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tuda building bye laws

tuda building bye laws

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Published by sreenath

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Published by: sreenath on Feb 19, 2010
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Municipal Administration and Urban Development (M) Department - The AndhraPradesh Revised Common Building Rules,2008 applicable to all MunicipalCorporations and the Urban Development Authorities, in the State except GreaterHyderabad Municipal Corporation, Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation,Vijayawada Municipal Corporation, Guntur Municipal Corporation, HUDA, HADA,CDA, VUDA, VGTMUDA areas - Orders – Issued.
G.O. Ms. No. 302 Dated: 15.04.2008Read the following
1. G.O. Ms. No. 423 M.A. & U.D. Department, dated: 31-7-19982. G.O. Ms. No. 86 M.A & U.D. Department, dated: 03-03-20063. G.O. Ms. No. 171 M.A & U.D. Department, dated: 19-04-20064 G.O. MS. No. 623 M.A & U.D. Department, dated: 01-02-20065. G.O.MS. No. 17 M.A & U.D. Department, dated: 10-01-20076. G.O. Ms. No. 678 M.A & U.D. Department, dated: 07-09-20077. G O Ms. No 744 M.A & U.D. Department dated: 04-10-20078. G O Ms. No. 279 M. A & U.D. Department dated: 01-04-2008- o0o --
O R D E R:
In the reference 2nd read above, Government have issued the HyderabadRevised Building Rules, 2006. The said rules were amended in the G. Os 3rd to 5
 and 7
and 8
read above.2. Government had decided to initially apply the said Hyderabad RevisedBuilding Rules, 2006, to the Hyderabad Development Authority Area andsubsequently to extend them to other urban areas / UDA areas of Andhra Pradesh.In the G. O. 6
read above, the said Hyderabad Revised Building Rules 2006, wereextended to the areas covered by Visakhapatnm Urban Development Authority, andVijaywada-Guntur-Tenali-Mangalagiri Urban Development Authority, and to theMunicipal Corporations of Greater Visakhapatnam, Vijaywada and Gunturrespectively.3. In view of the above, now therefore Government have decided to apply thesaid Hyderabad Revised Building Rules, 2006, with suitable modifications toTirupati Urban Development Authority, Kakatiya Urban Development Authority,Puttaparti Urban Development Authority, Basar Special Development Authority andRishi Valley Special Development Authority and to all other Municipal Corporationsareas of the State.4. Therefore in supersession of the Rules issued vide G.O. Ms No. 423 M.A &U.D. (M1) Department, dated 31-7-1998 and the Municipal Corporation ofHyderabad Building By-laws 1981 to the extent specified in these Rules,Government hereby issue the following Notification. The appended Notification shallbe published in the extraordinary issue of the Andhra Pradesh Gazette dated:15.04.2008.5. Specific approval of the Principal Secretary to Government, MunicipalAdministration and Urban Development Department has been obtained forpublication of the Notification in the extraordinary issue of the Andhra PradeshGazette.
6. A copy of this Notification is available on the Internet and can be accessedwith the address
www.aponline.gov.in NOTIFICATION
In exercise of the powers conferred under Section 585 of the HyderabadMunicipal Corporations Act, 1955; Section 18 of the Andhra Pradesh MunicipalCorporations Act, 1994; and Section 58 of the Andhra Pradesh Urban Areas(Development) Act, 1975, the Government of Andhra Pradesh make the followingRevised Building Rules 2008 in supersession of the rules issued in G.O. Ms. Nos.423 M.A & U.D (M
) Department, dated 31.07.1998, viz.,
Short Title, Applicability & Commencement:
 (a) These Rules may be called the Andhra Pradesh Revised BuildingRules, 2008.(b) They shall apply to all building activities in the Municipal Corporationareas, and Urban Development Authority areas in the State other thanGreater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation, Greater VisakhapatnamMunicipal Corporation, Vijayawada Municipal Corporation and GunturMunicipal Corporation, Hyderabad Urban Development Authority area(HUDA), Hyderabad Airport Development Authority area (HADA),Cyberabad Development Authority area (CDA), Visakhapatnam UrbanDevelopment Authority area(VUDA), and Vijayawada Guntur TenaliMangalagiri Urban Development Authority areas(VGTMUDA)(c) These rules shall apply to all building activities. All existing rules,regulations, bylaws, orders relating to buildings that are in conflict orinconsistent with these Rules shall stand modified to the extent of theprovisions of these rules.(d) In case of Multiplex Complexes, the rules issued vide G O Ms No. 486MA&U.D(M1)Department dated 07.07.2007 shall be applicable.
2. Definitions:
1. In these rules, unless the context otherwise requires;
Competent Authority”
means:(a) The Vice - Chairman of Urban Development Authority in the case ofUrban Development Authority areas;(b) The Director of Town & Country Planning, Andhra Pradesh in case ofMunicipal Corporations falling outside Urban Development Authorityareas
(ii) “Enforcement Authority”
means the Commissioner of the MunicipalCorporation, the Commissioner of the Municipality or the ExecutiveAuthority of the Gram Panchayat or a Special Unit created for thepurpose of sanctioning and monitoring building and development activity,as the case may be.
Height of building”
means height measured from the abutting road andin case of undulated terrain height can be considered as average of thecorresponding ground level or formation level of proposed site.
High-Rise building”
means a building 18 meters or more in height.However, chimneys, cooling towers, boiler rooms/ lift machine rooms,cold storage and other non-working areas in case of industrial buildingsand water tanks, and architectural features in respect of other buildingsmay be permitted as a non-High Rise building. Buildings less than 18 mincluding stilt floor/parking floor stand excluded from the definition of high-rise buildings. 
(v) “Parking Complex / Parking Lot”
means a premises either built or openwhich is utilized purely for parking of vehicles and where parking fees iscollected by the owner and permitted in specific areas. The minimum siteshall be 300 square meters.
Sanctioning Authority”
means the Vice Chairman of UrbanDevelopment Authority, Commissioner of the Municipal Corporation, theCommissioner of the Municipality or the Executive Authority of the GramPanchayat or a Special Unit created for the purpose of sanctioning andmonitoring building and development activity as the case may be.
Transferable Development Right” (TDR)
means an award specifyingthe built up area an owner of a site or plot can sell or dispose or utilizeelsewhere, whose site or plot is required to be set apart or affected for acommunity amenity or development for public purpose in the MasterPlan/Statutory Plan or in road widening or covered in recreational usezone, etc. and applicable only after such lands are vested with the localbody/ Urban Development Authority as the case may be. The awardwould be in the form of a TDR Certificate issued by the CompetentAuthority.
Terms and expressions which are not defined in these Rules shall have thesame meaning as in the respective rules / regulations / by-laws of the respectivelocal authorities and as defined in the National Building Code as the case may be,unless the context otherwise requires.
3. Restriction on Minimum Building Plot Size along abutting roads in newdevelopments and layouts:
There shall be restriction on the minimum building plot size along theabutting roads in all new development areas and new layouts as follows:
Abutting roadRight-of-way (in Mts.)Minimum plot sizeallowed (in sq. m)Max. Plot sizeallowed (in sq m)9 and below 12.2 100 200012.2 and below 18 200 No Restriction18 and below 30 250 No Restriction30 and above 350 No Restriction
Road/ Right-of-way means the total land width reserved for the road in the layout  / Master Plan / Development Plan / Development Scheme whether the road is developed/formed or otherwise and includes the service road, if any, to be provided in the given Right-of-Way.
Further in all such new approved layouts, the minimum width of roads other than cul-de-sac shall be 12.2 m (40 ft).The above shall not be applicable to existing sites / plots.
 4.1 Minimum Approach road requirement for sites in new areas / layoutareas:
No site or parcel of land shall be used for building activity unless it has aclear and established approach road of minimum 9 m Black topped Roadprovided by the developer / builder / owner at his own cost or deposits thenecessary cost for laying of the road by the sanctioning authority.

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