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Blame it on Eve

Blame it on Eve



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Published by Patrick Joseph Horn

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Published by: Patrick Joseph Horn on Feb 24, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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he was absolutely stunning as she strutted up to her new husband and he stared witheyes fixated on her radiant beauty with awe and wonder! The backlit auburn hair wasflowing around her perfectly formed shoulders caressing her taught belly as sheapproached Adam with the prowess of a lioness ready for love.The garden was dimly lit with an amber radiance which reflected her form on the poolof living water before the both of them where Adam was lying in eager anticipation for his new wife that God had made for him. The animals and all of the Angels watched inutter silence and amazement at her grandeur as she walked so sure of herself, so uprightand so pure in her truth of fantastic beauty. Never was there a more perfect woman thanEve,…the mother of mankind.Even the forest stopped for but a moment to let her through with the honors of amilitary guard, while the grass beneath her feet turned a brilliant emerald green as her naked feet touched it. Butterflies of an infinite variety flitted about her and the wholeEarth seemed to sigh in concert when she came to the pool.A golden mist enveloped them as God consummated their marriage vows to each other and told them of the life ahead and of all the wonderful things he had created for them toenjoy, and,…and,.. that other little stipulation.One of the Angels who was Gods favorite was watching this going on and as hehovered about like a curious child looking from the shadows, even he was astonished ather glorious appearing! And a tear crept from his eye and as it hit the ground the Earthtrembled ever so slightly because of his awesome kinetic power.The mist cleared and the stone mansion designed by God was all around the pool of living waters, with seven court yards and columns made from pure gold surrounded theinner court where the temple of The Most High was established in the very center of Gods creation. The circular domed ceiling had stained glass like material which wasactually made of translucent gemstones,…diamond, sapphire, ruby, and every stonewhich later would be the foundations of the New city after a future tribulation.The plants were inside and outside all about the house which was of a perfect climate,atmosphere, and was perfect for the children of God. Angels were the house maids andthe watchers of men as God had so commanded of them, and they took care of everythingin the garden, the city, the kingdom, the world, the universe.An ethereal music prevailed as choirs of angels sang praise and worship 24 hours a dayand spoke peace and harmony into existence for all of the creation to enjoy. Adam andEve had much to do of their own to keep them healthy and active learning of all of thenew life they had been given from the very soul and spirit of God himself. God loved towalk in the cool of the evening throughout the garden and he loved his new children to noend.The family would spend their days naming the creatures of the forest and all of thecreations God had made. They learned civilized task to make life much moreunderstandable and satisfactory. Science was not theory, for God simply told them whatwas and that was that. They could live forever and ever in those perfect bodies made for an eternity of pleasure yet they did not know a few key things about life that could not betaught or instilled except in a robot which God did not need or desire.No, he knew what was going to become of his creation from the beginning as he triedto ignore the thoughts in his mind so he could just savor the moment. God knew then
what he knows now, and he allows experience to approach his creation in order to picturehimself in his mind. We are the mirror for God to see himself, without which he wouldalways wonder who and what he really was, is, and will always be. We are therefore he.This being said, let us go further ahead in time of a timeless past, which had a beginning for us at least. Although the stuff that makes us children of God has beenaround with God as God for ever and ever. We are God stuff! Adam was spoke intoexistence through the word which emanated from The Ancient of Days mouth andestablished a seed upon the Earth to be grown and spread throughout until this very day.Eve was created from Adam and together God has used a physiological process of creation to spring from spirit to continue on forever and ever. We are part of this creationand thereby we are family. So what is the deal? Why all the fuss?Mankind had fallen from Gods good graces because of a rebellious heart and becauseof listening to an entity other than God. So now we have come full circle and we still point the finger to everyone but ourselves when things go wrong. Now I’m here to tellyou this is just human nature. This is why we have been given a chance to develop thethings that God did not put in us.Character, integrity, love, accountability, trust, courage, and loyalty for starters. Theseare the treasures we actually take with us of which we did not bring with us, hopefully.By the method of dwelling in this flesh we learn these traits or not, by trial and error. Thisis how we are formed into perfect beings of a perfect creator for his ultimate pleasure andours.So when we think back to that great garden where we were introduced to this worldand everything in it just remember it was what it was, and now we are about to see thenew garden emerge from a Kingdom which is to Come soon! That radiant Eve is our  physical mother and Adam our physical father, but now we are dead to the world, andnow we are in the world but not of the world for he who dwells within us is greater thanhe who dwells within the world.Give God the Glory, Praise, Honor for ever and ever Amen! Come Lord Jesus!

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mike carvell added this note
the right choices of life great excellent write
Carl F Maulbeck added this note
true this, patrick - "Character, integrity, love, accountability, trust, courage, and loyalty for starters. These are the treasures we actually take with us " - excellent
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