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Minutes 2.27.09

Minutes 2.27.09

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Published by aswsuv

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Published by: aswsuv on Feb 19, 2010
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1.Call to order 1:31 pm2.Roll calla.Senators Aday and Morgan Absent3.Additions and correctionsa.Motion to move line 18 before line item 11. b.Move to have line item 6 and 7 moved to after new business4.Approval of agenda5.Approval of minutesa.Tabled6.Discussion of By-Law amendment 18.011a.Senators question the constitutional grounds for veto after changes had been made atthe last meeting b.President Sterr believes that the changes made to the by-law mendment were notreflected in the copy he receivedc.Senator Atkinson asks to be excused for one minuted.Senator Brown questions how the revised bill is unconstitutionale.Senator Chu is excused for one minutef.Senator Whitling believes the by-law amendment is not necessary and restatesknown facts in Article V of the constitutiong.Senator Myers questions how sanctions could be administered if the by-laws do notdirectly state the processh.Senator Brown believes it is necessary to have the process for dismissing a Senator to counter the vagueness present in the by-lawsi.Senator Whitling believes that it is still restating what is already stated in theconstitution j.Senator Whitling called to questionk.secondedl.Motion failed. Discussion is continuedm.Senator Brown suggests to change the “8” and include “eight” after the number n.Senator Brown believes that if we can amend the by-law amendment to read “eightas well as “8” why can we not amend other portions of the billo.President Sterr believes that passing it to change the “eight” is a good idea p.Senator Brown believes that the Senators should already know the stipulations andsanctions for not completing duties but still believes this amendment is necessaryq.Senator Kleinchmidt questions if Rules and Regulations [Administration] Committeeshould readdress this amendmentr.Senator Brown moved to table the amendments.The amendment is tabled7.By law amendment 18.012a.Senator Atkinson wants to be brought up to speed about the amendment due to not being present at the last meeting b.Senator Chu spoke to President Sterr about this amendment and came up withsituations in which the stipulations may be too harshc.Senator Whitling believes there are Constitutional conflicts with this by-lawamendmentd.Vice President Wooster outlines scenarios in which Senators may miss meetings and be impeached because of extenuating circumstances that are not their fault
e.Senator Whitling motioned to table that the by-law amendment until revisions can bemadef.By-law amendment 18.011 is tabled8.Resolution 18.002a.Read into the minutes by Senator Whitling b.Senator Whitling discussed changes to the Resolution including removing the itemsthat may be construed as blaming languagec.Senator Atkinson believes that the Resolution should be moved until after the votingon Bill 18.028d.No second on moving the Resolutione.The line from the Resolution “through no fault of the current editorial staff” wasremovedf.Senator Whitling believes that the Resolution should be passed first so as to continuethe discussion before voting on the Bill the Resolution will influenceg.Final item of the Resolution is to tactfully address the student body about their  budget deficiencyh.Senator Whitling supports the statement in questioni.Senator Atkinson feels that the statement in question is not a mandate but is stronglysuggested j.Rob Hildebrant [audience] agrees with Senator Brown; however, he feels thatsomething to the affect of the statement should be includedk.Senator Chu moved to amend Resolution 18.002 by striking out “review” andreplace it with “budget review” and in the be it furthered with “this issue”i.Vote was made on the Resolution and failedl.Senator Kleinchmidt believes that it will already be published in the VanCougar m.Senator Whitling believed that it is necessary to put the Bill into context by addingthe Resolutionn.Senator Bowyer agreed with Senator Whitlingo.Senator Whitling believes that the Senate should amend the 4
line to read “cohesive budget review”i.This motion was approved p.Senator Brown moved to change “tactfully” from the final line of the resolutionq.Senator Whiling believes this motion may make the wording ambiguous and believes it should remainr.Senator Brown believes the reading as it is makes the issue in question soundnegatives.Senator Atkinson agrees with removing “tactfully”t.Senator Atkinson does not believe that we should dictate to the VanCougar whatneeds to be writtenu.Senator Chu agreed with Senator Atkinsonv.Senator Kleinchmidt does not feel that the Resolution is requiring the VanCoiugar towrite anything, just that we are urging them tow.Vice-President Wooster opens the floor to the VanCougar representativex.Managing Editor Hatch asked if the meeting minutes were available to the campuscommunityy.Senators replied that they are but no one reads themz.Senator Whitling discusses the difference between the Resolution and the Bill andthat the Resolution is not tied to the money explicitly
aa.Senator Kleinchmidt moved to replace “tactfully” with “respectfully”i.Motion failed bb.Motion to strike “tactfully” entirelyi.passedcc.Senator Atkinson moved that the final line should read “address this budget issue”i.Motion faileddd.Senator Whitling believes that the final phrase should just read “in print” and “abouttheir budget deficiency” should be removedi.Passed by majorityee.Senator brown does not agree with the “in print” and will not vote for the Resolutionif it states “in print”ff.Senator Myers agrees with the inclusion of “in print”gg.Senator Whitling believe there is room for debate over the “in print” inclusion in thefinal line of the Resolutionhh.Senator Shaw agrees with the “in print” inclusion because she feels as thoughstudents will want to know why we are giving the VanCougar moneyii.Senator Brown called to question and was seconded jj.Resolution passed9. Vice-President Wooster entertained the motion to move the budget proposal to the bottom of the new businessa.Senator Chu so moved, seconded b.Motion passes10.Bill 18.0024a.Senator Chu read the Bill into the meeting minutes b.Vice-President Wooster passed the Chair position to the Senate Chair Pro-temporeso she could speak on behalf of the Billc.Wooster [audience] spoke on behalf of the Bill and feels it is very important for students to have this kind of educationd.Senator Kleinchmidt clarified where the event would take placee.Senator Atkinson inquired if it is limited to only students or anyonef.Wooster clarifies that it is open to anyoneg. Senator Atkinson called to questioni.Motion failed, discussion continuedh.Senator Harmon has questions about advertisingi.Wooster states that the targeted audience is college students and advertising willonly occur on campus j.Senator Chu moves to change the Bill to read “Student Events Pool to be held duringthe last week of April.”i.Motion passedk.Senator Myers attests to the quality of the event through outside researchl.Senator Chu called to question and was secondedi.Bill passedm.Vice-President Wooster took back the Chai11.Bill 18.0025a.Senator Shaw read the Bill into the minutes b.Senator Harman moved to a second readingc.Floor open to Mr. Anderson [audience] to speak on behalf of the Bill

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