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The End is Just the Means to a Beginning

The End is Just the Means to a Beginning

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Published by A'Lee'Ray

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Published by: A'Lee'Ray on Feb 22, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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As Harry left the headmaster’s officethe adrenaline he had been running onduring the past 48 hours diminished,and he realized how tired he was. Histhoughts wandered to the events of thepast hours: Gringotts, the dragon,Hogwarts, the battle, Lupin, Tonks,Fred. Suddenly Harry stopped. He turnedto face Ron, “Ron, I-” he started.“Harry, I know – it’s not your fault,”Ron cut him off, knowing his friendwell enough, “It’s how he would havewanted to go.” Ron’s eyes glazed overbut continued, “We all knew going inthat there was a chance we wouldn’t allmake it out.”Unconvinced but realizing an argumentin his tired state was futile he turnedand continued. In silent agreement thetrio avoided the Great Hall, makingtheir way up to the Gryffindor commonroom. Along the way they were met withreminders of the battle – a crumbledwall here, a destroyed classroom there.Splintered wood and rubble littered thepath. Exhaustion leading the way, Harrycould barely comprehend the horror forwhat it was.
Out side the common room the Fat Ladybeamed down at them, “The password is‘new beginnings’.”“Seriously?” Harry asked beforeHermione pushed his way through theportrait hole. Ron followed the two,chuckling at the Fat Lady’s grumpydemeanor after Harry’s remark. Ron andHarry crossed the common room and beganmounting the stairs to the boy’sdormitories. Harry could already feelthe warmth of his four poster bedawaiting him just a few steps away.“What’s wrong Hermione?” Ron said,tearing Harry away from his thoughts.He looked back and saw Hermionestanding at the bottom of the stairs.Sensing her hesitation Harry walkedover to Hermione and stating matter offactly, “You aren’t going to your dorms– there are plenty of beds in ourdorm.”She blushed slightly, “I just don’twant to be alone.” Ron walked down andhesitantly put his arm around hershoulder, “You won’t be.”
Once the three finally made it to theroom, Harry immediately began circlingthe room, wand out muttering spells.“Harry what are you doing?” Ron asked.“Just because Voldemort is gone doesn’tmean it’s safe.” Finishing the choreHarry then collapsed on his bed, fullyclothed, only taking a moment to kickoff his trainers before seizing thesoft blankets and covering himself. Bynow the sun was shining brightly in thesky, and the news of Voldemort’s defeatwas spreading around the world, but thetrio didn’t notice – they were tootired to notice and instead attemptedto sleep away the reminders of thenight’s battle.For the first time since Bill andFluer’s wedding, Harry felt he couldsleep soundly; however, it didn’t lastlong. Visions of the battle took holdof his dreams – Fred laughing only tobe blown away a second later, Dobby’ssmall frame limp in Harry’s hands, thelooks of the distraught families comingto retrieve lost ones.

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