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Published by GAURAV

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Published by: GAURAV on Feb 21, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 NOMENCLATURESanskrit Name: DronapushpiLatin name: Leucas cephalotes SprengFamily: Lamiaceae/ LabiataeVARNACULAR NAMESHindi:- Deldona, Dhurpisag, Goma,Guma, Motapati,Goma madupati.Marathi:-Deokhumba, Kumbha, Shetvad, Tumba.Gujarati:-Doshinokubo, Khetraukubo, Kubi, Kubo, Kulannuphul.Bengali:- Barahalkasa,Ghalaghase,Darunaphula,Barahalkusa,Hulksha,Bholghasiya.Kannada:-Tumba.Malyalam:-Tumbe.Punjabi:-Chatra,Guldoda,Maldoda,Phuman,Sisalius,Guldora.Tamil:-Tumbai,Tumbay,KeereTelagu:-Peddetumni,Tumni,Pulatumni.Assama:-Dronaphool.Oriya:- Gaisa.Santhali:-Andiaduruparak.Sindhi:-Kubo.Konkani:-Tumbo.Bihar:-Gumar.Khandesh:-Kedari.Mundari:-Gomanaki ara.China:- Tau xu bai rong cao.
C~akar puYpkilaka san%yasyaa
Its inflorasence
d`aoNa sadRSaM puYpMqasyaa:saa
Its inflorasence is bowel shaped
flaina puYpaiNa ca yaugaptsaint Asyaa [it
Its flowers & fruits are arranged
xavaQauM janyaint p~aiNaAsyaa:
Smell of its leaves will cause sneezing
VargaKaiyadeva nigantu: - osadhi vargaBhavapraskasha:- guducyadi varga,saka vargaRaja nighantu:- paratadi vargaIt is included in tulsikula
It is found as a weed in cultivated ground, road sides as waste places and throughout thegreater part of India ascending up to 18000m in himalaya.Also found in west Bengal, Kashmir,Punjab,assam, rajasthan, tamilnadu,Gujarat,maharashtra,west peninsula. Also occours in afganistan, and in sri lanka.And in maharashtraVersova, karjat, juhu,sawant wadi, chichpokli.Khandesh: boriMarathwada : osmanabadVidrabha : nagpu ,lakkadkote ,warora,ballarpur,maha,shahanur,koradiwadi{nagpur}.Hiwri,patanbori,khandala,majre,penganga,kharbi. 
Dronapuspi consist of dried whole plant of leucas cephalotes, an annual erect,scaberolous, stout herb, about 0.6-0.9m in high ,found on the himalaya at an altitudeof600-1800m an waste lands throughout the country
Root: - cylindrical, zig-zag, smooth, long with numerous wiry, fine root lets size variable,fracture, fibrous, taste, characteristic.Stem:- light greenish- yellow, surface rough , hairy, quadrangular with for prominentfurrous.upto 4mm thick nodes andinternodes distinct, taste, slightly bilteLeaf:- yellowish-green, 3-9cm long 1-2.5cm wide, ovate or ovate-lanceolate, sub acute,more or less pubescent, crenate, serrate, taste pungent.Inflorescence:- sessile, while crowded in dense, globose about 2-305cm across,surrounded bynumerous foliaceous bracts, thin, lanceolate, acute, ciliate, 1.2-1.5cm longand 0.3-0.35cm wide; calyx, tubular, slightly covered, 1-2.2cm long, glabrous in lower  part, hairy on upper part, 10 dentate wima villous throat: corolla, while 1.7-2cm long, billipped, upper lip about 4mm long, wooly, lower lip nearly twice as long as upper onelateral lobes small.Fruit:- schizacarpic carcerule hutlet 3mm smooth brown.Seeds:- 0.3cm long and 0.1cm wide, oblang, trigonous, smooth dark brown
ROOT :- showsa single layered epidermis composed of rectangular, thin- walled cells;secondary cortex consist of thin- walled, tangentially elongated parenchymatous cells;secondary phloem parenchyma; vessels long with spurs, vessels and tracheids fibres andxylem parenchyma; vessels long with spurs, vessels and tracheids have simple pits,xylem fibres much eongated with pointed ends and have moderately thick wall, somehaving simple pits medullar, rays 1-2 serial upto 8 cellls highSTEM:- shows squarish outline with four ridges & furrous, consist of a single layeredepidermic composed of oval to rectangular thin-walled cells; endodermis single layeredconsisting of barret shape, thin- walled cells; pericycle single layered of thin- walledcells; endodermis single laryered , consisting of barret shaped, thin-walled cells; pericycle single layered of thin-walled cells comparatively smaller than the cellscomparatively smaller than the cells of endodermis, a few pericycle cells converted into pericycle fibers; phloem very narrow consisting of usual element xylem cosist to vessel,tracheids fibers and large amount of xylem parenchyma; vessels mostly cylindrical withsimple pits and spiral thickening; tracheids and xylem prenchyma have simple pits ontheir walls; pith wide consisting of circular to oval; thin walled parenchymatous cells.LEAFPetiole:- shows a single layered epidermis, uni to tricellular trichomes with pointed ends,cortex consisting of single layered, round to angular collenchyma; parenchyma consist of thin-walled cells containing prismatic crystals of calcium oxalate, vascular bundles 4, 2smaller located towards each corner and 2 larger in the center.Midrib : shows epidermis on either side with uni to tri cellular trichomes,followed by 1-2 players of collenchyma towards lower surface, 3-4 layers towards upper surface,followed by round to oval parenchyma, 4-7 layers vascular bundle arc shaped, present incentre.Lamina: shows epidermis on either side with uni to tricellular trichomes rarely on upper surface;palisade single layered;spongy parenchyma 3-4 layered irregular thin walledcells;a few veins present in this region; stomata di cytic;present on both surface;stomatalindex 16.6-40.5 on lower surface;16.6-30.7 on upper surface;palisade ratio 7-9.
Part used
whole plants flowers n leaf.Leaves { adarsh nig}.
Raja narahari desribed two kinds i.e drona {l.aspera} & maha drona{ l.cephalotus} mahadrona is specifically known as medhya according to him .Another species l. indica ex Vatke {L.lavandulifolia smith: L.linifolia {poth}.Spreng; leonurus indicus linn } is also being used as dronapushpi

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