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50 Question Little League Rules Quiz - Youth Baseball Knowledge Base

50 Question Little League Rules Quiz - Youth Baseball Knowledge Base

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Published by Bryon

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Published by: Bryon on Feb 21, 2010
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50 Question Little League Rules Quiz - Youth Baseball Knowledge Base.txt50 Question Little League Rules Quiz - Youth Baseball Knowledge Base HomeBaseballBasketballCheerleadingFootballGolfHockeyLacrossePaintballParks - RecSoccerSoftballiSchoolsiTeamsiWaysYouthSportsRegister Free Website Listings Site MapHomeBaseball HomeKnowledge BaseTeam ManualMessage BoardsMB1 - Rules, Pitching, UmpiresMB2 - Little League®, CoachingMB3 - Defense, Hit, ThrowTournamentsListingsAdd our TournamentListings (looking)Add our TeamCampsListingsAdd our CampTryoutsListingsAdd our TeamLooking for GamesListingsAdd our TeamWeb CampBooksVideosBaseball LinksHome » Baseball » Baseball Knowledge Base ArticleFree iPhone - PC Team Websites at iTeams.mobiCheck out our new team websites. Our new sites featureease of administration and navigation, have numerousfeatures, and are compatible with PCs and cellphones.Click here to see what iTeams.mobi looks like on the newApple iPhone and on a PC.50 Question Little League Rules QuizBy: Jerry HartI have received enough individual requests for a copy of the50 Question Little League Rules Quiz I use to train myPage 1
50 Question Little League Rules Quiz - Youth Baseball Knowledge Base.txtplayers(and their parents), it would be easier for me to postit here for anyone who wants to use it. I adapted and expandedit from questions in the excellent book Managing Little Leagueby Ned McIntosh. Please give him credit.LITTLE LEAGUE BASEBALL QUIZRULESDo Not Mark On This Question Sheet! Mark True Or False OnAnswer Sheet Provided!1. Batter is out if he hits the ball with one foot outside thebatter¦s box.[6.03, 6.06(a)]2. Batter swings at third strike but is hit by the pitch, sobatter goes to first.[6.05(f)]3. A batter can bunt on the third strike.[6.05(d)]4. A batter can be called out if he bunts down the firstbaseline, running inside it, and is hit by the thrown ballfrom the catcher to the first baseman.[6.05(k), 7.09(k)]5. A substitute player must remain in the game until he hasbatted at least once and played at least six consecutive outson defense.[3.03]6. If two base runners end up on second base. . . . bothrunners are out.[7.03]7. . . . the second runner is automatically out.[7.03]8. . . . the second runner has to be tagged out.[7.03]9. A base runner is out if hit by a batted ball before afielder has an opportunity to touch it.[5.09(f), 7.06(f),7.09(m)]10. A base runner is out if hit by a batted ball after ittouches a fielder¦s glove.[5.09(f), 7.09(m)]11. A team may not pitch three 12-year-old boys in the sameweek.[Reg. VI(c)]12. If a pitcher pitches four innings on Monday, he can stillpitch two innings on Wednesday.[Reg. VI(b)]13. According to the infield fly rule, the batter isautomatically out if he hits an infield fly ball . . . withtwo outs and runners on first and second.[2.00, 6.05(e)]14. . . . with one out and runners on first and third.[2.00,6.05(e)]15. . . . with no outs and the bases loaded.[2.00, 6.05(e)]16. . . . with one out and runners on first and second.[2.00,6.05(e)]17. If a bunt rolls just over the third base foul line, thethird baseman should wait to see if it rolls back into fairterritory before touching it.[2.00, 5.09(e)]18. With a runner trying to score from third, the catcher mayblock the plate while he waits for the throw.[2.00, 7.06(a &b)]19. A runner is on base, and the pitcher, with his foot on thepitching rubber, accidentally drops the ball. This is a balkand the runner advances a base.[8.05(j)]20. With a runner on base, it is a balk when the pitcher,without having the ball, stands on the pitchingrubber.[8.05(i)]21. When the pitcher is in contact with the pitching rubberand the catcher is in the catcher¦s box, ready to receive theball, base runners may not leave their bases until the ballhas reached the batter.[7.13]22. If a base runner leaves the base too soon, he isautomatically out.[7.13(a, b & c)]23. A base runner on second leaves too soon and the batterhits a single. The runner must return to second base.[7.13(b)]24. A base runner leaves first too soon. The batter hits agrounder to the shortstop, who tries to get the force play atsecond, but the runner from first beats the throw. The runnerPage 2
50 Question Little League Rules Quiz - Youth Baseball Knowledge Base.txthas to go back to first because he left too soon.[7.13(c)]25. A batted ball that hits fair but rolls foul after itpasses third base is a foul ball.[2.00]26. A runner may tag up and advance after a foul fly ball iscaught.[7.08(d)]27. It is legal for a runner to run into a fielder fielding aground ball if the fielder is within the baseline.[7.08(a &b), 7.09(g, h & l)]28. Base runners may sprint off base several steps every timethe ball reaches the batter.[7.13]29. There is a runner on third base, and the batter hits a flyball that is caught, but the runner tags up and leaves thirdbase before the ball is caught and scores; . . . the runner isautomatically out.[2.00, 7.08(d), 7.10(a)]30. . . . the run counts if the defensive team does notproperly appeal to the umpire.[2.00, 4.09(a), 7.10, 7.12]31. . . . the defensive team must tag the runner or touchthird base with the ball and then appeal to the umpire to havethe runner called out.[2.00, 7.10]32. If a batter hits a triple, but fails to touch second base;. . . he is immediately called out if the umpire sees that hefailed to touch second base.[2.00, 7.10(b)]33. . . . he is out only if the defensive team tags the runneror throws the ball to second base and appeals to theumpire.[2.00, 7.10(b)]34. Any pitch that passes over the 17 inch wide white part(butnot the black part) of the plate and between the top of theknees and the armpits of the batter while in his normal stanceis a strike[1.05, 2.00]35. Any batter who is hit by any pitched ball will beautomatically awarded first base.[6.04(f), 6.08(a & b)]36. If a thrown ball accidentally touches a first base orthird base coacher, the ball is declared dead and the runnersmust stop at the base they are on or are approaching.[5.08]37. . . . if the base coacher catches the thrown ball orintentionally touches it, the runner at that base isout.[5.08]38. If a batter lunges to swing at a pitch outside the strikezone and misses it but in doing so, steps one foot outside thebatter¦s box, a strike is registered against the batter.[6.03,6.06(a)]39. . . . he is out if he hits the ball fair or foul.[6.03,6.06(a)]40. If the defensive team notices that the batter presentlybatting is not the proper batter and appeals immediately tothe umpire, the batter is declared out and the proper batteris required to bat next.[6.07(a)]41. If the defensive team notices that the batter previous tothe one presently batting was not the proper batter andappeals to the umpire after a pitch has been thrown to thebatter presently batting, the appeal is invalid.[6.07(b & c)]42. If an improper batter is legalized because the defensiveteam failed to appeal in time, the next proper batter is theone listed after the newly legalized batter, not the onelisted after the previously proper batter.[6.07(d)]43. The batter-runner will be awarded a triple and allbaserunners will score if a fielder touches a batted fair ballwith his hat or glove that he has thrown at the ball.[7.05(b)]44. The batter-runner and all base runners will be awarded twobases if the catcher takes off his face mask and uses it totouch a fair batted ball in the dirt in front of homeplate.[7.05(d)]45. If a fielder makes a wild throw to first or third basePage 3

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