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Farry Spring 2010 Budget Report

Farry Spring 2010 Budget Report

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Published by PAHouseGOP

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Published by: PAHouseGOP on Feb 22, 2010
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State Representative
Frank A.
Legislative District
2009-10State Budget ImpasseHighlights Need for Reform
For the seventh year in a row, Pennsylvania began the new fiscal year without a state budget in place. The - budget was not approvedunt eary ctoer, more tan our monts ater te egay manatedeadline.The budget plan offered by the governor and House Democrats wouldhave imposed over $9.7 million in additional taxes on you, the residents of the Neshaminy School District, but school funding would have increasedby only $650,000. I fought hard against this tax increase and againstproposed cuts to important services such as libraries, child care, andhigher education.State spending has increased from $21 billion to $28 billion over thelast seven years. I firmly believe that state government must live withinits means and that we cannot continue to raise taxes on Pennsylvanians.I understand the need to pass a budget so state government can continueto function, but I could not, in the interest of our taxpayers, support thisuget.Throughout the - budget negotiations, I heard from many peoplewho were frustrated that the process was taking so long. Many of the callsand e-mails I received were from residents who rely on services funded bythe state budget including state colleges and universities, public schools,and county social services. I share their frustration and I strongly believesomething must be done to ensure that an impasse like the one we sawlast year never happens again.I have co-sponsored a number of legislative proposals to reform our budget process. Among them:House Bill states that if there is a budget impasse beyond July ,te prevous years genera appropratons act sa ecome aw at apercent reduction until supplemented by a new budget.House Bill would establish the Emergency State Employee Salaryun to ensure tat state empoyees w contnue to e pa n te event o abudget impasse.I am very interested in your thoughts on how we can improve the budgetmaking process. Please feel free to contact one of my district offices or visit my Web site at
2010 House Calendars Not PrintedDue to Budget Concerns
 As state revenues continued to come in below predicted levels, it was more important than ever for state govern-ment to make every effort to get the most value from the funds available. As a result, the decision was made not toprint the publicly distributed 2010 House of Representatives commemorative calendars.
2010-11Rendell BudgetRaises Taxes,Spends Too Much
In February, Gov. Ed Rendell delivereds annua uget aress to te egsa-ure.Despite revenues falling $3.25 billionshort of predictions last year and state reve-nues already $374 million below predictionsfor this year, the governor has proposeda uget tat ncreases spenng an ewants to raise taxes to pay for it.am partcuary concerne aout tegovernor’s plan to expand the state salesax to a variety of items which had previ-ousy een exempt. e cannot contnueo increase spending year after year andexpect Pennsylvania families and senior tzens to pc up te ta.To balance his spending plan, the gover-nor is also counting on $800 million in federalstimulus funds. It is irresponsible to rely onone-time revenue sources like the stimulusfunds to cover recurring spending. Thosefunds will disappear in - and we willbe left with a large budget hole and no wayo pay for it. It is a better plan to redirect thisfunding toward the looming pension crisis.If we are going to avoid huge tax increas-es, we must control our spending now andplan for the future. Families across Penn-sylvania have to make these kind of difficulthoices every day. They should expect thesame from their elected representatives.

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