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reunited part 3

reunited part 3



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Published by aly
hope u like it and hope u enjoy
hope u like it and hope u enjoy

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Published by: aly on Feb 20, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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There in the doorway stood Sam Uley and Jacob Black. Sam had a peaceful expression but Jacob he just looked angry but not at me, at Bella?The others followed in behind and they moved things in and out of the room to allow everyone to have a seat. Bella was just looking at me and I whispered in herear.“That’s the leader of the werewolves Bella and his beta; do you remember Carlisle mentioning it before hand love?” I asked and she nodded her head minutely andwe turned our attention to Carlisle as he cleared his throat.“Well Bella, we’re glad you are awake and everything looks good so I can take out all this machinery and we can take you home in a few hours” Carlisle said andI watched as Bella’s face lit up and I chuckled and she turned to me.“What? Forgive me for wanting to get back to our old bed…and room for that matter” she said cuddling closer and I chuckled as I pulled her closer.Carlisle began taking out the machinery and at last the IV came out but when itdid so did a drop of blood and I looked to the others, none of them even flinched let alone stopped breathing and I turned to Bella and she smiled too and kissed my cheek.So then came the explanation from Eleazer, but what was bugging me was why on earth the wolves were here. When Eleazer finished the explanation Bella didn’t even flinch.“So I have to be changed again…I can live with that, I mean sure it’ll be painful but what’s a little pain compared to the lifetime I should be having” she saidand I almost gasped in shock, how could she want to do this again? I mean I know she says it’s what she wants but how can she be sure? The first time was hardenough and we’ve all been through it but how could she want to do it a second time knowing the duration will be longer?Before I got a chance to voice any of this Jacob spoke up and I had to resist growling.“Hold on a sec. if she was a vampire before you’re now telling us she’s turned human again only now to be turned back, why the hell turn yourself human in the first place…and you do realise she’ll be a newborn released in FORKS!” he spat and I tensed and Bella placed her hand on my cheek and I turned to look at her.Edward honey, let me talk to him please, I don’t want any trouble…just try and stay calm, for me? She asked and I nodded and she smiled before turning to Jacob.“Well, just so you know, I didn’t intentionally turn myself human or were you just to ignorant to listen” she said and I held a smile on my face but Jacob looked furious but before he could say anything Bella cut him off “Also, I never waslike our histories newborns in the first place, I’ve never tasted human blood just like my father has never, nor do I wish to the smell is just as bad as you two so frankly If I don’t have to be near the stench then I stay the hell away” she said and by the time she’d finished our siblings were in stitches after Bellaput Jacob in his place.He huffed and Sam looked amused slightly, after everything was settled Carlislewent to sort out the paperwork so Bella could come home and Sam and Jacob left the room as soon as Carlisle did. The others left too to give me and Bella some space which I was glad for.I pulled Bella up to sit on my lap, her skin was very cold for a human but she n
ever felt cold, she said I didn’t feel cold to her but I didn’t feel warm to hereither but she sat in my lap and cuddled into me as I wrapped my arms around her waist. She sighed and smiled sadly at me.“I’m so sorry love that you have to go through with this again…” I said and shesmiled and placed her hand on my lips.“Edward, I don’t care what I have to go through…I lost you once and I can’t bearfor that to happen again but at least this way I’ll be with you forever…guaranteed” she said smiling at me and I smiled back at her.“I love you my love” we said in unison and we both grinned before I lowered my lips to hers gently.A few hours later we were back at home, Bella and I were tucked up in bed and she was just fine. In a few hours time we were going to start the preparations forBella’s change, so until then we could spend a few hours together. She was no where near as fragile as a human but she wasn’t as strong as me.The hours flew as all we did was listen to music and cuddled because for the next 3+ days I wouldn’t be able to do any of this or at least we thought so…we weren’t sure.Carlisle called us to the office and Bella was dressed in a tank top and shortsbecause as soon as the transformation was on the way she needed to be kept as cool as possible.We ran over a few things and the most important piece was that Bella was going to know that I was right next to her and I wasn’t going to be leaving her but then she asked Carlisle for one thing which made my jaw drop.“Carlisle do you think that it would make any difference if…” she broke off looking at her feet and I squeezed her hand but she didn’t take much notice. Esme was in the room also so she asked.“Go on dear…” she said and Bella smiled and rushed it all out of her mouth.“Couldedwardchangemeinstead?” she asked and my jaw dropped and I turned to Carlisle and he just looked amused as did Esme.“Could I ask why dear Bella?” he asked and she looked up at me instead and I sawso much love and trust in my eyes I couldn’t help but smile.“It’s just all the other things that have happened when I was getting my powersand how you just seem to be able to counter acts bits of it…I just thought…I dunno..i..never mind” she said turning her head away from me but I really hated that and she knew it.I placed my hand under her chin and turned her head to look at me and I waited until her eyes met mine and I nodded to her signalling I wanted to talk privatelyand she smiled slightly.Bella, it’s okay I understand what you meant I was just shocked that you’d wantme to change you…I’ve never changed anyone so I don’t really know what I’m doing… she broke me off by placing her hand on my lips signalling that she wanted meto stop which I grinned at underneath her slightly warm small hand.Edward, love I trust you and I don’t honestly care…I just…I have a really good feeling about this…you mean so much to me, why not let me belong to you always and not just mentally or physically but… this time I cut her off and I had to resi
st kissing her madly and as that thought passed through my head she smirked.“Oh you think that’s funny do you?” I asked and she giggled.“Of course!” she said giggling even more.“How about this then for funny?!” I said before pulling her into my lap and tickling her senseless she was laughing and squirming trying to get out of my grip but I wouldn’t let her and Carlisle and Esme just sat letting out chuckles ever so often.“Alright!” she screamed “you win! Stop! Edward!” she screamed and I stopped still laughing and she smacked my shoulder playfully after calming herself.After we both calmed down I turned to look at Carlisle.“I’ll do it, if that’s what she wants” I said and Carlisle nodded.Before long we were in our room and it was time, I admit I was scared but only of losing my Bella.Carlisle and Esme were next door just in case but I needed Bella to be ready forthis again.“Edward, honey, I’m okay, please?” she asked me and I nodded.“I know baby, you know how I am” I said and she giggled before pulling me down to her lips.I kissed her passionately and she dug her hands into my hair as I wrapped my arms around her waist. She moaned into my mouth and I pressed her closer to me andpeaked my tongue out to run along her bottom lip where she granted me entrance.Our tongues battled fiercely before I had to pull back, Bella’s eyes were glazedover with lust and love so I used it.I trailed kisses down her chin to her neck and she moaned and I licked the spotbefore plunging my teeth into her neck and spread my venom through her, I tasteda bit of her blood and it was heavenly but as I let my venom spread the constant thought of I will not lose her again through my head was enough to resist anytemptation. I pulled back when I thought there was enough and I looked up to seeCarlisle and he nodded to me to continue.I pulled Bella’s wrist up to my mouth and sunk my teeth in again and let the venom spread I repeated the same action with her leg and hip. Then all that was left to do was to sit and wait.I sat right next to Bella, she pulled herself closer to me and I felt my eyes widen as did Carlisle’s. Carlisle left me to it after a few moments and I was to call him if I needed him.I wrapped my arm around Bella and placed a kiss on her head and I heard her sigh.(6 days later)All that I could do was wait, the others had returned to school, Carlisle had been given the next week and a half off as the hospital said to keep a close eye on his daughter and that the hospital could manage family was more important, Eleazer and Carmen were staying with us, just in case anything happened when she woke.

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