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Part4 - Ralph Goes Fishing With Lloyd

Part4 - Ralph Goes Fishing With Lloyd

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Published by Gifford Watkins
Ralph Lent Jeffery - A screenplay in progress by Gifford Watkins
Ralph Lent Jeffery - A screenplay in progress by Gifford Watkins

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Published by: Gifford Watkins on Sep 05, 2007
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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FADE INEXT. FARMHOUSE. DAY.LLOYD, 15 years old, is outside with a push mower. He looks upto see a Model T kicking up dust as it approaches.LLOYDWell, I wonder who that could be?The vehicle approaches and turns into the driveway. LLOYDrecognizes his Uncle RALPH, so stops pushing the mower and runsto the screen door of the house.LLOYDMOTHER, Uncle RALPH is here!MOTHER(we don'tsee buthearsarcasm)Oh, goodie, I'm coming!LLOYD turns and begins back to the car, which is slowing to ahalt. LLOYD goes to the driver’s side.LLOYD"Well, hi there, Uncle RALPH!What are you doing here?"RALPH(stays inthe car)Well hi, LLOYD, I'm hoping youwill go out and do some handliningwith me this summer.LLOYD(smiling broadly)Well, I can't think of a reasonwhy I wouldn't, Uncle RALPH.MOTHER(interrupts)I can think of one reason why youwouldn't, LLOYD... and
standing right here.LLOYD(surprisedturns withgraveexpression)What do you mean, MOTHER?
© Gifford Watkins
MOTHER(with herhands onhis hips)RALPH JEFFERY, I wouldn't let myson go anywhere in a boat withyou. He'll fall overboard and youwouldn't be the wiser. And if youthink you are coming back here totell me you lost my son, well,it's just not happening.LLOYD(biting hislower lip)Well, Uncle RALPH, I don't knowwhat to tell you.RALPH(gettingout of thecar)Now DARMIE, I don't think you haveanything to worry about, now I'lltell you what, this means a lot toLLOYD and me. I'll be leaving thewharf tomorrow at 7am, so you twotalk it over and we'll see whathappens.RALPH(extendshis hand toMOTHER)It's a pleasure to see you again.(RALPH putshis hand onLLOYD'sshoulder)You do whatever your MOTHER tellsyou... Ok, boy?LLOYD(noticeablydejected)Yuh, Oh, Ok, Uncle RALPH.RALPH(gets backin his car.)Bye now!LLOYD and his MOTHER stand in the driveway waving, then turntoward the house.LLOYD
© Gifford Watkins
(pleading)MOTHER, Uncle RALPH startedfishing when he was thirteen! Youdon't really think he would loseme overboard do you?MOTHER(stoppingshort)Look LLOYD, I know your UncleRALPH means a lot to you. AndI’ve never stopped you from doinganything with him, but I’m justnot sure about you going out onthe ocean with him. What ifsomething happened to you? Whatwould I do? What would yourfather and Fred think?LLOYD(pondersthequestionthenbrightens)What if I told you there’s a way Ican go fishing AND you won’t haveto worry at all?MOTHERLLOYD, I’ve always been fair toyou...MOTHER and LLOYD walk off, LLOYD’S excited voice trailing offEXTERIOR. ROAD LEADING TO THE WHARF. NEXT MORNING 6:55 a.m.RALPH is wearing boots, old jeans, doeskin and ambling along thedirt road, muttering some unintelligible mathematical numbers.The camera follows his steps to the edge of the wharf. He paysno heed to the dory below, instead he walks to the spiles wherethe bow and sternlines are tied. He is still muttering and iscompletely self-absorbed. He throws the lines into the water,hurries back to the ladder, throws one leg over, and starts downthe ladder.LLOYD is sitting in the boat with a huge lifejacket on. One endof a rope is tied around his midsection, the other end is tied tothe seat of the boat. By the time RALPH gets to the bottom of theladder, the boat has already started to float away from thewharf. LLOYD doesn’t notice this right away and when he finallytries to get up to reach for the ladder, he fetches up on therope securing him to the seat of the boat and falls back into theboat.
© Gifford Watkins

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