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Game boy advance - midi interface (hack part 2)

Game boy advance - midi interface (hack part 2)



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Published by Mohan Perera
Game boy advance midi interface
Game boy advance midi interface

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Published by: Mohan Perera on Sep 05, 2007
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Gameboy Advance Developmentin Linux
Versión en EspañolThis is my page about Gameboy Advance development under Linux.All GBA C sources are written for this toolchain (local copy) and for this crt0/lnkscript by Jeff Frohwein. Nevertheless it is very easy to adapt the sources for thehttp://www.devkitpro.org's toolchain.utilssoundgraphicsgameshardwaremidiout advance - First release of DINAMISE: A tracker-style MIDI sequencer for midioutadvance.linksavelinoherrera@hotpop.comUtilsbin2o.cpp - A binary to ELF object file converter that lets you create C buffersfrom raw data files directly in .o format. The original utility by DarkFader (http://darkfader.net/gp32). I had to patch it. To compile simply do a: g++ -o bin2o bin2o.cpp on Linux.romfs-0.1.tar.gz - A minimalistic ROMFS implementation for Gameboy Advance.ROMFS is a space-efficient, small, read-only filesystem originally for Linux and used bysome Linux based projects (http://romfs.sourceforge.net).stdio-0.1.tar.gz - newlib extension that allows use of standard input/outputroutines in GBA. The current implementation is partial and these are the features:oThe GBA uses graphic mode 0, so we have a 30x20 characters screen (8x8 pixelseach character). We write to screen ussing the usual commands printf, puts, etc, becausethe screen is the file handle 1 (as in Unix). Be careful: there is no extended ASCII support(only the ASCII codes from 32 to 127 are visibles, plus the '\n' character that is used for new line).
oThere is no file handle associated to GBA keypad and the file handle 0 (standardinput) cannot be used, perhaps in the future... ;-)oThe file handle 2 (standard error output) is mapped at SRAM (the internal staticnon-volatile RAM on all flash cartridges). This SRAM is 64KByte length. It is possibleto call lseek over file handle 2 to positioning into SRAM.oThere is romfs support. We can open, close, lseek, read and fstat files located at aromfs image merged with the main program ROM: cat my_program.gba image.romfs >my_final_program.gba.
int AgbMain() {
printf("opening 'index.html'...\n");
fd = open("index.html", O_RDONLY);
printf("handle = %d\n", fd);
printf("=== BEGIN\n");
while (1) {
int readed = read(fd, &data, 1);
if (readed == 0)
printf("=== EOF\n");
example of romfs file access
 To extend the
we must to recompile it adding the option
to the
variable atMakefile after configure. Here we can read a very interesting article about how to port the newlib for embedded systems.
int AgbMain() {console_init();romfs_init();
...printf("writing SRAM...");write(2, "Hello, SRAM :-)", 16);printf("ok\n");lseek(2, 0, SEEK_SET);read(2, sram_example_data, 20);printf("SRAM content = '%s'\n", sram_example_data);...}
example of SRAM access
directsound.tar.gz- An example application that plays a sound sample. The drumsample was downloaded fromhttp://www.looperman.com, converted to rawformat ussingsox and converted to ELF object file format ussing  bin2o.cpp (original fromhttp://darkfader.net/gp32and patched by me for g++compatibility).
modplayer-0.1.tar.gz- An initial version of the fixed point MOD player for theGBA. It must be improved to consume less CPU.
tremor_example-0.1.tar.gz- An adaptation of the Tremor OggVorbis fixed point decoder for the GBA and an example of use.
ritma-0.3.tar.gz- A simple metronome for GBA. GPL licensed (binaries andsources included).
tiled-c-map-writer-plugin-0.2.tar.gz- An output plugin for Tiledto export tile maps in C header format suitable for GCC. Simply extract it into the folder 
. Now you can build the entire project and the output plugin will be included in the distribution. Thanks to Jaymin Kessler to mail meabout the problem: the previous 0.1 version of the plugin is not compatible withthe newer version of Tiled.
HGenerator.java- An image to C header (.h) converter targeted to GameboyAdvance. It supports both indexed and RGB images.
mode4.tar.gz- A mode 4 graphics example (240x160 - 256 colors).
mode4font.tar.gz- A mode 4 character font example (8x8).
matchit-0.1c.tar.gz- The last version of MatchIt (a puzzle game I amdevelopping). Now features a falling down animation when key down pressed andthe
 game over 
screen notices about the reached score (thanks for the suggestion,Y-o-g-a :-).

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Hey guys i tried several cheats mentioned here but noone worked so i've been searching around and found just what i was looking for.
Check It, the hack works so good for me , had to share it here.

I downloaded the hack at: http://gg.gg/insad
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