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Cullens on Msn Part10

Cullens on Msn Part10



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Published by Kerstin and Lucy
sorry it took so long to upload :D
sorry it took so long to upload :D

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Published by: Kerstin and Lucy on Feb 21, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Cullens On Msn Part10
Getting to double numbers now, might have tostop :O
Lion – EdwardLamb – BellaWolfboy – JacobWolfgirl – NessieSethy – Seth
 Lion has logged on Lamb has logged on Hi guys
Lamb: ummm…. Hi?Lion: ok who are you?
 I’m the author hehe but I told Seth I was a computer virus so don’t ruin my fun!
Lamb: awww sweet, he said something about his heart being infected……. Then Edward licked me
 Haha and I know why!
Lion: heh heh about that…… I'm sorry Seth kind of imagined you covered in human blood and I couldn’thelp myself!Lamb: could of just said!
 Now why are you two both online? Your probably in the same room, and cos I'm the author I say you are
Lamb: well we’re waiting for Nessie to log onLion: then we have to get back to class *sigh*
Meh….. school sucks
Lamb: je agree!Lion: moi deux
Moi trois, and if no one got that Bella said she agrees, Edward said me two and I said me three :D
Lion: ummm….. we know what your talking about
Yeah but the readers might not! So HA!
Lamb: what readers?
Ummm… your mum? So keep it clean!
Lion: *sigh* is it only her mum?
*snigger* yep only her mum
Lamb: ok?
Wolfgirl has logged on Finally :P 
Wolfgirl: oh yeah hi author person! Hi mum and dad!Lion: you know the author?Lamb: how?Wolfgirl: when me and Jakey came on msn before :D
 Enit blud :P 
Wolfgirl: yup hommie :DLamb:….. soooo you ok hunny?Wolfgirl: YUP!!!
Wolfboy has logged onOooh juicy
Wolfgirl: you bet he is :DWolfboy: no you’re the juicy oneWolfgirl: no you areWolfboy: no you are
Wolfgirl: no you areWolfboy: no you are
Wolfgirl: no you are
Wolfboy: no you are
Wolfgirl: no you areWolfboy: no you are
Wolfgirl: no you areWolfboy: no you are
  Ah man I wish I never started this….. SHUT UP GUYZ!
Wolfgirl: no you areWolfboy: no you are
Wolfgirl: oh sorry
got a bit carried awayLamb: …….. imma gunna go (
imma – I'm a
)Lion: me too
 Lion has logged off  Lamb has logged off  Awww they went for a picnic….. on second thoughtsvampires on a picinic? I don’t wonna know!
Wolfgirl: ok well we’re going to go as well…..Wolfboy: I can get Seth online so your not lonely!
YAY! *happy dance*Wolfgirl has left the building Wolfboy is stalking wolfgirl…. So he also left thebuilding Sethy has logged onYAY! SETHY!
Sethy: hey sweet pea
 Hehe Bella told me you used my idea
Sethy: sure did hunnii
Soooo…. What did you do today

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