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Frisky 6

Frisky 6

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Published by LexingtonSexington

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Published by: LexingtonSexington on Feb 22, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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As Kensington escorted Lady Alessia down the path, she feltsomething skitter across her feet and shrieked, clutching his arm.“What was that?” She angled herself behind Kensington and peeredover his shoulder, trying to get a look at whatever it was.He laughed. “I think that was a squirrel.”“It was not,” Alessia declared, vexed.“It was small and brown with a furry tail. Fear not,” he replied,smirking.“Impossible,’ she insisted. ‘There were too many feet...” shetrailed off, realizing she sounded ridiculous.“Well, too many feet or no, why don’t we get you something todrink?” he asked, his face almost implacable but for a brief flash of anemotion that Alessia couldn’t identify. “I believe that perhaps somelemonade will calm your nerves.”Alessia nodded, murmuring her agreement while beating herself inwardly. How could she sound so ridiculous, and in front of LordKensington at that? He already had the advantage of her, and nowshe’d just made a laughingstock of herself. Who knew how the manwould use it to ridicule her. She meekly followed him to the park andallowed him to pour her a drink and find a place for her to sit withoutmaking a fuss, and wonder of all wonders, he behaved himself. Sheended up sitting next to Lady Rebecca watching a group of people playbadminton.“Your sister looks rather enthralled, doesn’t she?” asked LadyRebecca. “Of course, anyone related to Lord Kensington would becharming to a fault.”Alessia looked over at Heart, who had both of her hands wrappedaround one of Sean Kensington’s, attempting to show him the properway to hold a badminton racquet and giggling. “You think he’scharming?’ she asked absentmindedly. ‘I thought he seemed ratherarrogant.”Lady Rebecca laughed. “Well, you have me there. But that’salways the way of it, nay? It’s never the humble ones who catch thepretty ladies.”“Of course not,” Alessia agreed, solemnly watching her sister.
“I’m beginning to find this match rather tedious,” Lady Rebeccadeclared shortly. “How would you like to go exploring?”Alessia nodded, still distracted, then looked over. “What?”“I have an impeccable sense of direction,’ Lady Rebeccainformed her, ‘and I’m quite fond of rambles in the woods. Walk withme?”Lady Alessia glanced around. Most of her acquaintances wereoccupied with the badminton game, and there were several oldermembers of society, including her father, gathered round a table wellengrossed in talking and drinking. Lord Kensington looked over andwinked at her, backhanding the shuttlecock onto the opposing team’shalf of the court. “Point!”Alessia looked back at Lady Rebecca, nodding eagerly. “Why yes,a ramble does sound lovely.” They wandered down beneath the trees, discussing a new Frenchdesigner that had arrived in town and the beautiful new jackets that just everyone had to have. “Look!’ Lady Rebecca pointed out. ‘Violets!” They walked off the path to a small patch of wildflowers, picking a fewand wrapping them in their handkerchiefs to press when they gothome.Lady Alessia walked a little further to a gnarled old tree. “Wouldyou believe how large this tree is? And look at these roots, it must beover a hundred years-” she screamed as she fell through the roots intoa cave, dirt falling on top of her. She quickly stuffed her hand in hermouth to stop the screaming, and tried to get to her feet, falling backdown when she tried to put her weight on her ankle. A whimperescaped through her fist.Lady Rebecca’s head appeared through the crack. “Lady Alessia,are you alright? Can you move?”Alessia waved her arm. “I can move, but I think I twisted myankle. Could you fetch some help? It’s dark down here,” she endedsoftly, not wanting to sound as frightened as she knew she was.“I’ll be right back,” Lady Rebecca replied. “Don’t worry, you’ll beout in moments, I promise,” she said, then ran off.Light came filtering back through the space that Rebecca hadleft, but all it did was illuminate the fact that the cave was much larger
than Alessia had originally thought, and the darkness surrounding wassuddenly much more imposing. She could hear the dripping of waterechoing nearby, each echo making her a little bit more jumpy. It wasgetting windy outside, the air whistling through the cave, and the sunwas beginning to set. It seemed Lady Rebecca had been gone aninterminably long time. Was she lost? They had wandered off the path,maybe she couldn’t find her way back again. Her heart started to beatfaster, when all of a sudden she heard something not the wind. Sheheld her breath, trying to hear if someone was coming to rescue her,but the noise wasn’t coming from above her. It sounded as if whisperswere coming from deep inside the cave, the sound of shhs and sssechoing around her. Alessia whimpered again, covering her face in herhands and closing her eyes tightly as whatever it was skittered away.She shrieked as something crashed down next to her, flinching away.“Well, you’ve gotten yourself in some kind of mess now, haven’tyou? I knew you were trouble the moment I saw you,” Lord Kensingtontold her.Breathing deeply, her hand on her chest, Alessia protested. “I’mtrouble? You have done nothing but harass me since we’ve met!”“I know your kind,” he smirked. “Have to keep you on your toesas a preemptive mechanism.”“Excuse me,” she huffed. “Can you please just help me out of here? I don’t believe it is good for my constitution to be stuck in acave. Or my reputation.”“Well, if you really insist,” Kensington agreed. “Boys, send downthe ropes,” he yelled at the opening.“Ropes?” Alessia asked querulously.“Unfortunately we are short one staircase at the moment. You’ll just have to settle for being carried up.”“Oh,” Alessia said quietly. She stayed silent as Kensington liftedher up, then sat the two of them in the makeshift sling that hadobviously been quickly constructed. They were carefully raised out,revealing Sean, Lord Quinly and Lord Jacob with Lady Rebecca waitingat the top for them.“Safe and sound,” announced Kensington. “You are now officiallylooking at Lady Alessia’s white knight. This will do terrible things to myreputation.”

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