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my saivor

my saivor



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Published by kelly.

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Published by: kelly. on Feb 20, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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MY savior.chapter 1: the new guy.I woke up and turned off my sponge bob alarm clock. I took a quick shower and put on my uniform black plad mini skirt, with a white long sleeve button white shirt, with white stockings, and pump platform high heels. I know its too sexy buthey it was the school’s uniform. I straighten my long jet black hair and just put on black liquid eyeliner. I looked good , I was about 5’4, gray eyes, curvy, and I’m pale. I live with my mom but she was practically never here she’s alwaysin business trips. I only had one best friend Brenda, she had long black hair with light brown highlights, her emerald green eyes, and her exquisite body, withher tan. She is from Argentina, and I’m from Brooklyn, new york and yes I do have a new yorken accent. ( author note: just to let u know this story is about vampires and in real life I do have a new yorken accent ,I’m not from Argentina I’mhalf Honduran half new Yorker. just to let u know.) but I learned to speak without it, I skipped break feast and just got inside my black mustang nad left to school. When I arrived my boyfriend Jason greeted me with a hug he is the school’s bad boy. Messy black hair, pale blue eyes, his 10 pack, 5’7, and tan. “ heybabe you looking so hot” Jason said I giggled the bell rang and I kissed him good bye. The whole day flew by, Jason wasn’t all that perfect he hit’s me and hasserious anger issues. But he is still a nice guy on my way to the locker Brendagreeted me “ hey, so how’s your weekend “ she asked “ boring as always ,you?” Iasked but Brenda was staring at something else , I followed her gaze and was shocked Jason was making out with a blonde hore. I PUT UP WITH HIS SHIT! AND HE DOES THIS TO ME!!!!!. I ran to the bathroom and cried Brenda hugged me “ he doesn’t deserve you anestestia “ Brenda said . I was finally able to stop crying . “I know how can I be so stupid” I said bitter “ come on lets go to lunch’ Brendasaid I nodded and we both headed toward the cafeteria. We grabbed our lunch andsat at our usual table, “ so I heard that a new student is coming tomorrow” Brenda said trying to distract me “ really, do you know who is it?” I asked “ well..no,I guess we’ll find out “ Brenda answered “ most defitnely” I agreed the restof the day I never saw Jason which is a good thing right? I was too scared to confront him. I quickly made my way toward the car and once inside I left . In the road I sighed in relief.**************************it was already night, I was dressed in my blue pajamas. The door bell rang I opened it and there standing was Jason. “ hey sweetie” he said I stepped away fromhim “ what’s wrong?” he asked you could tell he was getting pissed. “ don’t callme sweetie, why don’t you go with your blonde bitch you kissed earlier today huh “ I said bitter . he slapped me “ don’t fucking raise your voice on me, and it’s not what you think” Jason said “ no! then tell me was I hallucinating , you know what it’s over!!” I yelled at the top of my lungs. “ it’s not over until I say it’s over “ Jason said angry . He grabbed my hair and slammed me against thewall, I felt the pain struck me. I started to cry , it felt like someone was stabbing you on the face” help me!” I yelled in between sobs. Jason covered my mouth “ shut up you little skank , I’m going to remove my hand and leave but you better not yell because I will kill you” Jason whispered in my ear. I barely noddedhe removed his hand and I heard his footsteps fading away. I just laid there Ireally needed help, I haven’t even told Brenda or my mom about this. With all mystrength I got up and locked the door. I went to my bedroom and cried my self to sleep.The next morning I woke up with a black eye on my right, I tried covering it with make up but you could still see it. So I put black shades(lentes)and wore my uniform I brushed my hair and left to school. When I arrived I saw girls pointingon a black Mercedes. Out of nowhere Brenda appeared “ I saw him, he is so fucking hot!!!” Brenda squealed. “ calm down, bre your going to end up eating the guy” I said sarcastically “ hahaha, what’s up with the shades” Brenda asked curious“ nothing just trying them out” I said coolly “ oh well, his name is William Gomez and there he is!” Brenda screamed . I followed her gaze and indeed he is hotwait what am I thinking. Anyways he had jet black hair, those green enchantingeyes, from my view it looked like he had a 10 pack and unusually pale. He wore t
he school’s uniform for guys: black pants, white shirt, and a navy blue jacket that had the school’s crest. The bell rang and I said goodbye to Brenda but she was still staring at William . So I just left her drooling, I went to my first class which is Spanish. I sat at my assigned desk, everyone else had a partner except me. But that was going to change , William stepped in and all the girls started giggling like idiots. “ bienvenido , William yo soy professora laura. ( translation: welcome, William I’m laura. You guys should really learn how to speak Spanish), “ por favor se puede junto con anestestia “ laura said ( you may sit with anestestia. ) “ who is anesthesia?” William asked “that’s me” I said while standing up , he made his way toward the desk and sat down. “ thank you miss. Lori” Mrs. Laura said . I know my last name is kind of weird, I nodded and sat backdown.During class William passed me a note “was up with the glasses?” I replied “ just trying them out”. I saw him smile “ well they look nice on you’’ and put he put a smiley face. The bell rang and I departed to my next class, I was actuallysmiling. it came to my conclusion that I had William in all my first 4 classes.It was lunch time and everyone headed to the cafeteria, I went to my locker andput my books away . I took of my glasses and checked my black eye it was even darker . I put my shades back and headed toward the cafeteria.CHAPTER 2: TELL ME YOUR SECRET? ….. AND I’LL TELL YOU MINES.I REALIZED that I have not seen Jason which is a good thing right?. I wasn’t hungry so I just sat at the table Brenda was bouncing in her seat. “ how come you didn’t tell me “ Brenda asked “ about what? “ I askedthen she whispered so low that I was the only one I could hear” that you sit next to William in your Spanish class, everyone’s been saying that you guys make acute couple!” she squealed “ oh that, well it’s no biggie” I said uninterested “no biggie, anestestia you got to be kidding me “ Brenda said in disbelief “ look Brenda I’m not going to bananas over a guy and anyways I have other things toworry about” I said bitter “ like what, Jason?” Brenda asked uncaring I sighed“ yes , well it’s part of it but can I trust you?” I asked “ of course annie “ Brenda said serious “ Jason , he….. During the time we went out ,he sometimes gets out of control and…. But I got cut off by Brenda “ hit’s you…. Annie! He abuses you how come you never told anyone” she asked very pissed off. “ no he doesn’tabuses me” I said in denial she looked at me like if I was kidding. She took myglasses off and gasped at my black eye “ give me that “ I said while snatchingback the shades from her. “ we have to tell someone” Brenda insisted “ no Brendathis is between you and me, don’t tell know one got it?’ I asked “ deal, but..”Brenda started to say “” no but’ s bre “ I made it clean and clear. The bell rang and it was time for 5th period . I walked to my locker and got my gym clothes, I saw William out of the corner of my eye. He also was making his way to the gym so I walked past him and made my way to the changing room. But I looked backbefore I went inside and saw him smiling at me ,I smiled back and went inside. We weren’t allowed to wear shades during gym, I had to take them off and cover myblack eye with my hair. I sat in one of the benches and saw William coming outof the boys changing room but I immediately looked away. “ annie, what are you going to do “ Brenda asked when she came closer to me, she sat next me , we are also required to have our hair in a ponytail “ save me please “ I begged “ um okwe have to think of something , um I got it a note from your mom” Brenda said .She started writing something “ forge your mom signature “ Brenda asked I did and she handed me the note in time.” this better work “ I whispered when the coachcame in view. He immediately noticed me “ anestestia please come down” coach carter said . I got up and felt stares “ why is your hair untied “ carter asked Ihanded him the note and he read it. I didn’t read what Brenda wrote but I hopeit was convincible, he looked at me a little suspicious . I smiled “ ok you maysit down” carter said . When I sat back down I sighed in relief “ thanks” I whispered no problem, works every time’ Brenda replied . I heard someone chuckleand looked back William was laughing silently. I glared at him but turn back the coaches attention, we were going to play dodge ball it was my favorite game. Me and Brenda were the only girls left and on the boys side there was 3 left . Asa skinny dude threw it towards me I catched it and it was an automatic out so n

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