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Atlantis or Bust

Atlantis or Bust

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Published by: Track and Trace Committee on Feb 23, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Atlantis or Bust
Monday conf call 02/22/10
MannaFest 2010 – prices change March 1
Tuesday Night Live – Sam Caster 7:30 PM CSTwww.mannatechlive.com 
Opportunity Meeting in Austin, TX by Merri-jo Hillaker at 7:30 PM CSTat Dave and Busters, 333 Research Boulevard, Austin, TX 78759 (512) 346-8015)
1. WIN: The 2010 Global IncentivePackage will include:
• A deluxe room for two for a 5-night vacation at the Atlantis Resort inBahamas• One or two round trip paid economy class airfares based on Points earned• Round-trip transfers between the airport and the resort• Most meals and sodas while on the resort property• On-site entertainment• Trainings and information sessions to help take your business to the nextlevel
DATES: October 31-November 5, 2010 so BLOCK THOSE DATES onyour calendar!2. How Many Points necessary? 
Qualifying Points100 Pts = Hotel + 1 Airfare (last year it was 120!)125 Pts = Hotel + Airfare for 2 (last year it was 150!)
3. How to Accumulate Points 
Point Accumulation:1. Enroller Points (Minimum you must earn here is 30; no max)A. For enrolling new associates
5 Points
for All Star ($499) or upgrade to All Star 
1 Point
for Preferred ($99 or $109)2. Activation Points (Minimum you must earn here is 30; no max)A. Automatic Orders/One time product orders at least 100QV1)
2 Points
to enroller of a New Associate (as of Dec 26,2009 so goes back to BP1) for each Period it processesBP1-BP7 so total per New Assoc is 14 pts.2)
1 Point
the NEW ASSOCIATE for each Qualifyingorder during BP1-BP7B. Reactivation Orders that are Qualifying (100QV)(Maximum of 50 pts here) Must not have had a QO inthe 6 Periods prior to Period of reactivation.1)
2 Points
to enroller of an Inactive Associate or Member who reactivates by placing a Qualifying Order 
during each and every Period from BP1-BP7.Max avail. per Inactive Assoc is 7 Periods X 2 = 142)
1 Point
the REACTIVATING ASSOCIATE for each Period a Qualifying Order is placed during BP1-7.See special rule for New Associates from BP9-13 2009.
1. Qualifying Order must ship to address of record.2. For those with multiple positions shipping to one address, no morethan 2 Reactivations per household will count.3. Leadership Level: Your Leadership Level at end of BP12 for 2009 must be the same or lower than the Leadership Level
at the end of BP7 2010.
4. Position Transfers: only collect Enrollment points not NewAssociate Qualifying Order points.5. Termination and bring back in: If position inactive for over 1 year,then enroller can get Qualifying Order points for all orders
 Enroller Points for new pack.6. New Associates from BO 9-13, 2009: These associates anaccumulate Qualifying Order points if they had no order after Pack  bought (1 point for each Qualifying Order during BP3-7)7. Returned Packs or Qualifying Orders that are returned prior to theMannatech official notification of Award of Incentive will bededucted from the total point accumulation.There are other rules i.e. non-transferable, etc. that you shouldfamiliarize yourself with but they do not have a play on the Strategies.
5. Strategies to Win
A. For New Associates1. First time ever you get points for your own Auto Orders/QualOrders. Can earn up to 7 points depending on when enrolled.2. Can not participate in any reactivation (except if you enrolled inBP1, enrolled some others in BP1, and they never ordered again untilBP7 (so meet the 6 BP of no orders03. Strategy:a) If enrolled in BP1-3, Enroll at least 5 All Stars (25 pts) and 8customers (8 pts)...this will work for 33 pts in a categoryrequiring at least 30) b) Get these 10 on auto order (at QO and collect 2 pts for eachone through BO7)If start NOW, can collect 6-7 times 2 pts for each enrollment.Enroll 3 in BP 3: 5 x 2 x 3= 30 possible pointsEnroll 3 in BP 4: 4 x 2 x 3= 24 possible points
Enroll 3 in BP 5: 3 x 2 x 3= 18 possible pointsEnroll 4 in BP 6: 2 x 2 x 4= 16 possible pointsAdd enrollment pts:5 All Stars at 5 = 258 customers at 1 = 85 of your own Auto Orders (possible 7 if enrolled in BP1)= 5This totals: 126c) Variations:Best to start NOW...Enroll as many as you can in BP3...Fast upfront to load up on Auto Orders which are the easiest points tocollect for new associates. Need to have at least 30 pts in Auto Orders for New Assoc sothis is another reason to enroll lots of people NOW.This is NOT a program for procrastinators since can not winwith just Pack Points.Each month, review where you are and put in an adjusted plantaking into account exactly where you are.B. For Existing Associates1. Reactivation PointsWork diligently (should have already started in BP1 and BP2) tocollect the 50 maximum points on reactivation.Review Monday Call on reactivation for people you enrolled2. Enrolment Points:Still must sign up at least 5 All Stars and 5 consumers, or 1 All Star and 25 consumers or combination thereof to add up to at least 30 points to collect the Minimum Points Required.3. Auto Order Points for New Associates:If accomplish the 50 Reactivation and 30 Enrollment points, then have45 points needed in Auto Orders for Newly Enrolled Associates.That means 23 Qualifying Auto Orders.Enroll at least 3 in each of the next 2 Periods:Enroll 3 in BP 3: 5 x 2 x 3= 30 possible points (24 more likely)Enroll 3 in BP 4: 4 x 2 x 3= 24 possible points (18 more likely)4. Determine Leadership Level at end of BP 12 2009 and becognizant that you must be at this level at the end of BP 7.C. Basic other Strategies1. Terminate and bring back in does you no good anymore.Only collect points for the reactivation orders (not even New Assocorders).2. Do you have any family members who have not ordered in 6months, or have not renewed? Reactivate now.3. Make sure to maximize your reactivation points for at least 2

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