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Edward and Bella - A sprain

Edward and Bella - A sprain

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Published by Firedancer07
After the accident with Tylers van there was 6 weeks of time in which Edward ignored Bella.... Something HAD to have happened in that time frame....
After the accident with Tylers van there was 6 weeks of time in which Edward ignored Bella.... Something HAD to have happened in that time frame....

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Published by: Firedancer07 on Feb 20, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“More than a month passed, and every day got harder. I still hung onevery breath she took, every word she said….” (a passage from Midnight sun by Stephenie Meyer)
 This is the line that inspired me to wonder whathappened during those 6 weeks when Edward ignored Bella. This story takes placea few weeks after the van accident: (remember I am just playing with characters - Iown nothing of the Twilight Enterprise) Just an overactive imagination:
One particular gloomy day I was watching Bella through thethoughts of others as she entered the cafeteria. She had on abutton down cardigan sweater with a white tee under it. Thebuttons were undone at the top and the bottom of the sweaterand it hugged her petite frame beautifully. The sweater itself wasa deep ocean blue and exaggerated her fine features and palecolor. She was exquisite. I had to turn and take one look formyself…. Pain and agony seared thru me as she took my breathaway.I was not the only one to notice how beautiful she looked today,and feelings of frustration and ire burned through me as I listenedto the thoughts buzzing around me.
“Wow….who is that girl.. must be a sophmore or junior… hmmnever noticed her before, look at that body..” 
from senior TedCurtane.
“Uggh, I can NOT stand how the boys at the school continue todrool over HER… seriously… why??” 
 Jessica Stanly commentedsnidely in her head.
”What I would do to just wrap my arms around her…. Have her snuggle against my chest… as I began to slide her sweater….” 
Istopped listening for fear of killing that Newton boy.She took an apple and a coke from the line and sat next to thegroup of children she normally sat aside. Her slight appetitebothered me. I certainly hope she eats more at home. As sheplaced her flawless lips around the deep red apple I drew in abreathe…. I imagine this is what Eve looked like in the garden of 
knowledge…for I felt my will crumbling in that moment. Herchocolate brown eyes widened as they saw me staring and I couldfeel myself being lost in them.
Oh for sick, if I could vomit I would…can you save your ogling for when we are not around you” 
Rosalie’s commentary interruptedmy reverie. And for this I was grateful. I looked away from thetemptress and scowled at my sister. Then I focused on the tablein front of me and ignored the banter of my siblings.
Dude… just go talk to her or whatever. This is getting old 
Emmett jabbed.
The lust you were radiating for the past 5 minutes was seriously distracting. Alice is going to win… why fight it?
” Jasper stated.
She actually looks pretty good today, doesn’t she? I wonder whohelped her pick out that outfit… Of course I could have told youhow much you would love that color on her.. but you wont listento me…just imagine how she would look if…
” I growled and glaredat Alice. That was enough. I stood and marched out of thecafeteria. Thankful that lunch was ending, but dreading the nexthour for sanity reasons.Class started and to my surprise Bella was not seated next to me.I scanned the room and saw Newton in his chair, and he was of course looking at her empty seat with concern. Who was
to beconcerened with my Bella. I mean Bella. She is not mine, nor willshe ever be. Now anxiey began to plague me, where was the girl?She was too responsible to skip. Perhaps she fell down the stairs?Was she laying there hurt? Did she need – all of sudden her scentdrifted towards me. Aaah… she was safe and now I needed tohold my breath.She entered the class with a flushed expression of embarrassment. “I’m sorry Mr. Banner, I was – “ her voicewavered. He waved her off and this infuriated me – for
wanted to
know where she had been and now I would never know. “Excusesdon’t count Miss Swan, you are tardy. Take a slip.” He curtlyreplied. “Yes Sir, sorry…” she mumbled and bit down on herbottom lip. Then she made her way towards our table withoutlooking up and granting me even a second to look into hersecrets. Yes. Each day was harder.I moped to my next class. For she did not look my way onceduring Biology. She had appeared down hearted after the tardyand I wanted to comfort her in so many ways. Ways I never could.Emmett of course saw my dismay, but let me sulk. He did notprobe me for what was currently wrong. My siblings had given upwith my current moodiness and were for the most part ignoringme. Which suited me fine.I rushed out of Spanish when the bell rang, ahead of Emmett. Iwould sit in my car, like the stalker I had become, and hope tocatch a glimpse of the angel one more time for the day. Thethought excited me. And that excitement made me loathe myself.She made her way across the parking lot slowly and her faceappeared hurt. What had happened? Newton was with her,carrying her bag and I wondered if He had hurt her? Why was heallowed to carry her bag? And then I saw what had happened inhis thoughts…
I cant believe she wont let me drive her home. Her hand is really swelling. They should just let her skip Gym… that spike wasunneccesary…” 
he was rambling in his thoughts as he recalledtheir gym session. Some girl named Lauren was on the oppositeteam for volleyball and had identified Bella as a weak spot. Iwinced as I watched from Mike’s memory as she drove the ballhome in a vicious spike to Bella, and I gasped as the ball made aloud smack off her open hand as she tried to protect herself. Then

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