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Netbook of Pipe Weeds 3E

Netbook of Pipe Weeds 3E

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Published by dragonblack6

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Published by: dragonblack6 on Feb 18, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Netbook of Pipe Weeds (for 3
edition rules)Legal: Like everything I write that I put on the net I make this thing because it happened acouple of times that my works were removed because it didn’t include this so here goes. Thenames of Dungeons & Dragons and any related documents depicted in this document aretrademarks and property of Wizards of the Coast and TSR entertainment (Players Handbook andthings like that). This document is intended for personal use only it may not be used in anycommercial ways. You may put this on your site as long as my identity and this legal notice is inthere also I’d really appreciate it if you e-mailed me before putting it on a site. This net book wasmade originally by Benjamin Beauchesne A.K.A Rei the Thorgal or Rei Ilmarius and for the greatadnd and d&d site of www.adnddownloads.com.Email:reithethorgal@megaquebec.net O.K. off with the legal stuff lets get down to business. First I can’t say that I really know if anyrules have been made for the use of pipe weed so I’ll just give them along the way happyreading. Also send any suggestion or questions to me. And the last, thing the weeds aren’tarranged in any ways I just wrote them as they came out of my mind.Special thanks: O.K. first I have to thank Tobias for this he gave me the inspiration to get off mymatter magic net book. Kenneth Jensen A.K.A. kenny26 for his always welcomed support andcorrecting of this netbook. And also one of my friends who was the first to give this idea to me.
The prices are actually bullshit, the DM/GM must be the one deciding how much itcosts, you might as well put a very frequent weed at 100 platinum for a single use. It is only theprice I use because in the worlds where I use it having 10 gold pieces is considered being prettyrich so make your own decisions in accordance to your players and what you think is best. Alsopipe weed is an “extra” to have on a character. It should never be considered a must have to gothrough something.Note on wizards:If a wizard gains access to certain spells by using pipe weeds, be sure to dosomething to the spell like make it lose some of it’s effects or things that would make it not atrue learned spell.O.K. little notes on pipe weeds. First there are 2 kinds of pipe weeds: Normal weeds that changedifferent stats usually charisma, wisdom and moral. The second type is magic weeds or rareweeds. They provide special effects like +5 to fire resistance and things like that. The third note Ihave to give is that all these weed were made up by me and some by Nicolas (my friend I wroteabove) and you might see names that resemble Tolkien’s like old Toby weed has become Toby’sblack leaf. And the very last thing I say: Enjoy my work! Toby’s black leaf.Let’s start by the first I mentioned, Toby’s black leaf. It was discovered by the hobbit TobyFastfoot (not fast food). It isn’t a rare weed at all, one of the most frequently used by hobbits. Ithas a rather rough taste because the leaf is taken right off the branches of the tree then cut,
dried and then smoked. You can usually find this pipe weed in any open markets. If you want tomake yourself your own Toby black leaf you have to find a black oak tree and take the leavesdelicately. Then cut them, they emit a nice and barely noticeable fragrance. If they smell toomuch they cannot be used and can be VERY poisonous if taken at this time. Once they are cut ittakes about 1 day for them to be ready to smoke, the longer the better just like wine (even if it isolder it doesn’t have a better effect). Hobbits, dwarves, orcs and humans mostly use it. Theelves prefer more refined taste.Price: Usually around 5 gold piece for a small pouch. It contains 5-8 uses depending on theseason (winter less summer a lot more).Effects:Wisdom: -2Charisma: -2Moral: +1Constitution: +1Strength: +1 Toby was a farmer, and he discovered that when smoking this weed he was able to do morelabour in the same amount of time. Unfortunately it has the side effect of giving too muchenergy. Because of that it prevents the smoker from having a good nights sleep, so the day afterit was consumed the character loses all bonuses given by constitution and dexterity and suffermoral –1. If the pipe weed is consumed two days or more in a row the character loses all moralbonus. When smoking you get a bonus to constitution, you may use for the first day, if the weedis consumed for 2 days or more in a row, you lose whatever bonus you would gain by smoking it.Northern wind This weed is a bit more rare than Toby’s black leaf, but is still pretty frequent. It was used anddiscovered by human sailors that got into the northern seas where it was very cold. When theyfished they usually ended up with a lot of sea plants. One of them was called Ice grip because itcould be used to make a flu-healing potion. The sailors found out that when smoked, it couldprotect from the ice-cold wind in the seas and became one of the major pipe weeds in anyhuman fleets. Mostly humans smoke it but the taste is good for every race. It tastes a bit like saltand is full of savour (a lot more then normal weeds). If you want to make it yourself you have tofind Ice grip dried or fresh, it doesn’t matter. It can be found in most alchemist laboratories.Once you have some, add a bit of water until it’s consistency is like a sponge’s and smoke it. Youcan also usually find it in most ports. The price is a bit higher than other weeds because it is tougher to get the plants. 10 gold coinsfor 5 “servings”.Effects:Wisdom: -2Intelligence: -1Moral: +1 The major effect of this weed is that it “cures” colds. It removes any sensations of cold in one’sbody. It also helps the smoker to sleep, making the healing of a flu-like illness go faster. It maybe smoked more than once a day but the effects aren’t cumulative. If you smoke 2 times a dayyou won’t heal 2 times faster. Also it provides a 5-point resistance to cold-based attacks but
doesn’t include a dragon’s breath. It also alters the taste of the food, everything tastes saltierthan it really is.Longroad herbA group of travelling dwarves discovered this herb. They were always tired of carrying heavypackages, so they stopped in a cave and they found small white flowers called cave stars. Theytook the flowers and putted a lot of ’em in their pipe and smoked. The Longroad herb wasdiscovered. It is the most frequent pipe weed found in a traveller’s belt pouch. Nowadays theflowers are grown in caves and sold as pipe weed, making it not rare at all. If you come acrosssome cave stars you simply take them and put them into your pipe and voila! The taste isn’t allthat great but still puts pleasure in the traveller’s heart. All races like that taste, especiallydwarves.Cost: It is very cheap, being voluntarily grown. 2 gold pieces for 2-3 uses.Effects:Wisdom: -1Moral: +3 This weed is usually smoked before going on a long day’s walk or just after one. It gives thesmoker a good moral boost and makes him forget of all the hard day’s work he just endured. Itdoesn’t have any special effect except that the smoker will fall into a deep, deep, deep sleep, soif they are attacked, it might take a big
to wake him. The traveller’s friend This pipe weed is a variation from the Longroad herb. It is especially liked by elves. It is madefrom the same plant as the Longroad herb. The only thing that differs is that about 1 in 100 cavestars blooms a blue flower. That flower gives a superior taste and effect compared to its sister.But that isn’t all. Once that flower is taken, it must be cut into small pieces and then dried forabout a full month. It is considered a rare weed because of this rarity (DUH) and because of it’seffect.Cost: To the DM/GM’s discretion. Make the price higher in a cave free county and make evenhigher in winter. The base price is around 45 gold pieces for 1 use. So make sure to make ithigher when playing with stronger players.Effects:Wisdom: -2Intelligence: -1Moral: +4 The following are if taken in the morningConstitution: +2Strength: +2

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