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The Painter: The Blue

The Painter: The Blue

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Published by tilt777
The Painter, a genetically enhanced soldier, stumbles upon five painters and half of his buildings painted blue.
The Painter, a genetically enhanced soldier, stumbles upon five painters and half of his buildings painted blue.

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Published by: tilt777 on Feb 19, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial No-derivs


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The Painter: The Blue
By L. Verahttp://doodle777.deviantart.com/Comments: Please read The Red first. This is the second story of three in aseries called The Painter.Marcus sat quietly as he slowly drifted in and out of sleep. The Painter isdriving them towards The Capital to see Marcus’s father. The Capital is a citysurrounded by tall towers with many spot lights lighting up the night skies. It wasthe only city The Red Queen controlled that had electricity. It is also the hub for thedevelopment of new genetically enhanced soldiers.“Is the Queen as mean as they say?” Marcus asks. The Painter nods yes.“Can you speak?” The painter shakes his head sullenly, no. They drove for hours. The moon shined brightly through the clear sky. ThePainter needs supplies. He is low on food, water, gas and, more importantly, paint.Marcus is asleep in the passenger seat when The Painter stopped the truckby a group of large trees. The Painter steps out of the truck and walks over to thetrees. From here he can look down at the next town. Much like The Painter suspectshalf the town was painted red and the other half was painted blue.“Red, what are you...?” Marcus said sounding drowsy. The Painter quickly covers Marcus’s mouth. He places a finger over his own toshow the child he should be quiet. He walks to the back of the truck and grabs fourfive gallon gasoline containers. The Painter points to the containers and then pointsto the gas cap. He then points to Marcus. Marcus understands. The Painter wantshim to gas up the truck.“But why…” The Painter was gone and down the side of the hill towards the small town.Marcus is alone in the moonlight. There is a truck parked in the middle of the town. It has a blue shield with aroaring lion in the center. The Lion is the symbol of the king who ruled the lands
south of the Red Queen’s. The Blue King also happens to be the Red Queen’sbiggest enemy. Their vision for their people is very different; but they do have somecommonalities. He has painters of his own.“Doesn’t this scare you?” one of the painters asks the other.“I mean, one of the Queen’s Painters was here. Who knows how long ago?”he adds.“No, now shut up and add more paint. If we finish this tonight we can headhome.”As he turns to see his friend, he realizes he was no longer there.“Hey, I was kidding,” he said as he places his roller against the wall, “Quitplaying around.”He circles over to one side of the building and notices his friend’s fallen rollerlying in a thick puddle of blue paint.“Nick… this isn’t funny,” the scared painter said. The Painter stood right behind him. He was genetically altered to be fasterand stronger and the scared blue painter never saw him coming.Up on the hill Marcus was fumbling with the gasoline containers. He is notvery strong and happened to spill gas all over the floor and onto himself. As the firstcontainer lightens, he eventually gets the nozzle up to gas tank. He has three moreto go.He leans against the truck and remembers when they came and took hisfather. He was taken six months ago. They came in a large red bus armed withswords and threats collecting the strongest men. Those who refused to go died. Those who obeyed were rounded up and were brought to The Capital.He misses his father more than anything. He wants his father back, he wantshis family back. He wants the wars to stop. He wants…His thoughts were broken by the sound of a scream. There are people downthere. It could not have been The Painter that screamed. He could not even managea grunt. The scream came from the third victim of The Painter. He crept up on onewhile he grabbed more paint from their truck. This time The Painter was not fast enough to stop his victim from screaming. There are two more painters. They were painting houses on the far side of the town.

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