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Percy Jackson & the Olympians the Immortal Enemy

Percy Jackson & the Olympians the Immortal Enemy



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Published by DLL44888
Percy Jackson Book 7! I found it! i'm not sure if this is a fanfiction, or not- but it has a pretty believable cover. This has got to BE IT!!!
Percy Jackson Book 7! I found it! i'm not sure if this is a fanfiction, or not- but it has a pretty believable cover. This has got to BE IT!!!

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Published by: DLL44888 on Feb 21, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I have a Bad DreamIt was dark, a few lights in windows in a building in the distance. Alarge figure stepped out from behind a tree; it was huge maybe the size of the tree it was behind. It looked like a large man but it was too dark to tell.He started walking towards the building which I realized was a school, andnot just a school but the boarding school where Annabeth was going. Theman walked up to the side entrance and tried to open the door. It waslocked.The man looked around to see if any one was watching before he ripped thedoor off and threw it into the woods. He walked inside where it was evendarker I could hardly see anything but the man just kept going. He took thestairs up to the dorm rooms a few lights were still on but most turned off ina hurry when the man walked by them. Then he stepped in front of a roomand stood there facing the door, that’s when I got my first good look at him.He was about seven feet tall, bulky. He just stood in front of the door for minutes, an hour.Finally he moved, he grabbed the door handle and tried to open the door. Itwas locked. So he just ripped off the door. In side were two girls wholooked like they had just been woken up, which they had. One I recognizedimmediately as Annabeth. My girlfriend. The other girl screamed but theman was fast he had his hand over her mouth before I could blink. Then he picked the girl up took a step towards Annabeth picked her up. One of theteachers, at least I think it was a teacher came into the room and told thegirls to be quiet. But before she said anything she noticed the man. Her mouth dropped open and she staggered backward. The man looked over hisshoulder but then just jumped out the window. Lightning flashed and I wokewith a start to lighting outside my apartment.It had been a nightmare. But for demigods nightmares rarely ever meannothing. Sometimes they would be glimpses into the past or future andsometimes they showed what was happening while you slept. I looked at myclock. It was three in the morning. I decided to wait until morning to callAnnabeth because she would kill me if I woke her up in the middle of the
night. Normally I would’ve called right then but I hadn’t seen a monster in almostfour months, since the war with the titans, so I figured it was just a regular dream. I couldn’t go back to sleep after that.In the morning I called Annabeth but she wasn’t there. I went through myday worrying about her. Which wasn’t like me, but that dream really freakedme out. I decided to go and visit her this weekend just to be safe. I didn’treally pay attention in school, not that I ever did. But Paul Blofis, my stepdad and English teacher noticed.“What’s wrong, Percy?” He askedPaul knew my secret so I told him about my dream.“I know I’m new to all of this but it sounds like your friend needs somehelp.” Paul said.The way he said friend made it sound special. He knew about Annabeth butit was still weird. I walked out into the hall when a voice said“Hey, Percy”The English teacher being my step dad not many people talked to me unlessthey needed help in his class. I looked and it was Travis Stoll from HermesCabin.“Hey Travis, what are you doing here?“Chiron sent me; we need you back at camp.” Travis repliedThat got me excited if I was needed at camp in the middle of the year something bad must have been happening“How are we going to get to camp?” I asked“Porkpie and Blackjack are on the roof” Travis said pointing up andgrinning wildly.“Yo Boss!” Blackjack called “you need a ride?”“Good to see you too, Blackjack” I saidTravis and I mounted our pegasi and flew to camp half-blood. It’s hard totalk while flying so I didn’t get a chance to ask Travis what all this wasabout. As we flew over Manhattan I always wondered what we looked liketo everyone below but I had never gotten in trouble so I assumed it was ok.

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