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Conspiracy - A WFRP Adventure (v2 updated)

Conspiracy - A WFRP Adventure (v2 updated)

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Published by PzVIE

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Published by: PzVIE on Feb 24, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A WFRP Scenario from Casus BelliWritten by Rolland Barthelemy (updated from 1
to 2
This scenario is suitable for a group of characters of average experience.If you don't want to be a short adventure, it would be beneficial to have some followers of Shallya, or at least some individuals capable of compassion...
This adventure takes place,theoretically, in the south west of theEmpire, between the town ofCarroburg and the Grey Mountains, butcan be displaced without too muchtrouble. Our group of courageousadventurers have been wandering forseveral days along a path through theforest that follows a small river.Villages are rare along this path. Thesurroundings are peaceful. The lasttroubles with chaos were more than adecade ago, and Beastmen are rare...unless the party makes a ruckus. Onemidday, the group halts for lunch in asmall clearing between the path andthe river. Insist that the atmosphere ispeaceful and let them listen to the birdsin the trees and the trickle of the river,until your players become increasinglyworried. And at that moment, they heara noise from the river. The cries of ababy... Certainly the adventurersexamine the location of the cries, andwhen they do, they'll find a smallbasket partly hidden in the reeds bythe river bank a metre or so out intothe water. Within the basket, a pink,chubby baby, laughing at them... Foran adventurer, it is already boring... butit'll get worse. If examined, the babyturns out to be covered in fine hair allover its body. Its nails are very long,almost resembling claws... In short, it’sa mutant. No more than a few daysold. Once changed and fed, he'll fallasleep quietly; leaving the PCs tofigure out what to do. What should theydo? Neither the basket nor the clothdraped around the baby offers anyclues. No embroidery, no initials,nothing. The cloth is coarse and plain.If your players are heartless brutes,who decide to leave the poor babyalone (or worse, to drown him), makethe kidnappers intervene (see furtherdown) immediately. But with a littlelogic, the PCs will begin looking for hismother... There is a village twentyminutes up river, where she can befound.
The Hidden Cards
Once there were two sisters of noblebirth. One was beautiful, blonde andkind, the other was beautiful, brunetteand evil. As one might expect theyboth fell in love with the same princecharming, and it was the blonde Luisawho married him. Karla the brunetteswore she would be avenged... Theoccasion presented itself as Luisa wasabout to give birth to their first child.Karla's plan was very simple: replacethe new-born with a small mutant. Thescandal was enormous, Luisa wouldbe rejected... and the political alliancesthat the marriage had produced wouldbe upheld as the prince married Karla.The only problem is that finding a newborn mutant is no easy task. Karlaaddressed Hans regarding thisbusiness; he is an enigmatic
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"intermediary", most likely arepresentative of a cult of Slaanesh.He accepted her request for aid, inreturn for several "services"... Karlaaccepted the terms and passed theborder to Chaos. Several monthsearlier an inhabitant of Kleinstadt wasraped by a creature from the otherside, she hid her pregnancy as well asshe could, but the fact reached theears of Hans, who informed Karla. Asluck would have it the woman inKleinstadt gave birth a few days earlierthan Luisa... Karla sent a small numberof men to take the mutant baby...Unfortunately the woman was veryembarrassed by the appearance of herchild and threw him in the river, andthis is where the PCs find him.
Village Comedy
The total number of inhabitants inKleinstadt is no more than two hundredadults and about fifty farmers in thesurrounding area. It is a small villagebuilt within a wooden palisade, afortified temple to Sigmar dominatesthe village. The nearest house is somedistance away. There are no inns orhostels, but everybody will be willing tolet the PCs stay, "oh, a lit'l somethin' toshow the generosity of Monseigneur...The harvest was not good this yearand it'll be worse when the taxmancomes later... " (et cetera). Thevillagers seem to be all the same: theyare grumpy and say little, unless thesubject is the weather or the recentharvest. They won't ask any questionsto the PCs, and they'll expect them tobe much the same. Still, the night theyarrive, they find shelter at Peter Klein'shouse (a large part of the inhabitantshave Klein as their surnames). Theywill expect that the PC's will tell abouttheir exploits during the evening toentertain their hosts. This is a goodchance to break the ice.The general reaction regarding thebaby is: "No one has ever seen himhere in this village. Try theneighbouring village. No woman hasrecently given birth here. Go to thenext village." They are not hostile asthey try to be considerate towards the"little monster". Indeed they seem topity the baby instead. There is no needfor a genius to see that they are allafraid. The PCs may have reasons tothink that they are afraid of them.(Place yourself in the villagers place. Aband of strangers, armed to the teeth,asking questions about a mutantbaby... These can only be witchhunters! And everybody knows thatwitch hunters have a tendency to beoverzealous when it comes topunishing "the tainted souls". Thevillagers are sincerely convinced that ifthey talk they will be massacredwithout a seconds thought).
A Few Personalities
Werner Neumann (60), Priest ofSigmar:
At the same time the principalcuriosity in the village and its spiritualleader. He's an old brigand touched bySigmar ("and Sigmar appeared to mein all His glory. And it was after thisevent that I took the name of New Manand vowed to spend my life in Hisservice"). He guards his past whichincludes several scars, a floweringlanguage and an immense love ofgood wine. He is not less honest, eventhough he drinks, and the villagersrespect him enormously. No one hastold him about the baby.
Mattheus Klein (67) "the ancient":
 He is full of life, but he makes himselfseem senile when strangers are near,at least until he is sure about theirintentions.
Joris Klein (40) Blacksmith. Son ofMattheus:
A huge man equipped witha bad temper. If the PCs act insistently,it will be him that turns to them ("andyou continue to bury your noses in
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other peoples business, where theydon't belong, leave while you can!").
Friedrich Klein (34):
Small, limpingand grumpy. He is the black sheep inthe village, and he only bites histongue because Joris threatened tobreak him in two if he didn't keep hismouth shut. He observes the PCs,scorn them and drops subtle hints. Thebest tactic consists of isolating him andgive him drinks to loosen his tongue. Ifthe PCs don't come up with this idea,he will approach them within two tothree days and offer the information fora small sum.
Magda Schmitt (70) years old, the"sorceress":
She lives a shortdistance outside the village, in a colonyof black cats and is infested with lice.She is simply a recluse but she doesnot have a good reputation.
Hildegard Wagner, (23):
A youngwoman who's only interest is thebaby... She stays discrete and prudent,but she watches the PCs out of thecorner of her eye. She is the baby'smother, but it will be a pity if the PCsarrive at this conclusion to soon.Remember the wall of silence is nottotally sealed. All the adults knowabout the "woes" of Hildegard andwatch their tongues, more or less deftly(they all know that if anyone hints at"poor Hildi" near the PCs, they mightall be in big trouble). Regarding thechildren in the village; they have allbeen told to stay away from the PCs...But they are devoured by curiosity ("tellme Sir, have you killed manymonsters?") Unfortunately it is difficultto get a coherent story from them. Ifthe conversation turns to dangeroussubject, the children will not talk, orthey may lead the conversation totopics like a 'cursed' dam, a hauntedclearing or a huge tree inhabited byfairies, etc.Let the PCs do their best to convincethe villagers about their goodintentions. Depending on their moodsand actions, it may be easy or hard. Ifall fails, an incident may help to clearmatters, for example a child is fallinginto the river and the PCs saving thechild and become heroes.
The Competition
Three riders arrive the night after thePCs arrive. They approach Hildegarddirectly (a cabin a short distanceoutside the village, where she liveswith her parents and her grandmother). They offer her a large amountof money in exchange for the baby.She explains that she does no longerhave him and that the PCs have thebaby now. They approach the PCs andpresent themselves as messengersfrom a rich merchant who collectsmonsters and who would like to includethis specimen in his collection. "Nameyour price!" The PCs should react tothe sorry told. To start with how did thehypothetical merchant come to hear ofthe baby? And the messengers have acurious military attitude for just simplemessengers. The riders’ horses arecovered in a black cloth, if any curiousPC looks under the cloth they will seeanother black cloth embossed with awhite boar head. This signifies a guardpresence and could mean a deathsentence for the baby; they should notgive the baby away without making theguards identify themselves. If the PCssell the baby they'll get 500 shillings. Ifthey refuse the buyers leave the villagewith vague threats of retribution (they'llmake camp in the forest).
The Abduction
The buyers have not given up; ifpossible they will try to kidnap thebaby. Depending on the actions of thePCs it may or may not be difficult forthe kidnappers to achieve their goal(perhaps the PCs in their search forfaerie inhabited trees or hauntedclearings leave the baby in the care of

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