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Zainab Al Ghazali (RA)

Zainab Al Ghazali (RA)

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Published by: AHMAD KASHMIRI on Feb 22, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Zainab Al Ghazali 
WhoChallenged 20
Century Pharaoh!
Ahmad KashmiriAllama Iqbal
, after observing the education system of his times had versed “
Gala Tou Ghount  Diya Hai Ahle Madrase Ne Tera, Kahaan Se Aaye Sadaye Lailahaillallah
”, if Allama were alivetoday how would have he versed today’s co-education system! The students of higher secondarylevel, on so called Morning Prayer on Aug 5 2005, were asked about the great lady of Islamicworld who had died at that time. All the students including girls remained silent! The news of thedeath of lady had been broadcasted from the local radio in its morning program
 Aaj KiSurkhiyaan
’ based on the news of local newspapers. To these 17 to 18 year old girls, the name of the lady who in the same age as that of these girls had organized the woman’s organization wastold -
 Zainab Al Ghazali 
. But the students including more than 100 girls gestured extremestrangeness as if they had never come across such a name!!!Though she had passed away on
 August 3, 2005
, but the news came to this part of planet onlylater and only few news papers carried the news on august 5, 2005.
 Zainab Al Ghazali
was not any usual Muslim leader who was famous for her motto, strategy or any other peculiar perspective. No! Actually, she belongs to the Islamic world in a greater dimension.
 Zainab Al Ghazali
was that
Mujahidah of Ummah
who was bestowed by Allah the vision of 
 Prophet Muhammad (Salallah Allihi Wasalam)
four times in dream and was offered the blessings by the prophetIt was
Zainab Al Ghazali
who challenged the Pharaoh of twentieth century and started
of Islam and its
by summing all her courage and dedication and inturn got the severe heartrending and tremendous tortures from suppressors but the point of mention will remain that suchtortures did not hamper her from keeping the missionary thought, expression, stand and the work and she continued
 Haqooqulah (duties towards people)
as well as the
 Haqooqul Ibad (duties of worship)
. For her exemplary devotion and tolerance she would be remembered till doomsday.The service she has done to Islam cannot be described under any single title only. Herself, shewas not a fellow but a great Islamic
vement. It is very unfortunate that our youngsters haveforgotten their predecessors of Islam. To do justice with the contributions of this great
a comprehensive book is needed.The information about
 Zainab Al Ghazali,
that has reached to us, is mainly through her book 
 Ayami Min Hayatee
” based on her six year period in the torching center (jail), the book has been translated in Urdu by
 Khalil Ahmad Hamidi as “Zindaan Ke Shab O Roz”.
Based on the excerpts of the book I (author of this article) have tried to pay some tribute to thisgreat Mujahidah.Born on Jan, 2, 1917, in Egyptian village
Manyate Umer 
, her father was a farmer and a religious person, who died when Zainab was only 11. But the guidance and fatherhood of her father hadleft deep and nonperishable impacts on Zainab. The translator of the book 
 Khalil Ahmad Hamidi,
in the preface of the book, reveals that Zainab had herself narrated that how her father would tellher the tales and events of the great Islamic women (
) in an impact making manner. Inthe agro society, in the lap of the families with values, religious traditions and with impact fromthe spiritual guidance of her father, Zainab entered the field of maturity and understanding at the
age of 18. In 1938 she founded
 Jameyate Sayedate Muslimaat,
an organization of the Muslimwomen. For the features, activities and the strategy of this organization she chose Hazrate
(RA) as her ideal. For the publication of the motives and prospects of her organizationshe started a magazine-
Sayedaate Muslimaat 
. Since this budding
(preacher) with her inbuilt qualities and the affection of Islam proved her metal as compared to the
‘Voice Of  Liberation Of Women’ 
, launched by
Qasim Ameen
, the Movement
Vartafah Sayed’ 
, for the progress of Egyptian women launched by
 Huda Shoaravi
and the write ups of 
Salamah Moosah
Tuha Hussain
pleading for the freedom of Egyptian woman,
 Zainab Al Ghazali’s
voice waswell according to the Islamic values and it emerged with full vigor for the protection of thenatural womanliness. During those days in Egypt the
 Ikhwanul Muslimeen
, the movement started by the youth, was emerging fast. The great personality of 
 Hasn Al Banna
(RA) and his way of  preaching introduced attraction in this movement.
 Hassan Al Banna
 Ikhwat Muslimaat 
organization for working in women. He, however, wished
 Zainab Al Ghazali
to merge her organization and to handle the former, but she after discussing with
Majlise Shora
didnot agree for breaking her organization. However, decided that the two would work incooperation. In 1948 in the regime of 
Shah Farooq
 Ikhwanul Muslimeen
was first time targeted,following the pressures from Jews. At this occasion realizing the situation
 Zainab Al Ghazali
decided to dissolve
Sayedaate Muslimaat 
and to work under 
 Ikhwat Muslimaat 
 Hassan Al  Banna
farsightedly advised Zainab to maintain the independent status of 
Sayedate Muslimaat 
telling her that its separate existence would benefit them in future. Since in 1948
 Ikhwanul Muslimeen
was declared outlawed. In 1954, in the regime of 
 Jamal Ab Nasir 
 Ikhwanul Muslimeen
was targeted with greater intensity, under these circumstances,
Sayedate Muslimaat 
was the only organization that was yet to be targeted and it survived till 1964 with 120 branchesthe countrywide with its primary motto to serve the miserable. But
 Jamal Ab Nasir 
could nottolerate its functioning any more and banned it and finally imprisoned
 Zainab Al Ghazali
.Ahead in the preface,
writes, “In the book in question, the reader finds the repetition of one subject viz torture, torment, contempt, disrespect and atrocities and to its response there isthankfulness, patience, invocation of almighty, reciting of Quranic verses, principle-ship,firmness of faith, fearlessness from falsehoodness, and unchanging character. Such aconfrontation may fed up the readers but if the reader, in these days, wants to see the truth of thesaying of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), then this book will work as a mirror for him, “Ina
MinUmatee Rijalun Al-iiman Assbatu Fi Qulubihim Minaljibali A-Raosii”
(In my Ummah there aresuch brave people in who’s hearts the faith is stronger than the mountains mounted in earth).On 20
August 1965 Zainab Al Ghazali was arrested. For six years she continuously bore theunbelievable sufferings and finally she got released on 10
August 1971.
The sufferings she metis not merely an account of torture of a woman, Infact, in that epoch the generation emerged outof the Movement of 
 Ikhwanul Muslimeen
was full of inspiration and fervor of 
and its eachindividual was a unique pearl.While reading the book of 
 Zainab Al Ghazali
, “
 Zindaan Ke Shab O Roz 
” this author experiencedan extraordinary situation that can not be expressed in words, however it developed curiosity inme that I must write something on
 Zainab Al Ghazali
I remember in year 2005 the news of the death of this great woman came in news briefs of a fewlocal newspapers only. However, the organization of 
 Dukhtarane Millat 
had paid its tributes tothe legendary woman of the Ummah. The topics have been classified for the sake of understanding.
Zainab al Ghazali had the strict belief that on Allah’s earth there should be Allah’s law in
Muhammadan (SAW)
System (
 Nizame Mustafah
). Based on her this exclusive faith she startedthe exemplary
 Dawah (invitation to Islam)
. On the actual position of a Muslim woman she writesits constitution can be settled only and only in an Islamic government. She says that infidelclaimers and the flag-holders of ignominy and disbelief, and those, who believe in Allah andhave stood on His way for 
can not go hand in glove and can never be the intimatefriends. She undoubtedly declares
 Hassan AL Banna
as the righteous and genuine leader of Islamand insists the Muslims of that era to give the oath of allegiance to
 Hasan AL Bana
so thatMuslims could fulfill the duties for which they were brought to this world, and the real essenceof existence can come true, the picture of which has been presented by the Quran.
Her way of working:
For the social reformation, she believed in a way wherein such an initiative was necessary thatwould restore the glory and greatness of the past
, She writes, “
The point of beginning of our work must be based on the Seerate-Rasool (SAW) (Prophet’s character) and the life of theSaliheen (descendents) and our way of working must be fully based on Allah’s Book and according to the sunnah of the prophet”
 Zindaan Ke Shab-O-Roz Page, 53
). In heorganization, with her brothers-in-Islam, she had resolved to carry on the
work for thirteen years (same as the age of 
in Mecca). With the instructions of 
 Imam Syed Qutub
and with the permission of 
 Hassan Al Huzaibi
it had been decided that self reformation,character building, human upliftment and the nurturing of belief of 
(belief of one God)in the hearts and minds would continue permanently. It was resolved that the care takers of Islamic
who believe in Islam as the
(religion) as well as the State and have the visionof an Islamic State would raise the demand for an Islamic State if their proportion was 75 percentin the nation(
). But if the achievement was not above 25 percent the work of teaching,training and reformation would be extended by next thirteen years with full dedication, devotionand the reformative mission until the nation was able to rise to Islam consciously. “
To us thisthing hardly matters that how many generations would complete the span in this very work. Theimportance is to the matter that building and preparation is continuing and we are doing our duty continuously and unstinted. Till our lives get consumed and the respite of our age will end and we will hand our flag of 
 Laila Illallah Muhammadun Rasoolallah (SAW)
to coming sonswith our heads up.
”(Pages: 60-62).
Torture and Pain:
As writes
 Khalil Ahmad Hamidi
that some readers may get bored with the confrontation of onetopic- the torture. Such is the treatment given to this great
Infact, all the kinds of torture and violence known till then were employed upon this great woman, that one fails todecide that wherefrom to start, such is the nomenclature and the intensity of these tortures. Onone hand there is the great spirit and character of this great woman and on the otherhand thereare the meanest interrogative tactics of the tyrants. Abuses, taunts, threatening, fearfulconsequences and thousands bodily attacks and punishments given to her give a heart rendingfeeling to the reader. Her pious body was continuously beaten by specially made whips calledleather-whips
(Churmi Tazyane)
till blood would gush out of the bruises and this practice wasrepeated again and again. The tyrants would not end doing this. Having not even generally a kindtreatment towards a woman they would explore new versions of interrogation and beating. Theywould push her towards wall and would give hundred, five hundred and countless whips. Theywould not spare her upholding down and give whips till she would turn unconscious. Coming back to consciousness she would find herself in hospital, then shifted again to torture centre, then

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