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Another Brick in the Wall for Canada

Another Brick in the Wall for Canada

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Published by James65r
Here's one for any Canadians visiting, if you didn't know already, Canada will very soon be no more if you don't start researching soon........don't let what happened in the UK happen to Canada.
Here's one for any Canadians visiting, if you didn't know already, Canada will very soon be no more if you don't start researching soon........don't let what happened in the UK happen to Canada.

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Published by: James65r on Feb 18, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Another Brick in The Wall
Canada, often referred to as, “The Greatest Nation on Earth.” I got some bad newsfor you sunshine, all is not well and our nation is going to Hell! There’s one in the parliament he don’t look right to me, are there really traitors in the parliament today?If I had my way I’d have all of em &%$#!!Canada, Another Brick In The Wall of World Government? Or will the people standup for freedom?Will The Queen and or Canada’s Constitution Save us From Global Government? Yes, indeed! I would have all of em arrested, charged, prosecuted and if found guilty by an impartial trial conducted by WE THE PEOPLE of Canada theywould be imprisoned for their treasonous escapades. For the seditious follies meant todestroy Canada carried out by our provincial and federal elected officials and not tomention many of the various unelected appointees, I would have them all lined upagainst the wall if we had a just political system that allowed us to do such a thing. If you are Canadian, and you have not heard of the
 North American Union
or FascistWorld Government, then you better, “stand still laddy,” and understand that there arecertain politicians who would give away your nation in any way they could. We don’tneed no dark sarcasm in secret chambers as our leaders beat up our freedom withininches of our lives.
 Former deputy Prime Minister of Canada John Manley published a book inconjunction with the US Council on Foreign Relations called Building a North American Community— 
In this book is the blueprint for a North American Super State composing of what is now Canada, USA and Mexico into a union similar to theEuropean Union (EU). One of the more prominent quotes from that book is asfollows, “We propose by 2010 a community to enhance security, prosperity and
opportunity for all North Americans. The boundaries of the community would bedefined by a common external tariff and outer security perimeter. Within this area themovement of people and products would be legal, orderly and safe.” This particular  book and its agenda are about the dissolution of Canada into what is commonlyreferred to as the
 North American Union
This is not a conspiracy theory, as atleast nineteen US State legislative assemblies have issued official declarations statingtheir opposition to the NAU– Where is our trusty Bruce Grey, Owen Sound MPP BillMurdoch when we need him? Canada as we know it is about to end and many have noclue, others thinks it’s conspiracy theory and then there is the camp that BELIEVESthat Queen Elizabeth II and Canada’s Constitution will prevent the usurpation of Canada into the NAU– How can you eat yer pudding when you don’t eat your meat?In other words how can you trust the Queen or the “Crown” when they hold noaccountability to you?Order this book or read it online to verify the info in this articleCanadian Parliamentarian Walter Kuhl (served as MP 1935– 1949) argued that,“Canada is a nation without a CONSTITUTION.” Similar to myself, Kuhl was oftenhit with character assassinations, but nobody could refute his stand. In fact if we look at the British North America Act (BNA) the defining statutory legislation passed bythe parliament of the United Kingdom in 1867 that created Canada– it bears little or no resemblance to a Constitution at all. In fact Canada’s official independence wasnever fully declared from the British Monarchy. Instead of establishing Canada as anindependent nation as many Canadians have been lead to believe, all the BNA reallydid was take the four original colonies of Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and NewBrunswick and form them into a super colony. History seems to repeat itself becauseif you really look deep in to things, the USA really never ceded from monarchial ruleeither re:
Virginia Company
1606 and the
US Code
. In a similar fashion the US andCanada are still colonies now being amalgamated again into a super colony known asthe
 North American Union.Unam Sanctum— 
in other words the Roman Empire claims ownership over everyonein the world and everything in it. This is the truth, and unless we deal with the truthwe will never solve any problems in Canada. This is not directed as any kind of hatetowards Catholics. If I say Barrack Obama is a criminal, I am not stating hate againstnegroes or Americans in general, I am just speaking the truth. In turn if I indicate thatCanadian Prime minister Stephen Harper is a criminal, I am not attacking white people or Canadians– I am speaking the truth.
Hoodwinked! PM Harper speaks at the secret forums of the Council on ForeignRelations- He is selling out Canada to World Government as we are fooled intosimply protesting the prorogue of parliamentEver since the Prorogue or suspension of Canada’s parliament that went throughJanuary and February of 2010, many people in Owen Sound and across Canada havevented their concerns by rallying in the streets. Many rally participants shout sloganslike, “Go back to work PM Harper.” Another woman in Owen Sound carried a signindicating that the “Conservatives need to go.” Conservative, Liberal, NDP or evenGreen Party– it matters not. These politicians are actors, performers and portrayers.Harper is not running the country, Our nation is ran by private corporations who areempowered by the true seat of World Power and that is in the Vatican City. KingJohn, who was forced to sign the Magna Carta in 1215, made a pact to sign away allof England and Ireland to the Roman Empire two years prior to signing the MagnaCarta. The Roman Empire is covertly still alive and well in the Vatican City anddominates the affairs of our government– The Roman Empire has a stated goal of 
Unam Sanctum
or full ownership of everything and everyone. Canadians need tounderstand that the Magna Carta has been largely repealed in Britain and it holds no promise of Human Rights protection for Canadians. In fact the Magna Carta wasdesigned to give rights to Barons and other elite individuals not common people.Former Canadian PM Paul Martin, former US president G W Bush Jr. and former Mexican President Vincente Foxe signed the Security and Prosperity Partnership(SPP) in secret without parliamentary review, opposition party input, nor publicoversight in 2005. This document and its agenda put the whole NAU plan in gear andit looks like it will likely come into full fruition at some point in 2010. We may stillsee our red and white Canada flag and be able to watch the Trailer Park Boys for years to come, but any true concept of nationhood for Canada will continue to erode.The BNA or the Constitution of Canada stipulates nothing that prevents our electedofficials from signing international agreements with foreign nations without publicoversight, prior knowledge or even consent by our representative Members of Parliament (MPs) In fact section 16 of our Constitution or BNA states the following,“Until the Queen otherwise directs the seat of the government of Canada shall beOttawa.” Keep in mind this pseudo– constitution that Canada has, not only allows theQueen to alter the seat of Canada’s government to anywhere she desires and it doesnot stipulate that our newly chosen capital needs to be in Canada—but it also is thesame law that allowed the Governor General to suspend our parliament at the

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