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The Rock from which the camel came out from

The Rock from which the camel came out from



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Published by haitham

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Published by: haitham on Feb 19, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Rock from which the camel came outfrom
Thamud, one of the perished nation, lived in a valley which isabout two hundred meters above sea level, it is alsosurrounded by tall mountains with 1200 meters averageheight.The account of the Holy Quran about these nations shows thatthey were skilled in stone sculpture, Allah gifted them withmany bounties and that they led luxurious life.When God sent them a prophet from among themselves, theybelied him and hold his name to obloquy and ridicule; theyattacked him with abusive words. When their great prophetpersisted in teaching them God's word, they set as a conditionto believe that he should bring them a she-camel out of a hugerock.The holy Quran explanation books say that the she-camel thatGod sent to the tribe of Prophet Saleh came out a huge rock,this rock lies isolated in the area where they lived.The expounders of the Holy Quran say that Prophet Salehcame to his tribe to admonish them to believe and warn themof the consequences of unbelief, they asked for a sign tobelieve; they pointed to a large rock and said:
"Can you see this large rock? We want you to get out of thisrock a she-camel with a baby in its belly; they started to setmany conditions in these she-camels, they even wereparticulars and choosy. The prophet said' So what will you doif God gives you His sign? Will you believe?'" "Yes, we will."They said. So the prophet prayed to God and God answeredhis prayer and a huge camel went out from the rock, it wasexactly as they asked. When the say this miracle, somebelieved and some didn't.Some readers might ask how the expounders got theinformation they wrote down in their books from, they haverecorded in their books information about the camel,description about the rock and even the names of the peoplewho conspired to kill it.It is narrated that the prophet gave his companions a lot of information about this tribe and how they were perished. Theprophet and his companions passed by " Alhager", the place inwhich the prophet Saleh and his tribe lived in" on his wayback from Tabouk invasion.Gabr narrated that when the prophet passed by "Al-Hajer"(the habitations of Thamud), he said: " O' people don't ask forsigns the same way Thamud did." Those were the people towhom Prophet Saleh was sent, and they asked him for a signsent by God to them, so God created out for them a she-camelout of a rock they determined.Narrated Al-Boukhary, narrated the son of Umar that theprophet passed by the place where the habitations of Thmudwere, he ordered them not to drink from its well … so thepeople said :" we have already kneed our flour, so theprophet ordered them to spill the water they got and to drinkfrom the water the she-camel used to drink from, and as tothe flour they kneed, he ordered them to feed their animalson.We can conclude that the prophet must have determined therock which the she-camel went out from, since he determinedthe cave that the she-camel used to shelter herself in and thefountain which she drank from; also the prophet must havegiven all the information that the expounders of the Holy
Quran wrote down in their books without being attributed tothe prophet.As to the features of the rock concerned, we can compare itsfeatures as mentioned in the books of expounding the HolyQuran and these of the rocks that are existent in the valley,we shall depend on Google earth programme.The prophet and his companions passed by the valley in whichthere used to be the habitations of Thamud. Those people, inorder to believe, asked their prophet' Saleh' to show a sign ora miracle to prove his prophethood , and they determined therock from which this she-camel should come from, this rockhad to be massive and the she-camel must be pregnant andalso parturient, they also determined the rock by a certainname which is " Al-kataba'.Their Prophet agreed and put them under the commitmentthat they should believe if God showed this sign to them andthey agreed. He started to pray to his Lord to answer hisprayer and bring them a she-camel from the rock so that theybelieved. God answered his prayer and the rock cleft asunderand the she-camel went out from it exactly as they wanted; onseeing it some believed and some did not.If we look at the picture keenly, we will see a huge rockcovered with blackness, and this rock is located in isolatedplace in the upper part of the valley to the right. This rock isso huge and this makes it looks much like a mountain; it hasodd appearance and this lays credence to the claim that thosepeople used to worship their idols around it, its longest part

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