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Alpha Star - Spring 2010

Alpha Star - Spring 2010

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Spring 2010 issue of the Alpha Star, the alumni newsletter for Phi Delta Theta's UC Berkeley chapter.
Spring 2010 issue of the Alpha Star, the alumni newsletter for Phi Delta Theta's UC Berkeley chapter.

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2726 Channing Way
(805) 390-8805
Brothers in the Bond,I am glad toannounce that I have takenover the position of President for this coming year. I feel honored andproud that I have beengiven the opportunity to
continue Phi Delta Theta’s
good name here on the UCBerkeley campus. I recently 
attended the President’s
Leadership Conference inSt. Louis, Missouri, andalthough the weather wasrough and cold (much theopposite of our lovely California weather), theatmosphere inside was warm and welcoming. It was an honor to be able tomeet Phis from all over thenation and see what kindsof different things are going on within Phi Delt chapterhouses all across thecountry.Much is in storefor California Alpha thissemester. BrothersGlicksteen, Jacoby, andRoberts, of the newly initiated Phikeia class of 
Fall ’09, have already taken
on officer roles and are Alumni Secretary,Philanthropy Chair, andScholarship Chair,respectively. I have muchfaith that they will serve thechapter well. In addition, we just inducted a new 6person Phikeia class for thespring semester. These new Phikeia will be educated inthe ways of Phi Delt andcome to exemplify thecardinal principles of friendship, sound learning,and moral rectitude as thesemester continues and they move deeper into theirPhikeia process. Although separatedby distance, we are all con-nected in the Bond, and thebrothers here at Califor-nia Alpha certainly have notforgotten that. Throughfrequent house study hoursand participation inphilanthropy events, ourbrothers are working harderthan ever to exemplify the values of the fraternity and uphold the teachings of the Bond. I look forwardto a successful semesterhere at the chapter, and Ihope that many of ourfellow alumni have theopportunity to visit thechapter house and see ourboys grow into men during their college years.
Yours in the Bond,
Nima Rejali #1342President
Phi Delta Theta
President’s Report
Spring 2010
Alpha Star
   A   l  p   h  a   S  t  a  r
   U   N   I   V   E   R   S   I   T   Y    O   F    C   A   L   I   F   O   R   N   I   A ,   B   E   R   K   E   L   E   Y 
Ducks Bring Phis Together
 As much as I loved Thanksgiving Dinner, I wouldhave to say that Duck Dinner wasthe most memorable meal I ate in2009. Pledges singing, old friendsgathering, and brows frowning towards the sixty dollar check formed the ingredients for afulfilling feast. We congratulatedour Phi of the Year, brother Tho-mas Moran, and Alumnus of the Year, Adam Garfinkle, for theirhelpful efforts towards the housein the past year. As Alumni ChairI was very proud to see more thansixty-five alumni dining togetherand sharing their stories fromcollege once again. I also enjoyedspending time with my brothersand meeting many Phis from years
past. I can’t wait for next year’s
Duck Dinner, and maybe this time
I’ll be smart enough to order the
duck and not the steak. Thank youto all of the brothers and Alumni who came to our annual Duck Dinner, I hope to see you all thereagain next year.
Yours in the Bond,
Matt Mueller #1345Fall Alumni Secretary 
Scholarship Update 2Phikeia Perspective 3Spring Rush 3
Founder’s Day
4Philanthropy Report 6Annual Meeting 6House Renovations 7
Inside this issue:
2726 Channing Way
(805) 390-8805
One of the threecardinal principles of Phi Delta Theta is sound learning. As thenew Scholarship Chair of California Alpha, I have beenhelping the members of ourhouse further embrace thisprinciple during this semester. We have been holding study nights either weekly or biweekly,an excellent time for brothers tocome together and help oneanother in their academicendeavors. Aside from study nights, I am also beginning to collect old tests andhomework from brothers to start a test bank - something that we have been unableto sustain over the past year or two. When ready for use it will be kept at the houseand open to all brothers and pledges. The test bank will hopefully continue to grow as people donate more tests and become an invaluable resource to those looking for a little extra help in their studies. Finally, I have instituted a few mandatory study hours for the new Phikeia in the house. Even though it is only an hour acouple of nights a week, it has been an excellent time not only to study, but also forthe new pledge class to bond with each other. With these measures in place,hopefully this house can continue its strong academic record.
Yours in the Bond,
Nathan Roberts # 1349Scholarship Chair
House Furnishings
Got Junk?
 The Chapter house is constantly in need of new supplies and wegraciously accept donations of furniture and other equipment in working condition. We are continually trying to improve the ap-pearance of the house and would gladly accept any donations. If you would like to make a contribution please contact Mark Glick-steen at (805) 390-8805 or at mglicksteen@berkeley.edu. We coulduse the following:
Kitchen Appliances - FurnitureElectronic Appliances - Tools
Phi Delta Theta CurrentOfficers
Nima Rejali #1342
Vice President
Brandon Lassoff #1337
Alex Iwanicki #1341
Jack Odlum #1338
Alumni Secretary
Mark Glicksteen #1351
California AlphaAssociation Board ofDirectors
Dennis Sidbury #1150
Vice President
Adam Garfinkle #1203
Terry Maiken #1060
King Tuck #860
Chapter Advisor
Evan Basakis #1301
Mike Moore #1197Derek Molnar #1191Decker Flynn #1139Nima Rejali #1342
Scholarship Update
2726 Channing Way
(805) 390-8805
 At the beginning of the 2009 fall semester, I didnot have much desire to joina fraternity. I was hanging outat Phi Delta Theta in order tosee my friend from highschool, brother Jake Toy. I was unaware that I was being considered for a bid but when it was offered I decidedto give it a try. I had hadsome very pleasantconversations with severalbrothers in the house and wished to get to know thembetter. Even right before I was inducted I still had somereservations about the houseand I wondered whether it was the right place for me.But as the pledge eventsbegan and I started to talk tomore brothers, I feltcompletely satisfied with my decision to join. Together,my pledge brothers Mark Glicksteen, Corey Jacoby,Nathan Roberts, AdityaGupta and I formed a very supportive group and webecame very bondedthroughout the semester.Brother Mike Wright, ourPhikeia educator, taught us allthe core values inherent inbeing a Phi in a fun andsincere manner. But it wasafter spending considerabletime with the community of brothers that I truly learnedthe importance of brotherly friendship and felt genuinely fortunate to be given theopportunity to join the PhiDelta Theta Fraternity.
Yours in the Bond,
Oliver Tully # 1352
house, but also brought thebrothers closer together. Oneof the best events was ourhookah and kabobs night, which was really laid back andgave the new guys a chance tomeet all the brothers. We didthings a little bit differently this semester, with MattMueller splitting the duties of Rush Chairman with me. Thisapproach allowed us to bettermeet potentials and made thecoordination of events easier.I am looking forward to The induction of six new pledges into ourFraternity for spring 2010completes another successfulrush here at California Alpha.Max, Noel, Sam, Cody,Frank, and Serban are allawesome guys and theirpersonalities mesh very well with the principles on whichthis Fraternity is built. Asalways, our BBQs, evening socials, and on-campusrecruiting efforts not only attracted new people to theseeing our new inducteesgrow into worthy brothers of Phi Delta Theta over thecoming pledge semesterunder the leadership of Phikeia Educator, Mike Wright, and I am sure thatthey will take their place asleaders of our chapter in thefuture.
Yours in the Bond,
Daniel Pitsch #1327Spring Rush Chair
New Kids on the Block
San Francisco Alumni Club
 The SF Alumni Club holds a luncheon on the first Friday of every month.Lunch is served at the famous Schroeder's Restaurant, which is located at 240Front St. in downtown San Francisco. The lunch is informal and begins atnoon. Alumni are encouraged to attend. The next one will be on March 5th.
It’s a Long and Winding Road to Brotherhood
“Brother Mike
Wright, ourPhikeia educator,taught us all thecore valuesinherent in being
a Phi…”

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