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Twenty Useful Tips How to Be an Ideal Mother

Twenty Useful Tips How to Be an Ideal Mother

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Published by codymc22
How to not make the common mistakes with motherhood
How to not make the common mistakes with motherhood

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Published by: codymc22 on Feb 22, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Twenty Useful Tips How to Be an Ideal Mother
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Career women under the affectionate shackles of marriage, motherhood as well as a professionwill warm the cockles of her family members by performing the various roles of vivacious wife,lovable mother and poignant worker. To maintain the parity amongst all of these, sometimes it isvery painstaking and monotonous. Often they contemplate, what could be the ideal role for mother to her children.The following twenty tips are very useful to become an ideal mother.1. Quality time with children:Despite busy schedules, a working woman should extend her quality time to her children. If noton a regular basis, sometimes take them to school, attend parents meetings, sit with them duringtheir studies, give company to their dance classes, painting competition, swimming club etc.Children should be in a position to accept the fact that they are not deprived from the company of their mothers. Also buy gifts for them occasionally for which they will be sentient.2. Make them self sufficient:From the very beginning of the school days, teach them to do their work on their own. For example, let them tie the laces of their shoes, wear their clothes on their own, keep the study bagready and place the lunch box into the bag. As they grow, teach them to do their work bythemselves. Self help is the best help and this should be inculcated in their minds.3. Teach mannerism:Teach them manners to respect the aged and others. Make them social and watch their behavior in social gatherings. If they are shy, increase their confidence level so that they mingle with eachother, very freely.4. be friendly with them:Mothers and children are closely knitted as far as sharing information is concerned. Sharethoughts with them, do gossip about your office colleagues and let them share their experienceabout their teachers and friends with you. Do not indulge yourself in any other activities whilesharing the information with your children, because in that case, they will feel neglected and itwill get them detached instead of enjoying your company.
5. Give importance to their opinions:It has been seen that for any decisions, whether it is strategically very important or trivial,children are not encouraged to take part into the decision making. This is wrong. Rather, theyshould be tremendously incited to take part in the decision making. From the very beginning of their childhood, if this is being practiced, then they will be at ease to take decision in their adolescent stages itself and subsequently for remaining period of life. Whether it is for  purchasing of a school bag or going to the movie, if they are involved in decision making, theywill understand their importance and in the process, they will reciprocate the same.6. Teach them to be confident:When children fail to achieve a desired performance, try to teach them to take the same in goodstride. Whatever may be the situation, how difficult it may be, if one desires, he/she will bedefinitely successful - this self confidence is to be built up in their mind. Supposedly, if the childfailed in the examination, mother is to console, extend support, and tell soothing words, so thathe/she overcomes the failure phase. Inform them of the story about Robert Bruce and the spider at equal interval of time so as to make them understand that failure is the pillar of success.7. Create self respect feeling to them:Teach them to concentrate on this angle. They are to be explained that they are not inferior toanyone. If someone upbraids them for no good reason or to that matter, if some of friends behaverudely, teach them to protest but not to accept on face value, by bowing their heads. Teach themnot to perform any work by which they will be degraded in their own eyes.8. When needs, you have to be guardian:As and when required, punish them but not rudely and harshly. Do not utter any unpleasantwords which may demoralize them and dishearten them. If they are punished, they should bewell aware about the same. In this way, they will be accustomed for why they are punished. As aresult, they will definitely avoid the activity for which the punishment is given to them.9. Listen to them very minutely:Whenever you are sharing your quality time with them, no matter even it is for a short while,make your all focus on their each and every word with respect to their friends, teachers, whatthey have done in the school, in the playground etc. Never indulge yourself to listen to themwhile watching television or when you are in the midst of other works. This way, children willfeel that you are not giving any importance to them and they will lose their enthusiasm to sharethoughts with you.10. Share problems with them:Please share your problems with your children, if you face any unpleasant situation in your working environment. For example, if you get chided by your superiors, colleagues get jealousof your promotion, excessive work pressure on certain occasions, unscheduled tasks bestowed onto you etc, just share with them, not vividly but only narrating the abstracts. This way, they willsympathize with you and you will be an ideal support system for them. When they observe thatyou share your feelings with them, they will also exchange their thoughts to overcome your loneliness.11. Praise profusely:Do not forget to appreciate your children, if they perform well in extracurricular activities suchas sports, dance competitions, and quiz competitions, apart from their education. Make them
aware that because of their aptitude, they have performed well even if, the matter is insignificant.Praise them in front of outsiders. In this way, children will be encouraged and their confidencelevel will be zoomed up. But, the very important thing is to be always remembered that excessive praise should not be showered to make them overconfident. You have to be alert to encouragethem so that they can maintain their achievement level to the best of the best of their capabilities.12. Keep healthy relation with spouse:Do not quarrel or create any scene in front of your children. This may bring a bad precedent.Children are fond of both the parents and they do not like to see the skirmishes. If they find suchtype of atmosphere in home, they feel themselves unsecured and ultimately become obdurate. If there is any difference in opinions for any matter, settle amicably without the knowledge of children. Healthy and peaceful environment is the most essential factor for their blossom.13. Teach them to handle frustration:Children may suffer frustrations for many reasons and during that time, they require mother’saffection more than any other things. This affectionate role of mother will make them ease.During the childhood, children may have fights with their friends, they may be scolded byteachers in schools, they may not perform well in examination and all these will lead toevaporate the smile of their faces and here your role will be to know the reasons of their sullenfaces, give encouragement and find out the solutions so that they become tough mentally.14. Express love for children:"I love you beta", will be the central message to be always chirped to them, even for the prettyissues. Talk to them sweetly; hug them, plant kisses on their forehead and chicks. By the touchesof mothers, mental bonding of children increases. Their mistakes should not be glorified, not to be criticized brazenly so that they become hapless. Contrarily, by smiling, patting on their shoulders, mothers must inform them the reason of their mistakes, give solutions and in this way,children will become more self-confident. While extending your affection or love to children,conditions should not be put. It should be unconditional. For example, children should not betold, "if you become first in examination, then I will gift you a cycle." This is normally done butin love expression, there is no place for stipulation. Children will take it, the other way round. Itis to be explained to them that they are very dear and pet to their mothers.15. Develop morality:From the very childhood, mothers are to ensure the development of sense of the morality. Theyshould be taught not to touch the body of the elders by their legs, show respect to aged, avoidtelling lies, not to extend harms to others, do not take things of others without their knowledge. If children commit these mistakes which are against the good morality, explain to them not to doso, of course, with soothing words. Good moralities of the future life will depend how thesequalities are built and developed from the early stage of the life.16. Do not lose patience:While talking to your children or during the time of sharing any types of communications withthem, do not lose your patience. You may have to remember that children are far moody thanadults. So, if children are not able to understand your communication in the first instance, do notreprimand them, but repeat the entire process by explaining to them slowly and bring confidencelevel to them that if they are unable to understand, they are free to enquire from you. This ismore important for their education point of view. Until that time, they do not understand anysubject; explain to them again and again without losing your patience.

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