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Rails Magazine - Issue #2: RailsConf 2009

Rails Magazine - Issue #2: RailsConf 2009



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Published by Rails Magazine
Table of Contents:

"A Word From the Editor" by Olimpiu Metiu
"RailsConf 2009 Roundup - Have it your way..." by Casper Fabricius
"Resources" by Khaled al Habache
"The Unofficial Guide to What’s New in Rails 3" by Rupak Ganguly
"Interview with Ben Johnson" by Bob Martens
"Artwork" by Duncan Davidson
"Interview with Geoffrey Grosenbach" by Rupak Ganguly
"Interview with Ryan Bates" by Rupak Ganguly
Table of Contents:

"A Word From the Editor" by Olimpiu Metiu
"RailsConf 2009 Roundup - Have it your way..." by Casper Fabricius
"Resources" by Khaled al Habache
"The Unofficial Guide to What’s New in Rails 3" by Rupak Ganguly
"Interview with Ben Johnson" by Bob Martens
"Artwork" by Duncan Davidson
"Interview with Geoffrey Grosenbach" by Rupak Ganguly
"Interview with Ryan Bates" by Rupak Ganguly

More info:

Published by: Rails Magazine on Feb 23, 2010
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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 p a n
More than 1,000 Rby on Ral developer rom all over theUS and ret o the world ame to La Vega th year to drnk,gamble, relax by the pool and – oaonally – learn abot theapet o Rby, Ral and everythng related; rom the experto the ommnty. Sne the rt onerene n Chago n 2006,the poplarty and e o Ral ha jt grown, and wth a wdely attended onerene n La Vega t hold be ae to ay thatRal ha gone mantream and beyond.Tat’ not a bad thng, however. Wth ve trak, the ele-ton and dverty o the talk  tnnng wth top that rangerom n-depth tde o alng and deployment tratege tomal pattern or programmer. Speakng o m, RalCon alo eatre Brd o Feather eon, and one o thee wa a
3-hour jam session with Rails developers
who had broghtther ntrment.
David Heinemeier Hansson
opened RalCon wth hmh antpated keynote on Ral 3. He tarted ot, however,wth lookng bak n tme on the veyear Ral ha been open ore,evolvng arond mortal wond,whh, aordng to rrondngrt hold have taken Ral down,a long tme ago.
“Rails isn’t enter-prise ready“
ha been a rerrngomplant abot the ramework, andwhle Davd’ ntal reaton wato ght or h tandpont, he laterrealzed that thng jt need tmeto nk n. Ral  not that mhderent today rom what t wa 5year ago, bt a lot o “enterprey”people are omng nto Ral now,mply beae t mh more wdely aepted and ed today.Another example o a mortalwond wa the varo lone o Ral n other langage, that wold make Ral tel rrelevant.Tey all tred to nd the eene o Ral, bt no h thngext. Ral  a phloophy and wde nmber o nqe detalthat play extremely well together. Swth-bak, h a Derek Slver o CD Baby wthed bak to PHP, hold have been yetanother mortal wond. Ten o ore, the pertent lam thatRal an’t ale, whh mght have been tre n the early yearo Ral, bt whh  now olved and proved wrong n o many derent way today.Davd went on to d the pomng veron o Ral.
nRails 3, a competing Ruby ramework, Merb, will be mergedin.
Sne Merb doe many thng very derently rom Ral,th mean that everythng  por don n Ral 3.
Tere areno holy cows
, bt the new veronwon’t olve everyone’ problem e-ther. Te phloophy o Ral 3 anbe derbed wth logan o BrgerKng:
Have it your way 
. I yoorder a Whopper at Brger Kng,yo wll get a Whopper – no qe-ton aked – and t wll probably be everythng yo expeted. I yodon’t lke pkle, yo an ak toget a Whopper wthot pkle – bt yo wll have to do ome-thng atvely to avod pkle. Jt beae yo don’t lke pkle,holdn’t mean we hold take pkle ot o all Whopper. It’ ane metaphor, and t goe hand n hand wth the amo logano onventon over ongraton:
Rails 3 will still work out o the box and have standard stack that will be great, but evenmore than today, people will have the ability to change andadopt Rails to their needs
.Te reator o Rby o Ral went on to derbng ome thehange n Ral 3.
Routing will be both aster and more con-gurable
. Alo, the rotng API wll be treamlned to be evenmore ompat and expreve than today.
Protection rom XX(Cross-ite cripting) will be reversed so to speak 
. oday, yohave to remember to e the hmanze method – h() or hort– to get all nae data yo otpt eaped, bt n the tre thwll be the dealt. A <%= … %> blok wll be hmanzed, whle<%=raw … %> wll work a prevoly, wthot any eapng.Helper wll atomatally e the html_ae! method, whhmark the HML they generate a ae, o t won’t be eaped.Another nteretng hange  that
 javascript will work muchmore unobtrusive and agnostic
than today. No more onlk handler generated by the Ral helper, and no more explt tyngto Prototype and Srptaolo. Intead,
Rails 3 will use thedata attributes dened in HML 5
, o that e.g. th helper all:
<%= link_to “Delete”, @comment, :method => :delete %>
- wll generate th HML:
<a href=”/comments/1” data-remote=”true” data-
RalCon 2009 Rondp – Have t yor way...
by Caser Fabriciu
David Heinemeier Hanon,creator o Rail, on tage at RailCon 00 in La Vega.
RailsCon 2009 Roundup – Have it your way... by Casper Fabricius2
From that t  trval to have a gener javarptthat wll bnd approprate event to eah lnk.
Tim Ferriss
o 4-hor workweek ame wa thehgh-prole keynote o RalCon omng rom otdeo the ommnty. o the rpre o many, two armhar were pt on the tage, and
David HeinemeierHansson had an hour-long conversation with imFerriss about liestyle, startups, working out andso on
. People were ragng abot th etp on wtterand on IRC bakhannel, and many ed the room.Other, however, expreed great nteret n the top that waded, and perhap th wa mply the wrong ormat or aroom paked wth 1000+ developer. One o Ferr’ early pontbeore I, admttedly, lot onentraton myel, wa that there no problem workng mh than 4 hor eah week  yo lkewhat are dong. Programmer are among the exepton, andgenerally t’ all abot vewng tme a a valable, ontranedrreny.Keynote ade,there were alo many great talk at RalCon.Davd Chelmky, oneo the reator o RSpe,explaned the derenebetween mok andtb, and when to ewhat. Stb are all abottbbng ot an objet ora method to at pred-tvely and then veryngthe tate o yor tet b- jet aer an nteraton,whle mok are meantto very the atal nteraton, .e. that a ertan method nvoked wth ertan argment. Chelmky revealed that he waworkng on a new projet alled Stbble, whh allow or mhDRY’er ontroller tetng than  done today, and he alo men-toned a new olton or tetng han n the pomng verono Rpe, whh wll make tet more expreve. For example:
User.stub_chain(:find, :friends, :favorite).and_return(friend)
Ryan Singer
o 37gnal ame dd an extremely well-prepared and well-exeted preentaton on UI ndamental orprogrammer. He explaned that t make ene to tart wth thenterae, beae that’ the entre nterae a ar a the -tomer  onerned. Beore yo an really go nto detal wth thenterae, however, yo wll need to degn a model o the b-ne doman that make ene to both tomer and develop-er. o learn abot th proe, Snger reommended the
book “Domain-Driven Design” by Eric Evans
. Another o h pontwa that reen are how nterae are ally ommnated,and that the RES noton  great or organzng thee reenontently and n a tandard manner.A talk on tetng javarpt wa etp a a par program-mng eon between the two preenter,
Larry Karnowski
Jason Rudol 
o Relevane, In. One played the rontenddeveloper who ddn’t know abot javarpt tetng and wrotethe ntonal ode, whle other played the wegy wrtng allthe tet or the javarpt. T worked very well, and t made javarpt look mh eaer than I’d have thoght. Tey promot-ed a
Rails plugin called Blue Ridge
, and whh wll allow yor javarpt tet to rn n the onole alongde the ret o yortette, and pt thee tet nto yor ontno ntegraton.Frther, yo an rn thee tet n the brower when yo need totet or ompatblty.JRby  growng n poplarty, and th year oered everaltalk on JRby. One wa rom Charle Ntter and h olleageworkng dretly wth JRby, provdng an overvew o the tateo JRby. Tey were happy abot JRby now beng pported onGoogle App Engne throgh ther newly added pport o Javadeployment, and another talk oed on th area, wth em-ployee rom Google explanng how the App Engne work andhow to deploy Rby applaton to t.
You can’t take a standardRails application and deploy to App Engine, however, becauseActiveRecord, writing les, opening sockets and many otherthings are not supported
. Yo wll have to wrte an appla-
imothy Ferri (Te 4 Hour Work Week) join DHH on tage at RailCon 00Te Rail core team:David Heinemeier Hanon, Jeremy Kemper, Michael Koziarki,Rick Olon, Yehuda Katz 
RailsCon 2009 Roundup – Have it your way... by Casper Fabricius3

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