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1000 Questions and Answers 6

1000 Questions and Answers 6

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Published by Mehboob Hassan
1000 Questions and Answers 6
1000 Questions and Answers 6

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: Mehboob Hassan on Feb 23, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1000 Questions and Answers 6
1.Sacrofricosis is what sort of sexual behaviour? Pocket holes public masturbation2.According to law what must all London Taxis always carry? Bale of hay for horse3.Im Westen Nicht Neues what famous novel 20s later film? All Quiet on the Western Front4.Anreas Cornelis van Kujik was who's manager? Elvis Col Tom Parker 5.What was unique about all the mens foil winners 1952 Olympics? All Left Handed6.Maryland No1 Montana No 1 Minnesota No 3 types of what? Pigs American Breeds7.What aria from Madam Butterfly is a Michelle Pfeiffer 1996 film? One fine Day8.Ei-Hajj Malik Ei-Shabazz better known as who? Malcolm X9.What opera premiered in Paignton Devon 30th December 1879? Pirates of Penzance10.Name the first space probe to land on the moon 13 Sept 1959? Luna 211.In what film did Paul Robeson sing Old Man River? Showboat12.El Monte California illegal for who/what to sleep in bathtub? Horse - unless ridden13.Who compete in the Maccabiah Games? Jewish world athletes14.What TV family lived at 1124 Morning Glory Circle Westport Con? Stevens in Bewitched15.Poland has a coastline along which sea? Adriatic16.Colonel Paul W Tibbets did it first - what? Dropped Atom Bomb17.What fish has its head at right angles to its body? Sea Horse18.Kate Mulgrew plays who in a Gene Roddenbery based series? Capt Katherine JanewayVoyager 19.What is the oldest bridge over the Seine in Paris? Pont Neuf 20.An Ochlophilliac gets sexually aroused from what? Being in crowds21.In Oxford university what's barred from the library by rule? Sheep22.An Asian gecko and a sweet European wine what word fits both? Tokay23.What common word comes from the French for purse or wallet? Budget24.Daimants Sur Canape French translation of what film? Breakfast at Tiffanys25.Tracy Marrow a former convict born 1958 changed name to what? Ice-T26.Marmolada nearly 11000 feet highest peak what mountain range? Dolomites27.Dr George Wander invented what drink in Switzerland 1860s? Ovaltine28.Broadway 59 music Ordinary Couple, Preludium, Processional? The Sound of Music29.Rhus Radicans shrub green flowers white berries common name? Poison Ivy30.Fulton John Short - Later John Fulton first US to do what? Qualify as Matador 31.In Malibu California its illegal to do what in a theatre? Laugh out loud32.In fiction who's mother Monique Delacroix died when he was 11? James Bond33.Charles Henry Stuard Gmelin was the first UK what 6 Apr 1896? Olympic competitor 4th 3rdheat 100 m34.Salvatore A Lombino used Ewan Hunter what famous pen name? Ed McBain35.What song on the Rubber Soul album became No 1 Overlanders? Michelle - 196636.Palindromic word means raise to the ground or a mine passage? Level37.The Mexican bearded and what are the only venomous lizards? Gila Monste38.In WW2 Germans used a Schlusselmaschine E what do we call it? Enigma coding machine39.Away we Go was the original 1942 title what musical show/film? Oaklahoma40.Gemellus is a fancy name for what? Testicles41.Where would you find the Ponte de Sospiri? Venice - Bridge of Sighs42.Rosemead California its illegal eat what with a fork in public? Ice Cream43.Hierosolymitan is of Greek origin and pertains to what city? Jersualem
44.Not Indians what links Cherokee Apache Arapaho Comanche? Piper Aircraft45.Brilliant Bumper Bubbles Bigheart Boofuls Baby Bonny are who? Jelly Babies46.E J Allen led spies to South Civil war what name better known? Alan Pinkerton47.Gene Kelly Michael York Joss Ackland all played who? D'Artagan48.Who wrote The Last Frontier first published in 1959? Alistair Maclean49.In what TV series did we see Del Floria tailors shop? The man from UNCLE50.Kenneth Weekes nick Ban Ban born Boston only US do what? Play Test match cricket WestIndies51.Glen Morris was the last Olympic gold medallist to do what 1938? Act Tarzan in TarzansRevenge 193852.In Mexico it is illegal for the police to sell what? Their Guns53.Hydrated Magnesium Silicate is better known as what? Meerschaum or Sepiolite54.Seen on Egyptian rivers what is a Shadoof used for? Water bucket on pole55.Old Arabic word for palm of the hand is what in modern sport? Racket56.What General Motors plastic bodied car was built in Tennessee? Saturn57.George W Trendle and Fran Striker created what Western hero? The Lone Ranger 58.Biblical city was the code for RAF bombings of Hamburg WW2? Gomorrah59.What musical was produced on London stage 30 years after film? Singing in the Rain TommySteel 198360.What was Vivian Leigh's character won Oscar in her 30s? Blanche Dubois61.In what Italian town can you find the Piazza del Erbe? Verona62.What author married Leon Trotsky's secretary in 1924? Arthur Ransom63.In Delaware by law a newlywed must do what if wife asks? Take her Shopping64.Where would you find an Orcadian? Orkney Islands65.The Venice Cup is for women only playing what? Bridge66.What is Supergirls Kryptonian name? Kara67.Name the hero Len Deightons Ipcress File and Funeral in Berlin? Not named in books HarryPalmer in films68.Who commanded Bill Jukes Cecco Noodler Skylights Starkey? Captain Hook 69.Anna M Jarvis of Philadelphia started what she never qualified? Mothers Day May 1908Childless70.Robert Brown M Caroline Bliss Moneypenny who was Bond? Timothy Dalton71.What countries head of state has been dead for years? North Korea - Mr Kim72.If you were using Highroller Snooker 7 Lukki what are you doing? Fishing artificial flies73.Where can you see Lenny Bruce E A Poe Karl Marx H G Wells etc? Sergeant Peppers74.In Key West Florida what are barred from racing in city limits? Turtles75.What began 24 Jan 1848 thanks to John Marshall at Sutters mill? The Gold Rush in California76.Who played by Luther Adler Roy Goldman Peter Sellers etc? Adolf Hitler 77.What is the SI unit of power equal to 1.341 horsepower? Kilowatt78.Anna Maria Louisa Italiano changed her name to what? Anne Bancroft79.In Scandinavian mythology what is the day of final doom called? Ragnerok 80.His campaign slogan was vote for AuH20 whats his name? Barry Goldwater 81.Organisation in the US was co-founded by Ballington Booth? Volunteers of America82.Paul French George E Dale pseudonyms for what SF author? Isaac Asimov83.In what country is the worlds largest pyramid? Mexico - Quetzalcoatl84.What was/is the giant Musashi built in Japan in 1974? A Crane85.Sporting terms loose on left Tight on the right who in centre? Hooker in Rugby86.In Frankfort Kentucky its illegal to shot what off a policeman? His Tie87.Dybowski's Formosa and Japanese are types of what? Sika or Saki Deer 
88.In what area of Washington does the State Dept hang out? Foggy Bottom89.Who made his debut in a 1955 Warner Brothers cartoon? Speedy Gonzales90.What is the English title of Voyna i Mir? War and Peace91.The stuff that dreams are made off - last words in what film? The Maltese Falcon92.Nessiteras Rhombopteryx Latinised name of what - as a Hoax? Loch Ness Monster 93.In the game of Bridge what are the first six tricks won called? The Book 94.Batrachophobia is a fear of what? Frogs and Toads95.What was the name of Alistair Macleans first best selling novel? HMS Ulysses96.Name the superspy man from Z.O.W.I.E. played James Coburn? Our Man Flint97.In what sport would you see a Chistera? Pelota98.In Washington its illegal to buy what on Sunday? A Mattress99.Who wrote the musical The Desert Song? Sigmund Romberg100.Eddie Slovak only American to do what 31/01/1945? Executed desertion WW2101.In Wyoming it is illegal to wear what in a theatre? A Hat if others can't see over it102.In New Zealand what is a Punga? A Fern103.In Feng Shui what colour inspires passion? Pink 104.In English superstition what bird should you wish good day? Magpie else bad luck 105.What city was known as Christiana until 1925? Oslo - Sweden106.William Hartnell was the first to play what TV character? Dr Who107.Who wrote the play " What the Butler saw "? Joe Orton108.In 1998 the space probe Luna Perfecta found what on the moon? Ice109.What sea is directly north of Poland? Baltic sea110.What was the original filling of the savaloy sausage? Pigs Brains111.Carlos Menim was elected president of what country in 1989? Argentina112.In Natoma Kansas illegal to throw knives at people wearing what? Stripped Shirts113.What is the Tibetan Yab Yum? A sexual position114.Crossair originated in what European country? Switzerland115.What does a Zamboni do? Machine cleans ice hockey games116.What is the name of the cranial bone just above your ear? Temporal117.Who led the Soviets when they invaded Hungary in 1956? Nikita Khruschcev118.What tennis player made it to finals US open 8 times in 80s? Ivan Lendl119.What musical direction comes from the Italian meaning cheerful? Allegro120.What nationality was Fredrick Chopin? Polish121.Which Nobel Prize is not awarded annually in Stockholm? Peace122.What book translates as My Struggle? Mein Kampf 123.When a satellite closest to Earth its position is called what? Perigee124.In 1659 Massachusetts outlawed what? Christmas - it was illegal125.What can keep for up to 4 years if stored in a cool dark place? Standard Condoms126.What French relish sounds like a machine gun firing? Ratatouille127.Fundador is a potent brandy made in what country? Spain128.Who directed Serpico? Sidney Lumet129.Type of precious stone has a name literally means blue rock? Lapis Lazuli130.Middle ages it was believed birds picked mates what Saints day? 14th February SaintValentine131.A Russian space programs name meant East what was it? Vostok 132.Which Greek hero finally tamed Pegasus? Bellerophon133.What is the Western ( cowboy ) name for a motherless calf? Dogie134.The PH scale measures acid or alkali what's PH stand for? Potential of Hydrogen135.What character Tamed the Shrew in the Shakespeare play? Petrucchio

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