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Liberty Newspost Feb-19-10 Edition

Liberty Newspost Feb-19-10 Edition

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Published by: Liberty Newspost Corp. on Feb 19, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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E-reader News Editionhttp://www.LibertyNewspost.com18/02/10 - 19/02/10
Submitted at 2/18/2010 2:21:46 PM
The Dalai Lama, fresh from hiscontroversial meeting withPresident Barack Obama, greetedthe U.S. press corps during ablustery press conference onThursday outside hisWashington hotel, and deliveredhis pearls of wisdom with abrand of syntax that sometimesleaves listeners scratching theirheads.“Important is truth,” the grinningDalai Lama told reporters, whenasked if he ever got discouragedabout China’s implacableresistance to his cause.“This is not question of justicehow soon achieved. Somethingworthwhile, make attempt. Then,whether materialize this goalwithin one’s own lifetime or not,it doesn’t matter.”Hundreds of Tibetan well-wishers gathered outside thehotel, waving Tibetan flags andprayer banners and chantingslogans including “Long Live theDalai Lama” and “Thank YouObama!”China, meanwhile, expressed“strong dissatisfaction” and“resolute opposition” to theDalai Lama-Obama meeting.The Dalai Lama said he washappy with the Obamaadministration’s open support forhis efforts, although he notedthat “time will tell” whether itwill have any impact.He also appeared satisfied withhis relations with Obama (”quiteyoung, energetic, tall”), notingthat since exiled Tibetans beganelecting leaders in 2001, the U.S.president had something to teachhim.“In political field he is my boss.In spiritual field, I am his boss. Imentioned this to the presidentand to the secretary of state,” theDalai Lama said, before lettingloose one of his trademark giggles.He had sterner words for China,however, saying that while Tibetshould remain a part of thePeople’s Republic for its owneconomic interests, it should alsobe allowed to maintain its ownunique cultural heritage. Beijing“childish” policies, includingcensorship, had left the world’smost populous nation with someunrealistic expectations, he said,adding that China was taking thewrong model — the SovietUnion — in its drive to become asuperpower.“Open society. Democratic.Independent judiciary. Thatsuperpower brings more trust,more comfort,” the Dalai Lamasaid. “So China shouldeventually be such a superpowerwhich brings happiness,satisfaction, calm, ease.”Photo Credit: Reuters/YuriGripas (The Dalai Lama greetssupporters outside WashingtonD.C. hotel)
Submitted at 2/19/2010 9:15:33 AM
Message from fivefilters.org: If you can, pleasedonate to the full-text RSS serviceso we cancontinue developing it.The Hollywood film industry is100 years old this year. In early1910, director DW Griffith wassent by the Biograph Companyto the west coast to takeadvantage of the Californiansunshine. Pictured here is a stillfrom The Birth of a Nation, thefirst ever feature-length film,which was directed by DWGriffith in 1914. Actorscostumed in the full regalia of the Ku Klux Klan chase downa white actor in blackfacePicture: GETTY Five Filtersfeatured article:Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:PDF Newspaper,Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.
Submitted at 2/19/2010 11:25:54 AM
Disney's purchase of MarvelEntertainment was perhaps itsboldest act this year. From thecreators of "Lost" to the wizardsat Pixar, we've given a fullMarvel treatment to those whohave helped put Disney on ourMost Innovative Companies listthis year.
Submitted at 2/19/2010 12:30:00 PM
2E-reader News Edition
Submitted at 2/19/2010 12:21:17 AM
Newly minted Republicandeficit commissioner AlanSimpson has a message forAmericans: if you don’t wantyour grandkids picking grit withthe chickens, better ignoresoundbite politics and getlawmakers to find real solutionsto the deficit.President Barack ObamaThursday named Simpson, aformer Wyoming senator, andErskine Bowles, the head of theUniversity of North Carolina,tolead a bipartisan panel searchingfor ways to cut the deficit.Obama called Simpson “a flintyWyoming truth-teller.”The former lawmaker quicklyembarked on some truth-telling.Appearing with Bowles on“PBS NewsHour,” Simpson wasasked about Republicans whobelieved that tax cuts wereneeded now, even if they raisedthe deficit in the short term.“I’m not smoking that samepipe,” he replied.Both he and Bowles saideverything would be on the table— from tax increases to programcuts — as they talked tomembers of both parties abouthow to bring down Washington’srecord budget deficits.“We have a deficit-to-GDP ratiotoday of 10.6 percent,” saidBowles, a former chief of staff toPresident Bill Clinton whohelped negotiate the lastbalanced budget deal.Bowles said the interest on thenational debt over the nextdecade would increase by $650billion.“That’s $650 billion we couldspend on innovation, onresearch, on education,” he said.“If we don’t do things like that,we’re not going to be able tocompete in a knowledge-basedglobal economy. This is a big,big issue.”Asked how they couldaccomplish anything in bitterlypartisan Washington, Simpsonsaid, “If we’re going to use flashwords like cutting children’sbenefits or cutting veterans or
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3E-reader News Edition
Submitted at 2/19/2010 7:09:12 AM
It’s not quite the glee club orfootball championship.U.S. high schoolswill flex theircompetitive muscles this springfor a different sort of prize —President Barack Obamaasspeaker at thisspring’sgraduation ceremony.But to catch thatparticular brassring, they will have to show nothow well their students can singor tackle, but make the case forhow dedicated they are toproviding an excellent education.The White House announced its”Race to the Top High SchoolCommencement Challenge” onFriday, which it says“encourages schools to showhow they are making greatstrides on personalresponsibility, academicexcellence and collegereadiness.”To compete, applications —consisting of four essayquestions with a video and otherdata optional — should becompleted by students andsubmitted by a high school’sprincipal towww.WhiteHouse.gov/Commencementno later than Monday,March 15 at 11:59 p.m.EST.The White House andDepartment of Education willselect six finalists from amongschools that make the deadline.Those six will then be featuredon the White House website,where the public will be able tovote for three schools that makethe best case. Obama himself will select a national winner, andvisit the school to deliver thecommencement address to theClass of 2010.The United States has one of theworst high school dropout ratesin the industrialized world and itsstudents often rank below thosein other Western nations inreading and math.Obama haspledged billions of dollars foreducation in his “Race to theTop” initiative, included in his$787 billion economic stimulusplan last year. States arecompeting for that funding, but,given that it does involvepolitics in which education is afavorite, er, football, somestate officials have expressedwariness about the increasinginvolvement of the federalgovernment in the past decadeinto curriculum and schoolreforms.Local officials contendthat they know better what isgood for their students thanofficials far away inWashington.Photo credit: U.S. PresidentBarack Obama speaks during thecommencement ceremony atArizona State University inTempe, Arizona May 13, 2009.REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque
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raising taxes, it will be a tougherstruggle.”Scare tactics and gotcha politicswon’t get the job done.“This is sound-bite business.And that’s great. That gets you re-elected,” Simpson said. “But itwon’t help the country.”He said he would prefer to dealwith facts rather than hot-buttonscare tactics.He said the last time Congresstweaked the Social Securityinsurance program for retirees,they adjusted the payroll tax by just a tenth of a percent.“If that makes people shriek andgo over the edge of the cliff,” hesaid with a shrug. “You have twochoices with Social Security.You either raise the payroll taxor decrease the benefits.”Either that or adjusting benefitlevels based on affluence, aproposal guaranteed to angerretirees.“Try that one on,” said Simpson.“Man, oh, man, there’s a bigone.”“But the rest of it is B.S.,” hesaid, “and if the people are reallyingesting B.S. all day long, theirgrandchildren will be pickinggrit with the chickens.” For more Reuters political news,click here.Photo credit: Reuters/JasonReed (Obama shares a laughwith a deficit commissionersBowles and Simpson)
Submitted at 2/19/2010 9:18:11 AM
Message from fivefilters.org: If you can, pleasedonate to the full-text RSS serviceso we cancontinue developing it. Debbiebuzzed up:Obama Puts Emphasis on Economy inNevada, Colorado(Bloomberg)6 seconds ago 2010-02-19T09:45:02-08:00 Five Filtersfeatured article:Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:PDF Newspaper,Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.
Submitted at 2/18/2010 9:00:00 PM
His promulgation of theheliocentric theory ignites ascientific revolution that changeshistory.
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