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1000 Questions and Answers 4

1000 Questions and Answers 4

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Published by Mehboob Hassan
1000 Questions and Answers 4
1000 Questions and Answers 4

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: Mehboob Hassan on Feb 23, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1000 Questions and Answers 4
1.The lack of calcium in the diet causes what condition? Rickets2.Where would you find Lunate Triquetral and Hamate? Bones in Wrist3.What are Jean Bernard, Pierre St-Martin and Berger in France? Worlds deepest caves4.Dallol Ethiopia has what claim to fame? Worlds hottest average place 945.Where are Bay of Heats and Bay of Dew Sinus Aestuum - Roris? Near side of Moon6.The star constellation Lepus has what English name? The Hare7.Lauris Nobilis is the Latin name of what common herb? Bay8.If you suffered from varicella what have you got? Chickenpox9.Chi is the Chinese year of what? Coc10.A Comte France Landgraf Germany Conde Italy what England? Earl11.In heraldry what is a vertical line dividing a shield called? Pale12.The Templeton prize is awarded annually for progress in what? Religion13.International car registration letters what country is ZA? South Africa14.In England what is the most popular girls name of the 90s? Rebecca15.Rosencrantz and Guilderstern are dead - name playwright? Tom Stoppard16.Lucy Johnson became famous under what name? Ava Gardne17.What is a Tam Tam? Orchestral Gong18.FITA are the governing body of what sport? Archery19.Denzil Washington's first film as director was what? Finding Fish20.What is Canada's oldest city founded in 1608? Quebec21.In the Jewish religion what's banned during The three weeks? Marriage or Haircut22.Who wrote the hymn Hear my Prayer? Mendlesson23.38 million Americans one in five don't like what? Sex24.Alan Ginsberg is credited with inventing what 60s phrase? Flower Powe25.Where would you find a pintle? Hinge - it's the pin holding it26.Who created Woody Woodpecker? Walter Lantz27.Winston Churchill had a dog - what type? Miniature Poodle28.Who was born in Chicago 5th December 1901 died 1966? Walt Disney29.What is the name of Paul McCartney's official fan club? Club Sandwich30.By US government figures people have tried 28000 ways of what? Losing Weight31.If you suffer from Tinea Pedis what have you got? Athletes foot32.What colour is Llamas milk? Yellow33.In Alberta its illegal to play craps if you are using what? Dice34.Narcotics comes from the Greek - what it literally mean? Electric eels - put on foreheads35.What did Pope John XX1 use as effective eyewash? Babies Urine36.Rhodopsis original Egyptian Cinderella had what job? Prostitute - bird stole her shoe37.Whose attendance compulsory at priests banquets in Egypt? Mummies so the dead reminded shortlife38.Siddhartha Gautama became better known as who? Buddha39.In ancient Greece young brides had to sacrifice what? Their Dolls to show they were grown up40.Caer-Lud was the former name of what capitol city? London41.4% of women never do what according to survey? Wear Underwea42.In superstition if you marry on Saturday you will have what? No luck at all43.What was the first million dollar seller paperback? I the Jury by Mickey Spillane44.Who founded Methodism in 1738? John Wesley1
45.What was the ancient Egyptian cure for haemorrhoids? Beer - lots of bee46.Middle ages Monks denied meat on fast days ate what? Rabbit Foetuses they said they were eggs47.Where was Ice Cream invented? China48.Brittany Spears - what is her favourite drink? Sprite49.What job does Charlie Browns father do? Barbe50.International direct dialling codes what country has 353? Republic of Ireland51.What is the main food of walruses? Clams52.30% of people quit this job in USA each year - what job? School Bus Drive53.Napoleons life was saved by a dog what breed and he hated dogs? Newfoundland saved him fromdrowning54.In 1821 Jacob Fusel worlds fist commercial factory making what? Ice Cream55.The star constellation Grus has what English name? The Crane56.International aircraft reg letters what country is PP or PT? Brazil57.What was the first 30 minute animated Disney show? Duck Tales58.A renaissance doctor - what treatment excluding bleeding? Enemas59.You could be executed for drinking what in ancient Turkey? Coffee60.Where did the ancient Egyptians paint pictures of their enemies? Foot of Sandals61.What is found in one third of American homes? Scrabble62.Bowling for lizards was whose favourite TV program? Fred Flintstone63.The name Jesse means what in Hebrew? Wealth64.According to strain theory crime is mainly committed by who? The lower classes65.In what country was the longbow invented? Wales66.Who makes Pringles? Proctor and Gamble67.What airline started 24th September 1946 single DC3 - Betsy? Cathay Pacific68.What are a swallowtail and a burgee? Flags69.What is the most common sexually transmitted disease in USA? Herpes70.Who was the Angel in Milton's Paradise Lost? Beelzebub71.300000 American teenagers get what every year? Venereal disease72.Francesco Seraglio invented what in Australia in early 1960s? The Woolmark logo73.What was Socrates wife's name? Xanthippe74.Who "Loved not to wisely but too well" Shakespeare play? Othello75.What did Anna Sage "The lady in Red do"? Betray John Dillinge76.Who makes Kleenex tissues? Kimberly Clar77.Poon Lim holds the record of 133 days doing what? Surviving on a raft78.Holden Caulfield - Catcher in the Rye - where JD Sal get name? Movie marquee W Holden JCaulfield79.Marcus Garvey founded what? Rastafarians80.Ancient Roman brides wore a wedding dress - what colour? Yellow81.64% of American teenagers have what in their bedrooms? Television82.Charles Stratton became famous as what circus act? Tom Thumb83.What is the most common sexual complaint of females over 50? Vaginal Dryness84.Who makes Miller Lite beer? Philip Morris85.The name Calvin has what unfortunate Latin meaning? Bald86.What author was the first published by Bantam paperbacks? Mark Twain Life on the Mississippi87.In ancient India what was cut off adulterers? Noses - and they tried to hide it88.In British Columbia is illegal to kill what? Sasquatch89.The Spear Leek was the original name of what food item? Garlic90.What was the name of the first Wings album? Wild Life91.Who started Laugh O Gram productions? Walt Disney2
92.Sigmund Freud used a dog to help his psychoanalysis what breed? Jo-Fi a Chow93.In a 1988 survey 12 million Americans don't know what? Washington DC was capitol94.Lobster Newberg was invented at what famous restaurant? Delmonicos95.In 18th century England what would you do with whim wham? Eat it Cream sponge96.The FIC govern what sport? Canoeing97.In England what is the most popular boys name of the 90s? Daniel98.International car registration letters what country is IS? Iceland99.In heraldry what is a horizontal line dividing a shield called? Fess100.The star constellation Ara has what English name? The Alte101.Which Roman Emperors name means little boats? Caligula102.In England what can you not hang out of your window? A Bed103.The constellation Norma has what English name? Level104.Chu is the Chinese year of what animal? Boa105.Vor was the Norse Goddess of what? Truth106.OB is the international aircraft reg letters what country? Peru107.Who composed the classical piece Peter and the Wolf? Sergei Prokofiev108.In what sport do women compete for the Uber cup? Badminton109.What was the last sequel to win best picture award? Silence of the Lambs to Manhunter 110.How did Stonewall Jackson die? Shot by own troops by mistake111.What are The Chiuhauhan Nubian and Alaskan? Deserts112.International dialling codes what country is 86? China113.Thieves Liars Magicians and who were in Dantes 8th circle Hell? Politicians114.Alphabetically what is the first element in the periodic table? Actinium115.What order of insects contains the most species? Beetles116.What famous battle was fought at Pancenoit? Waterloo - (four miles away)117.What colour is natural cheddar cheese? White it's dyed red118.Where was the first Pony Express set up? Outer Mongolia119.What animal originated Groundhog Day? Badgers - in Germany120.Abraham Zapruder made the most scrutinised film all time what? Kennedy Assassination121.Aesculus is the Latin name of what type of tree? Horse Chestnut122.Where were bagpipes invented? Iran then called Persia123.What is Rice Paper made from? A Tree - The Rice Paper Tree pith124.Jorn Utzon of Denmark designed what landmark? Sydney Opera House125.What is the most popular pizza topping in South Korea? Tuna126.Which people used to settle legal disputes by head butting? Inuit - Eskimo127.Hitihita is a character in what book and film? Mutiny on the Bounty - Tahiti chief 128.How does a male koala attract a mate? Belching129.Bohemian Rhapsody was on what Queen album? A Night at the Opera130.What is a Boodie? A Marsupial related kangaroo rat131.What character on TV and film must have sex every 7 years? Mr Spoc132.What was the name of Hamlets father? Hamlet133.Bugs Bunny was a caricature of what actor? Clark Gable134.Sherlock Holmes lived in Baker St - What other Detective did? Sexton Blake 1893135.Spumador was whose horse? King Arthu136.In what American state do most fail to graduate? Georgia137.Names from Jobs - what in the middle ages did a walker do? Clean Cloth138.Alfred Butta invented what in 1941 - marketed 1948? Scrabble139.Phobos and Deimos are moons of Mars - what do names mean? Fear and Terror 140.What colour is a giraffes tongue? Blac3

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