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Hrm Quiz With Solutions Vuabid

Hrm Quiz With Solutions Vuabid

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Published by meelas123

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Published by: meelas123 on Feb 20, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1) Appraisal of a worker’s performance can be described as:a) Planning Activity b) Organizing Activity
c) Controlling Activity
d) Leading Activity2) Hawthorne studies depict the effects of work environment on:
a) Human Behavior 
 b) Human Performancec) Human Satisfactiond) All the given options3) Process of working with different resources to accomplish organizational goals isknown as:a) Strategic management b) Human Resource management
c) Management 
d) Team work 4) The concept of how a person behaves in a group can be attributed to:a) Thermodynamics
b) Group Dynamics
c) MBO (Management by objectives)d) Group Behavior 5) The study of Organizational Behavior is closely related to:a) Human Psychology b) Human Behavior in general
c) Human Behavior at work 
d) Human-Machine Interaction6) Essential component of an organization is:a) Team
b) Structure
c) Individuald) None of the given options7) The whole is greater than the sum of its parts is known as:a) Efficiency b) Effectivenessc) Productivity
d) Synergy
8) Virtual teams can contribute to better coordination among the team members because:
a) Technology brings them together on a forum.
 b) Team members meet physically with each other c) Team members share views among themselves via communication links.d) Team members have the real time environment for interaction.9) Setting standards should be left to the employee rather than organization leads toself controlling because:a) It follows the management by objective approach. b) It increases the productivity of the worker c) It increases the confidence of workers
d) Workers come up to the high standard since they have no pressure from his superiors
.10) Which one is not basic component of OB (Organizational Behavior) Model?a) Organization b) Group
c) Team
d) Individual
1.A system used to acquire, store, manipulate, analyze, retrieve,and distributed information related to the company's humanresources is called a(n) _______________ a.HRISb.Progressive discipline systemc.IRSd.Contingent workforce system2.Which of these is a major dimension of HRM practicescontributing to company competitiveness?a.Compensating human resourcesb.Acquiring and preparing human resourcesc.Managing the human resource environmentd.All of the given options3.HRM has primary responsibility for all of these implementationvariables except:a.Task designb.Peoplec.Reward systemsd.Organization structure4.Which of these is the process of getting detailed informationabout jobs?a.Job designb.Job descriptionc.Job analysisd.Job skills5.In which of these steps, the HR manager attempts to ascertainthe supply of and demand for various types of human resources?a.Forecastingb.Program implementationc.Evaluation
d.Goal setting6.Which of these is defined as any practice or activity carried on bythe organization with the primary purpose of identifying andattracting potential employees?a.A leading indicator analysisb.Recruitmentc.Personnel policiesd.Selection7.Scientific management was one of the earliest and best-knownstatements of the _____________ approach.a.Biologicalb.Motivationalc.Perceptual-Motord.Mechanistic8.Most HR functions spend very little time on:a.Traditional activitiesb.Transactional activitiesc.Transformational activitiesd.Day-to-day operational activities 9.Playing the role of ____________ requires designing and deliveringefficient and effective HR systems, processes, and practices.a.Administrative Agentb.Change Agentc.Strategic Partnerd.Employee Advocate10.Which of these refers to the degree to which decision-making authority resides at the top of the organizational chart?a.Job designb.Decentralizationc.Unity of commandd.CentralizationQ 1.Following are the basic principles or conditions that facilitatelearning excepta.Participationb.Relevancec.Feedbackd.EducationQ 2.Career Development is:a.A formal approach taken by an organization to help its peopleacquire the skills and experiences needed to perform currentand future jobs.b.An employees progresses vertically upward in theorganization from one specific job to the next.c.Both a vertical sequence of jobs and a series of horizontalopportunities.

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