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Breakable Bella (Revised) Part 4

Breakable Bella (Revised) Part 4

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Published by Rachel
Longer, better..definitely recommend re-reading. My replacement for Eclipse. Some later parts may not be appropriate for minors.
Longer, better..definitely recommend re-reading. My replacement for Eclipse. Some later parts may not be appropriate for minors.

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Published by: Rachel on Feb 20, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The next day, I left Bella home to nap after school while I ran through revenge options in myhead. She was so tired from her late-night visit, and I knew she could feel the anger for Jacobrolling off me. I didn't tell her that I met up with him after taking her home last night; I didn'twant to stress her out more. She looked so reluctant to let me leave, but I really felt thetemporary separation would be good for us. I didn't think anyone should be around me at themoment. So, I went for a run. 
 I could break my promise and punch him
, I mused as I easily dodged the dense foliage.
But hewould heal too quickly for it to be worth pissing off Bella that much when he tattled. And if I did permanent damage, she would never forgive me.
 I could set his Rabbit on fire.
He loved that piece of junk. Bella said he built it himself and ittook him forever. Was that too cold? No. He called my sweet, virginal Bella a whore for noreason. He had this coming.But fire was a little conspicuous. So I’d have to settle for stealing and impounding. I’d hire a punk so they could not trace it to me. Besides, I wasn’t exactly allowed to cross the border to hishouse. I was willing to break that rule for Bella’s safety, but not my own payback.I retrieved my car and pulled up to Bella’s house at 8 after determining that her long nap would be satisfying enough.I heard her cell phone ring from inside the house and paused.“Hey Ang,” Bella answered happily. She must have woken up earlier; I hoped that she sleptenough.“Oh, my friend Jacob is good with cars?” she said after a pause.“Yeah, he built his own car,” she said softly as if she regretted mentioning him. I could imagineher biting her lip.“I spent hours sitting in that thing while he worked on it. It was better than the floor.” Shesounded wistful.“Did I tell you about the time that Mike almost threw up in the back of it? Jake almost had aheart attack.” She laughed despite herself.“Well I’ll give you his number; he probably won’t charge much to fix it.”
What was I going to do now?
 I wasn’t intentionally trying to eavesdrop. It just kind of happened.
My selfish side wanted to impound it even more than before. To destroy any connection he andBella had left. But doing so would destroy sentimental memories for Bella as well. And howwould that be helpful when I was doing this revenge for her sake? This
for her sake, right?I drove around the block so it would seem like my arrival was better timed.Edward picked one of my books up and glanced at it briefly.He seemed distracted today-- even more so than usual. He was just probably running last nightthrough his mind like I was. Unfortunately, I hadn’t come up with any reasonable ways toimprove the situation between the three of us.“You don’t read as much as you used to,” he concluded as he dismissed the worn Romeo andJuliet copy back to my shelf with a plop.“Sorry,” I mumbled while playing with my hands. I didn't know what else to say. He was right,of course. I hadn’t touched that particular book since I was confronted with a love tragedy of myown.He turned around to look at my face. “Don’t apologize for it,” he sighed. “Lord knows you havethat one memorized. I was just wondering about the change.” He sat down on bed and studiedme like I was a giant Rubik’s cube.I shrugged. “I guess I’d just rather live in the present right now,” I explained quietly. He paused.“I’m not going anywhere, you know?” he assured as he tucked a stray clump of hair behind myear.I nodded reflexively, but I didn't really know. It wasn’t possible to know for sure, at least not yet.
Maybe not until my change.
Truthfully, part of me died each time he left me in the morning. Even today’s knowledge that hewould leave as soon as I fell asleep kept me from my nap longer than it should have.I realized he could now see the fear in my eyes, the question of his return. I knew how thismistrust must hurt him. But it wasn’t something that I could help, especially after he recently ranout due to our dispute about touching me.He didn't look placated, but he pulled me to his chest and kissed my temple anyway.I felt my face slightly crumple once it was out of his view. I also hadn’t been able to tell him thatI didn't like forehead kisses as much as I used to.
 How do you say something like that?
I hoped it was one of those things that would fade with time. Because as much as I didn't likewhat it reminded me of, I still felt like I
that affection. And he clearly needed to give it,too.“I love you,” he reminded me. I smiled against his charcoal T-shirt.I was thankful that this declaration made me forget how damaged I was, even if just for amoment.“Love you, too.”It brought me guilt, plotting while Bella was obviously unsure of my dependability. But therewasn’t a whole lot I could do to convince her except continue to love her until she was at ease.I finally thought of a harmless payback for Jacob that night while she was sleeping. Yet I wasalmost eager to get it over with so I could move on. This sparring match was becomingsomething akin to obsession, and that worried me.I still had a few friends from my wandering days, though we had not talked in years. I decided tocall up a rather mischievous one who would have no problem participating in a prank withoutasking for details.I asked him to mail me a few items with his scent on it. I would disperse the items in random places within the reservation (so my family was not likely to catch a whiff). I would have tothrow them over the boundary or something without mixing my own scent with them. Then,Jacob and his pack would freak out at the prospect of a new, non-vegetarian vampire, run aroundwith no sleep, and be totally spooked for however long it took them to figure out that there wasno danger.My friend was on another continent and would never actually come in contact with the wolves,so there was no chance of it backfiring on him. It was the perfect plan.I was able to pout my way out of the senior prom, much to my self respect’s chagrin. But one bigdance was really enough for a lifetime, especially with Alice’s primping.Graduation was only two days away when I decided that I wasn’t quite ready to say goodbye tomy friends and family, so Edward was happy to put off my immortality for a bit. I thought 19was a good enough age, and the Volturi probably would not bother me before then. Theymeasured things in vampire years, after all. Plus, I was pretty sure that if I had some time, I could

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