRamus was level 9). Ramus began to panic, as they were both going to be screwed. But,fortunately for Ramus, his Teleport spell was ready for use. Ramus escaped to Bot, beingsafe from any attacks from the Malfight.But such was not the case with Heimerdinger. His Teleport spell still had another 30 seconds of cooldown, which was not enough until the Malfight killed him.Heimerdinger set his turrets up, hoping for anything to at least wound Malfight intoretreating. But Malfight continued on his way, thirsting for Heimerdinger.“HEIMERDINGER!” roared Malfight. “I MUST FUCK YOUR ASS.”“I…what?” replied the confused Heimderdinger. “Why must you fuck my ass?”“BECAUSE YOU ARE SMALLER THEN ME, AND MUST BE FUCKED…BY ME”replied the boasting Malfight. Soon, he moved in towards the panicked Heimderdinger,who was attempting to flee. “THERE SHALL BE NO ESCAPE FOR YOU” roaredMalfight as he grabbed Heimderdinger by his hair and took off his pants. “NOW, YOUSHALL BE FUCKED IN THE ASS.” Malfight revealed his massive penis and shoved itinto Heimerdinger’s small rectum.The result was horrifying. Heimerdinger screamed for help as Malfight raped him,crusing his weak, pathetic little body with his massive penis. Eventually the thrusting became so bad that Heimerdinger’s rectum was bleeding open and was about to break open. And then it did. Soon, Heimerdinger couldn’t withstand Malfight’s dick anymore, but Malfight was not done. He still had to unleash his ultimate climax on Heimerdinger.“NOW,” roared the mighty Malfight, “FEEL MY CUM.” Malfight climaxed intoHeimerdinger’s now-bleeding anus, with a resulting explosion that caused Heimerdinger to fly off of Malfight’s dick and land onto the ground in a broken, bloody mess. AndHeimerdinger died, and would not respawn for another two minutes.“Heh” grunted Malfight. “He just couldn’t handle me.” Malfight walked over to whereHeimerdinger’s dead body was. Then he kicked it into the other team’s turret, and itexploded into a firey ball of flame. Now the battle was heating up.Part 3: MidMaster Yi and Gangplank were fighting a desparate battle in the middle of the map.Ashe and Cho’Gath were destroying their offensive minions, but when they moved toattack, the defense rose up and attacked them. Heimerdinger, Ramus, Malfight andPantheon were all distracted with the other areas on the map and couldn’t help in theraging battle. Things took a turn for the worst when Gangplank recalled, fleeing in terror to the bottom where he saw Pantheon attempting to make his way up across the bottom of the map.“I shall see you again, Yi,” said Gangplank as he teleported. “Win this fight.”With those strong words, Master Yi gained a new level of confidence and rose up to fightCho’Gath and Ashe.Yi went for Cho’Gath first, slicing and dicing across Cho’Gath’s thick skin.
“NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!” screamed Cho’Gath as Master Yi stabbed his waythrough Cho’Gaths thick hide. “I AM WOUNDED. I MUST RETURN TO BASE. BUTI WILL SLAY YOU, YI. I SHAL SLAY YOU!” Cho’Gath recalled his way back to base, right before Master Yi could finish him off.All that stood before Yi was Ashe. Ashe was torn and damaged, her breasts almostrevealed to Master Yi. Suddenly, Master Yi had a massive boner and was finding it hardto concentrate on Ashe when her massive tits were in the way.“…What are you staring at?” Asked the confused Ashe. “Are you gonna fight or not?”“…Nothing, nothing at all.” Said Master Yi. “Only your dead body.” As he finishedsaying this, he ran over to Ashe and slashed her across her body, damaging her armor andslaying her.Master Yi approached the fallen Ashe. The sword strike where he had cut her had left amassive gash upon her armor. She appeared unconscious for the time being, but would be brought back to life soon enough.All the in the world for what Master Yi wanted to do.Due to the intense fight between the two, Ashe's armor was easy to slip off. Soon, she laythere naked as the sun shined across her massive tits. She was still unconscious, unable toknow what was going to happen to her.And even if she wanted to, it was too late. Master Yi took off his pants, revealing hismassive dick to the world. It was quite big.With Ashe naked and unconscious, Yi was ready to strike and jammed his massive cock up Ashe's vag.The thrusting began. It was slow at first, like a machine. Yi's junk felt incredible inside of Ashe. He started thrusting faster and faster and started feeling the urge to cum. Ashe's titswere bobbing up and down in a repeat fasion. Yi grabbed onto them, felt their smoothtextures and thrusted faster then ever before.Then he felt it. He came. He came so hard, so fast, so incredibly unlike any other momentin his life. He had tears from the greatness of the orgasm.And then he was done. The climax was so powerful he had no power left to fuck. He pulled out of Ashe's vag and put on his pants again. He was ready to join the fight. Andkick Ashe’s raped, dead body into her own turret, causing her turret to explode.A couple of seconds later, Ashe woke up at home base. She was somewhat confused. Shefelt as if someone had done something to her. But no matter. She had to get some buffsand get Infinity's Edge.The effects of that day would not be known for years.Part 4: BotPantheon made his way across the bottom of the map. So far, he was succeeding.Malfight was stuck with Ramus and Heimerdinger and Ashe and Cho’Gath were battling

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