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LAMARCKISM • • Rejected Fixity Proposed A

LAMARCKISM • • Rejected Fixity Proposed A

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Important points on Lamarckism.
Important points on Lamarckism.

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Published by: Vytheeshwaran Vedagiri on Feb 21, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike


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Rejected fixity
Proposed a theory of evolution which is attractive but it was eventually rejected because of the way inheritance worksAdaptation and Specialization
Lamarck noticed that organisms adapted to a particular niche had well developed specialisedorgans. For example a carnivore will have long canine teeth to grip its preyVestigial organs
Small non-functional organs (vestigial organs). For example, the appendix in humans, theinternal hind limbs of whales and the internal legs of some species of snakes
Comparative anatomy showed that these organs resembled those which were much moredeveloped, with particular functions, in other speciesThe Law of Use and Disuse
Proposed that if an organ is used a lot it will develop and strengthen
If it is not used it will atrophy (degenerate)
Known as the law of use and disuseThe Inheritance of Acquired Characteristics
If an organism developed a characteristic feature through adapting to a new way of lifeduring its lifetime, it would pass this on to its offspring. The giraffe’s neck is an excellentexample to study this. As the giraffe’s ancestors searched for a richer food supply theystretched to reach higher branches in trees. Thus their stretched bodies were passed onto their offspring.

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