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14 year old meets a vampire 2nd part

14 year old meets a vampire 2nd part



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Published by kelly.

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Published by: kelly. on Feb 21, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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( twilight- almost lover)very good song listen to it!!I suddenly woke up by the sound of heart rate or something like that. My eyes fluttered open and I felt something under my nose, I grabbed on it and when I wasabout to pull someone grabbed my hand . I looked up, james was sitting beside melooking more gorgeus than ever. He smiled at me “ it’s about time you woke up”he said jokingly “ where am I?” my voice sounded hoarse from how long I slept .”you’re in the hospital of course, you been asleep for 2 weeks” he said his tonechanging . I gasped “ 2 whole weeks what happened I mean what’s wrong with me” Iasked horrified “ I believe I will tell you that “ said a voice I looked towardthe door a man dressed as doctor was standing causually he had short brown hair, and dark brown eyes. He came closer to us until he was at the other side of the bed “ my name is george and I believe what caused you to faint and go into a deep coma was that you had a heart attack you see” george said explaining it wasreally hard to understand but what caused me to have this heart attack was thatmy body wasn’t getting enough minerals and I had internal bleeding in my abdominal. I knew what caused the internal bleeding my fathers bleeding , he also saidthat I have another risk of getting another heart attack and I need to be more careful of where I go and try not to get myself hurt. “ you’re lucky that you’rebrother found you if it wasn’t sooner you would’ve died instantly “ george saidand retreated I looked at james “ thanks so much , and what did he mean you weremy brother” I asked “ well I couldn’t tell him that we were just friends you now people these days have crazy imaginations “ he said while smiling . I laughed“ when can I leave “ I asked “ you can leave right away , would you like to?” James asked he was such a gentleman. I nodded with that he left, I didn’t know what was going to become of me when I get back home, maybe I’ll go straight to mytombstone. After all the preparations were done, I was ready to leave, a nurse came and sat me in the wheel chair hospital rules. As we got closer to a 2009 blue Toyota Celica , I assumed it belonged to James. James lifted me off the wheelchair and sat me in the passengers seat, he closed the door and made his way toward the drivers side. Inside it smelled so scrumptious, it made my mouth waterit smelled like floral, or warm juicy …. Blood I thought weirdly. I took that thought away , I realized we were making our way out of the saint Lucas hospital. As we headed closer to my house I felt a unexpected warmth come throughme. I guess I felt safer around James. But I knew it wouldn’t last forever. Ashe parked the car in the driveway, I felt a strong pain surge through me I justhoped my dad wasn’t there I really hoped. James helped me get up and put a arm around my waist which basically he supported all my weight. As we reached the door I kind of backed away “ what’s wrong” James asked “nothing” I liedI openedthe door and everything was silent . I sighed in relief we were making our wayto the couch when I stopped in my tracks . My dad came in view but he was drunk, I whimpered, James also saw my dad but I just stared at my dad. “you came back,and who’s this your client” my drunken dad said insinuating that I was a prostitute. I could’ve sworn James growled,” James why don’t you leave” I whispered “no I wont” James demanded “ come here “ my dad angrily said as I tried to breakfree from James grip but it was unsuccessful. But he let go unexpectedly but asI turned away from James out of nowhere my dad pulls me and throws me against the wall. I moaned and clutched my sides I tried getting up but it only resultedme sitting but I saw my dad going to James . “ you listen to me “ my dad said but got cut off my James he grabbed my dads neck. With so much force I gasped “ noyou listen to me , I’m taking your daughter with me and you will never see heragain ! “ I’ve never seen James so angry and disturbed . He let go of my dad andcame and swiftly picked me up he headed back to his car and put me inside. After a long time of silence we droved off but he parked at the side road “ is thatwhy you have bruises all over your body?” James unexpectedly asks. “ no it’s notthat I trip a lot” I try to say convincible “ you get abused by your own father, Isabelle how come you never told anyone?’ James questioned “ James you don’t know how it feels when you cant trust absolutely know one, when you feel your allalone in this world, my mom was everything to me until she died that all vanished away and this is how I am know unable to trust, love, care for anyone I cant

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