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Table Of Contents

System requirements
Installing ACID
Using online help
What’s This? help
Overview of ACID software
Main window
Track list
Track view
Window docking area
Soft Synth Properties
Keyboard command reference
Audio signal flow
MIDI signal flow
Starting projects
Setting project properties
Getting media files
Previewing media from the Explorer window
Adding media to the project
Obtaining or editing CD information using Gracenote
Understanding clip types
Folder tracks
Adding and editing events
Painting events
Changing the length of events
Erasing sections of events
Moving events
Editing MIDI events
Using the cursor
Positioning the cursor with the keyboard
Positioning the cursor with the Go To command
Making selections
Selecting multiple events
Creating time selections
Creating event selections within time selections
Working with tracks
Reordering tracks
Resizing tracks
Changing track colors
Deleting tracks
Copying, cutting, and pasting tracks
Adjusting the mix
Muting tracks
Soloing tracks
Working with groups of tracks
Using undo and redo
Using undo
Using redo
Clearing the undo history
Playing the project
Using the transport bar
Using playback options
Playing the entire project
Playing from the cursor position
Bypassing audio effects during playback
Using the Mixer window
Viewing the Mixer window
Using the mixer toolbar
Renaming mixer controls
Using the mixer’s faders
Saving, rendering, and delivering projects
Saving projects
Rendering projects
Publishing to the Internet
Writing to CD
Understanding track-at-once and disc-at-once
page 57
Copying events
Pasting events
Using Paste Repeat
Using Paste Insert
Cutting events
Deleting events
Reversing events
Trimming events
Splitting events
Splitting at the cursor position
Splitting one event
Splitting multiple events
Splitting a time selection
Splitting events within a time selection
Joining events
Automatic crossfades
Creating crossfades
Changing fade types
Ripple editing
Cutting events in ripple editing mode
Deleting events in ripple editing mode
Pasting events in ripple editing mode
Slipping and sliding events
Shifting the contents of (slipping) events
Slip-trimming events
Sliding events
Changing event properties
Using event envelopes
Setting an event’s volume envelope
Setting an event’s fade-in and -out envelope curve
Using sections
Inserting a section
Adjusting a section's length
Moving (shuffling) sections
Copying a section
Deleting a section
Moving a section label
Removing a section label
Clearing all events from a section
Creating a new media library
Opening a media library
Adding media files to a library
Removing media files from a library
Tagging media files
Creating a tag
Applying a tag to a media file
Removing a tag from a media file
Deleting a tag from a library
Merging subtags
Arranging tags in the tag tree
Editing tag names or images
Viewing or creating palettes
Saving tags and properties to media files
Backing up your media libraries
Opening a Reference Library
Using the Sony Sound Series Loops & Samples reference library
Searching for media files
Searching using a keyword
Searching using tags
Sorting search results
Viewing previous searches
Using advanced search options
Previewing media
Adding media to your project
Resolving offline media files
Customizing the Media Manager window
Automatically hiding the Search pane
Docking and undocking the Search pane
Resizing columns
Moving columns
Showing or hiding columns
Adding custom columns
Setting Media Manager options
Using project markers and regions
Working with standard markers
Working with time markers
Working with command markers
Working with regions
Using snapping
Choosing snapping options
Changing tempo, time signature, and key
Changing project tempo
Working with tempo/key/time signature change markers
Adding tempo/key/time signature change markers
Editing tempo/key/time signature change markers
Changing a clip’s key
Changing an event’s key
Adjusting time
Inserting time
Working in the Chopper window
Changing the Chopper grid
Changing Chopper snapping options
Magnifying the Chopper
Previewing in the Chopper
Using Chopper toolbar and keyboard commands
Inserting markers and regions in the Chopper
Creating selections in the Chopper
Placing files in the Chopper
Creating selections
Creating selections of a specific musical length
Inserting increments
Creating increments of a specific musical length
Inserting selections in the track view
Using the Insert Selection button
Dragging selections
Moving the insert position in the track view
Saving Chopper selections as new files
Using the Chopper with one-shots
Using clips with tracks
Adding clips to tracks
Setting the active clip and creating events
Copying clips across tracks without copying events
Changing an event’s clip
Pitch shifting audio clips
Using track effects
Configuring clip properties
Managing a track’s clips
Adjusting general clip properties
Adjusting stretching properties for loop or Beatmapped clips
Stretch markers for loop clips
Reset stretching markers
Beat anchors and markers for loop clips
Reloading files
Replacing files
Saving file properties
Adjusting clip properties for MIDI tracks
Working with grooves
Creating grooves
Editing grooves
Using folder tracks
Adding existing tracks to a folder track
Removing tracks from a folder track
Muting a folder track
Soloing a folder track
Editing events in a folder track
Mixing multiple tracks to a single track
Exporting loops
Showing or hiding automation controls
Track automation
Mute automation
Volume or pan automation
Adding volume or pan envelopes
Bus automation
Adding bus envelopes
Assignable effects automation
Adding or removing track effect automation
MIDI controller automation
MIDI program change automation
Working with track envelopes
Adjusting envelopes
Adding envelope points
Drawing envelope points
Thinning envelope points
Using the Envelope tool
Hiding track envelopes
Removing track envelopes
Deleting MIDI controller envelopes
Automating 5.1 surround projects
Automation recording modes
Recording automation settings
Editing sections of your recorded settings in Touch mode
Overwriting recorded settings in Latch mode
Editing individual envelope points or keyframes
Using busses
Adding busses to the project
Routing tracks to busses
Routing busses to system hardware
Deleting busses
Using assignable effects
Working with assignable effects chains
Routing tracks to assignable effect controls
Routing assignable effect controls to busses
Using soft synth controls
Adding soft synth controls to projects
Modifying soft synth control properties
Adding patch changes to a MIDI file
Playing a soft synth with a MIDI device
Configuring a soft synth for external input
Soloing external MIDI inputs
Deleting soft synth controls
Routing MIDI tracks to soft synth controls
Using mixer controls
Working with mixer controls
Muting mixer controls
Soloing mixer controls
Adding effects to soft synth mixer controls
Working with multiple mixer controls
Automating mixer controls in track view
Working with ReWire
Using ACID as a ReWire mixer
Using ACID as a ReWire device
Setting up your equipment
Basic setup
Setup with mixer
Setup with digital multitrack
Preparing to record
Arming the track for recording
Selecting recording settings
Using the metronome
Recording into an empty track
Recording into a time selection
Recording into an event
Recording into an event with a time selection
Working with multiple recorded clips
Specifying where recordings are stored
Changing where recorded files are stored for new projects
Changing where recorded files are stored for individual projects
Monitoring audio levels
Using record input monitoring
Adding MIDI tracks and files
Adding MIDI tracks
Adding MIDI files to a project
Recording MIDI
Setting up a MIDI controller for recording into a track
Recording MIDI in real time
Using MIDI step recording
Adding or deleting notes
Editing note positions
Editing note duration
Editing note velocity
Processing and filtering MIDI events
Quantizing MIDI events
Editing velocity
Editing duration
Editing MIDI track properties
Configuring MIDI track output settings
Editing a MIDI clip's time signature
MIDI Track Envelopes and Keyframes
Adding a mute envelope
Adding a MIDI controller envelope
Configuring MIDI track controller automation
Adding a program change keyframe
To add a program change keyframe:
Add a Sysex keyframe
Automating VSTi parameters
Editing MIDI clip properties
Editing a MIDI clip with OPT Piano Roll
Merging controller data from a MIDI clip
Using the piano roll editor
Viewing the piano roll editor
Previewing MIDI
Adding note events
Drawing note events
Painting note events
Editing note events
Changing continuous controller information
Selecting note events
Toggling note snapping
Quantizing note events
Deleting note events
Undoing and redoing
Using the list editor
Viewing the list editor
Filtering the list
Editing events
MIDI notes and frequencies
Creating events
Quantizing events
Routing tracks to MIDI devices or soft synths
Resetting MIDI ports
Rendering projects with MIDI tracks
Playing MIDI from external devices
Adding external devices as MIDI inputs
Assigning MIDI inputs to soft synth controls
Creating or editing program maps
Creating program maps
Editing program maps
Assigning a patch map to a MIDI device
Creating or editing drum maps
Editing a drum map
Choosing a drum map for a track
Synchronizing using MIDI timecode
Generating MIDI timecode
Triggering from MIDI timecode
Generating MIDI clock
Exporting MIDI files
Saving MIDI clips for export
Exporting the project to a standard MIDI file
Using a control surface
Connecting a control surface
Configuring ACID to use your control surface
Configuring or customizing your control surface
Using your control surface
Configuring a Mackie Control Universal
Configuring a generic MIDI controller
Example of how you can set up MIDI keyboard as a generic control surface
Managing video
Adding or replacing video files
Hiding and showing the video track
Synchronizing audio and video
Changing frame numbering
Editing video events
Moving video events
Trimming video events
Slipping and sliding video events
Slip-trimming video events
Sliding video events
Using the Video Preview window
Using toolbar buttons
Using the shortcut menu
Previewing on external monitors
Scoring video
What is 5.1 surround?
Setting up surround hardware
Setting up surround projects
Routing to hardware in the mixer
Assigning audio to the LFE channel
Adjusting volume
Adjusting assignable effects send or bus send levels
Adjusting channel levels
Panning audio
4.Close the Surround Panner window
Panning mixer controls
5.Close the Surround Panner window
Using the Surround Panner window
page 217
Automating panning
Turning on panning keyframes
Adding panning keyframes
Working with keyframes
Rendering surround projects
Burning AC-3 files to DVD
Working with ACID windows
Docking and floating ACID windows
Changing the time ruler format
Using the ruler offset
Using the project grid
Setting the grid type
Using the toolbar
Hiding and displaying the toolbar
Reordering toolbar buttons
Adding buttons to the toolbar
Removing buttons from the toolbar
Using the time display
Changing cursor position
Changing the time display
Monitoring MIDI timecode
Setting default track properties
Setting ACID preferences
Using the General tab
Using the Audio tab
Using the Audio Device tab
Using the MIDI tab
Using the VST Effects tab
Using the VST Instruments tab
Using the ReWire Devices tab
Using the Video tab
Using the Editing tab
Using the Sync tab
Using the Display tab
Using the Other tab
Using the Folders tab
Using the External Control & Automation tab
Customizing keyboard shortcuts
Adding long media files quickly
Playing with duplicate tracks
Detuning paired tracks
Duplicating with offset
Building instrument solos
Building scales
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