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LTO-4HH SAS Tape Drive Firmware

LTO-4HH SAS Tape Drive Firmware

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Published by mkubricky

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Published by: mkubricky on Feb 21, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Patch Id:\u0080105505-16

Summary:\u0080SunOS 5.6_x86: /kernel/drv/st.conf and /kernel/drv/st patch
Date:\u0080 Jan/28/2003
Installation Requirements:
Solaris Release:\u00802.6_x86
Sun OS Release:\u00805.6_x86
Unbundled Product:\u0080
Unbundled Release:\u0080
Xref:\u0080This patch available for SPARC as patch 105847
SunOS 5.6_x86: /kernel/drv/st.conf and /kernel/drv/st patch
Relevant Architecture:\u0080i386
BugId's fixed with this patch:
4077046 4095719 4098879 4114595 4149984 4194536 4206636 4211607 4249628 4252890
4260046 4265521 4270641 4273342 4274852 4278708 4291898 4319238 4358054 4383041
4387086 4397319 4415539 4453716 4458591 4469348 4485415 4495684 4509125 4509126
4509162 4546605 4651679 4672504 4701828
Changes incorporated in this version:

4358054 4651679 4672504 4701828
Patches accumulated and obsoleted by this patch:
Patches which conflict with this patch:\u0080
Required Patches:
Obsoleted by:

\u0080Files Included in this Patch:\u0080

Problem Description:\u0080
4701828 Solaris 2.6 st driver not properly configured for DLT7000
4358054 st: tape position discarded for some harmless USCSI commands
4651679 st: need to add support for new Quantum SDLT 320
4672504 STK 9940B Tape Drive support needed in 'st' driver

(from 105505-15)
4546605 st: st_tape_init gets reservation conflict on RBL but doesn't fail the o
(from 105505-14)

4495684 Require SDLT tape drive support in st driver
4509125 STK 9940 Tape Drive support required in st driver
4509126 STK 9840B Tape Drive support required in st driver
4509162 Change timeouts for Seagate LTO support
4469348 st: Default timeout of 120 seconds for 9840 drives is too short
4485415 Storagetec tape drives and robot hang after upgrading from 2.5.1 to 2.7
4458591 Request for tunable timeout period in the st driver

(from 105505-13)
4453716 st driver is writing EOT at BOT after "Error for Command: write"
(from 105505-12)
4415539 Request for LTO/Ultrium tape drive support in Solaris 8
(from 105505-11)
4397319 st: add support for Benchmark DLT-1 drive

4383041 No native st driver support for DLT8000 in 2.6
(from 105505-10)
4387086 st: allow_large_xfr bit unset after Resvn' conflict
(from 105505-09)
4270641 DDS-4 Native st driver support not in Solaris 8 (or 2.5-7)

4319238 Change comment to reflect the fact that HP and Sun DDS-4 drives are iden

(from 105505-08)
4274852 5.6 st driver has typo that stops reservation release in st_open on erro

4291898 Remove comments deemed redundant
(from 105505-07)

4194536 st driver uses buf after it has called biodone on the buf.
4249628 scsi error in transport & dat DDS2 & 103934-09.
4260046 st driver needs to remove check for geterror before biowait in
4265521 Mammoth EXB-8900 entry in st.conf has wrong parameter.

(from 105505-06)

4252890 Add support in st for StorageTek 9840 tape drive
4278708 Set ST_KNOWS_EOD by default for StorageTek 9840 tape drives
4273342 AHA-2940U2W/B can't recognize tape drive SLR5

(from 105505-05)
4211607 Tandberg MLR-3 cannot be recognized on Solaris 7 x86

4206636 Tandberg SLR-5(QIC tape device) cannot be used on Solaris 7 x86
(from 105505-04)
4149984 Configuration String wrong in st.conf for WangDAT 3400/3800 Tape Drive.
(from 105505-03)
4114595 st: scsi_transport returning TRAN_BUSY can cause st to not send any more

(from 105505-02)
4095719 Some entries in st.conf are not correct

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