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Worldview Made Practical - Issue 3-8

Worldview Made Practical - Issue 3-8

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Published by Freddy Davis
The Gospel According to Barack Obama's Pastor: Black Liberation Theology
The Gospel According to Barack Obama's Pastor: Black Liberation Theology

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Published by: Freddy Davis on Apr 30, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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You have, no doubt, heard of the inflammatory remarks made by Dr. Jeremiah Wright, Senator Barack Obama’s pastor,as well as some of the racially sensitive things that have been said by Senator Obama himself. Because of the sensitivityof these topics, it is sometimes difficult to grasp the full significance of what is being said.One of the main reasons this is difficult is because we are trying to run what is said through our own Christian worldviewfilter. After all, Dr. Wright’s church is a Christian church, right? Well, in name it is, but the doctrines that underlie its belief foundation are not traditional evangelical Christian theology. Black Liberation Theology has a different foundation and dif-ferent goals than traditional Christian beliefs. Today, we will look at what the differences are so that we can know how torelate more effectively to people who hold these beliefs. In many cases, it will also give us the ability to more effectivelyshare Christ with them.So, how is your worldview understanding coming along? Are you getting more and more able to understand the beliefsother people hold, and you are becoming more confident of your own faith. It is certainly the purpose of MarketFaith Min-
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Recently a great controversy has broken out because of Barak Obama’s twenty plus year association with Dr. Jere-miah Wright. Dr. Wright is the pastor of Trinity UnitedChurch of Christ in Chicago where Obama is a member. Heis the man that Obama has called his mentor and spiritualadvisor. It seems that Rev. Wright consistently preachesdogma which is politically charged and racially divisive. Hehas been heard making statements like:"God bless America... No!... God Damn America," insuggesting that past US policies are partially responsi-ble for the 9/11 attacks."The government lied about inventing the HIV virus as ameans of genocide against people of color."He asserted that the US government provides drugs toAfrican-Americans and once again said, "God DamnAmerica."He called America, "U S of KKK A."He has referred to Italians as "garlic noses."In addition to these specific quotes, he claims that:HIV was invented by the U.S. government as a tool of genocide against blacks,the government sent illegal drugs to black neighbor-hoods to kill or imprison blacks,the government infected black men with syphilis in theTuskegee Experiment,the government knew Pearl Harbor would be attackedbefore it happened,the president will use the military against people for reli-gious reasons, and thatthe US is controlled by white supremacists.On top of all of that, he named Louis Farrahkan as hischurch’s person of the year.
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Volume 3 Number 8 April 23, 2008
The Gospel According to Barack Obama’s Pastor: Black Liberation Theology
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The things above are not given for the purpose of attacking Dr. Wright as an individual. Rather, we want to try and under-stand the thinking of people who have a worldview based on this kind of doctrine. Dr. Wright is certainly not the only per-son with this way of thinking. In fact, he is simply the most high profile individual who represents this worldview. Our purpose is to try and understand the belief system.We are going to start with the veneer which overlays the belief. Looking at Dr. Wright’s church from a surface level wouldnot necessarily bring us to the conclusion that he and his church have these kinds of beliefs. On the church’s website isthis statement.We are a congregation which is Unashamedly Black and Unapologetically Christian... Our roots in the Black reli-gious experience and tradition are deep, lasting and permanent. We are an African people, and remain "true toour native land," the mother continent, the cradle of civilization. God has superintended our pilgrimage throughthe days of slavery, the days of segregation, and the long night of racism. It is God who gives us the strengthand courage to continuously address injustice as a people, and as a congregation. We constantly affirm our trustin God through cultural expression of a Black worship service and ministries which address the Black Communi-ty.On the church’s website, we also find this 10 point vision:The Pastor as well as the membership of Trinity United Church of Christ is committed to a 10-point vision:1. A congregation committed to
.2. A congregation preaching
.3. A congregation actively seeking
.4. A congregation with a non-negotiable
.5. A congregation committed to
.6. A congregation committed to
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nistries to strengthen you at this point. If you want a little more directed study in grasping the concepts of worldview, letme recommend that you order the “What is Worldview?” personal study guide. You can order this tremendous resourceat the MarketFaith Ministries website.Finally, we could certainly use your help as we continue to develop worldview resources. Of course, most of the thingswe produce are free, and it is our desire to make as much information as possible free of charge. There are somethings, though, that simply cost money to produce and we are limited by the funds we have available. If you would like topartner with us in order to help us produce more materials, we would be greatly appreciative. Your gift is
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and can be sent to: MarketFaith Ministries, 321 Anton Dr., Tallahassee, FL 32312. Or you may also donate online byusing the “Donate” button on the website to make a contribution by credit card.Feel free to contact us any time with your comments, questions and suggestions. We look forward to hearing from you.And please share this newsletter with your friends. They can also receive it free by signing up at the website, or bysending an e-mail request to info@marketfaith.org.God bless,Freddy
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7. A congregation committed to the
.8. A congregation committed to
.9. A congregation committed to
.10. A congregation working towards
.Looking at these statements, it is not obvious at all where the conspiratorial and hateful remarks come from. Those kindsof teachings are definitely there if you know where to look, but they are hidden behind traditional Christian terminologywhich has been redefined. In order to get at this, it becomes necessary to dig a little deeper in order to grasp the real the-ology.The church calls itself a Christian church, but is founded on a particular ideology which is quite different than traditionalevangelical theology. It is based on Black Liberation Theology. Let’s take a moment and get to know this approach to be-lieving in God.
What is Liberation Theology?
In order to understand Black Liberation Theology, we must first look at it’s foundation – Liberation Theology. LiberationTheology is an ideology which asserts that the message of the Gospel is a call to promote the freedom of people frompolitical, social, and material oppression. It is very “this worldly” and was especially prevalent in the Roman CatholicChurch in Latin America beginning back in the 1960s. It finds much of its inspiration in the socialist ideas of people likeHegel and Marx.
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are availablefree of charge in .pdf (Acrobat) format in the archives athttp://www.marketfaith.org.PERMISSION TO REPRINT: If you wish to reprint thismonth’s article in your own print or electronic newsletter,please include the following paragraph:Reprinted from
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; a free e-zineproduced by MarketFaith Ministries featuring practicalteaching and life tools to help Christians become more ef-fective in their faith life. Discover MarketFaith Ministries atwww.marketfaith.org.Liberation Theology is not understood to come from God'srevelation of himself through divinely inspired men whowrote the Bible. Rather, it comes from human interactionwith society throughout history. Liberation theologians be-lieve that pain and suffering are the forces which motivatepeople to seek God. They believe, in turn, that God is thedriving force of history and that people can find him as theywork to overcome oppression – specifically the oppressionof the evil political and economic structures of societywhich keep some people in bondage. Instead of a spiritualsalvation, Liberation Theology teaches that salvation is theprocess of liberation from oppression and injustice in earth-ly society.The place of Jesus in Liberation Theology is not to serveas a sacrifice for the forgiveness of sin, but as one whoideally exemplified the struggle for the poor and the out-cast. Adherents of this theology believe that his life andteachings concerning the Kingdom of God served to dem-onstrate the love of God in an actual historical setting.
What is Black Theology?
Another foundation of Black Liberation Theology is simpleBlack Theology. Black theology emerges from the perspec-tive of the descendants of African people who were forcedto leave their traditional homelands and settle in a newplace. The message of black theology is that the African-American struggle for liberation is consistent with the gos-pel. This theology maintains that African-Americans mustbe liberated from the social, political, economic and reli-gious bondage that their ancestors were forced into. In ageneral sense, it includes empowerment of black people byasserting a right to self-definition, self-affirmation and self-determination.In creating this approach to theology, black theologianssought a completely new "starting point" in theology. Thus,
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