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Become Acquainted With Islam

Become Acquainted With Islam

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Published by abdallh sobhy
abdallh sobhy sheta hebascus@yahoo.com
abdallh sobhy sheta hebascus@yahoo.com

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Published by: abdallh sobhy on Feb 24, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dr. Munqidh Ben Mahmoud Assaqar
First, all praise and thanks to God Almighty – ALLAH. It iswith great honor that I present this humble work to myreader, hoping that God Almighty will help him to benefitfrom it, and makes him and me among those who know thetruth and among those who are guided.Following the tradition of prophet Mohammad (PBUH) inthanking people who did us a favor, I would like to thankmany people who I benefited from in completing this work,and possibly my success in this work was a result of theirprayers to God Almighty to help me to do so.I wish to express my appreciation and gratitude to my nobleparents, who have done the greatest favor for me, incontinuously fostering and cherishing me. I also extend myappreciation to my faithful wife, for her continuous support,help, and for her standing beside me during the completionof this work.I would also wholeheartedly like to express my thanks andgratitude to the translation team, who played a major role inenabling this book to reach the English speaking reader, Mr.ALI QASSEM, the translator, and the first proofreader.Finally, I express my thanks and appreciation to Dr. JOHNEALES, who has done me a great favor by doing the finalproofreading, even though he is of a different faith, hemanaged to do so, for he is concerned about searching forthe truth, and following scientific methods in study anddiscussion.I also extend my thanks and appreciation to all my brothers,friends and colleagues, who played any role in thecompletion of this book.
Dr. Munqidh Ben Mahmoud Assaqar
Praise to Allah
, the cherisher and sustainer of theworlds, and may peace and blessings be upon all of Hismessengers.The prophets’ religion is one religion, for Allah (S.W) hadsent His messengers and revealed His Books that declareone essence, which is Monotheism, and command us tohave good morals and behavior.When Allah (S.W) sent Muhammad (PBUH)
, Hecommanded him as He (S.W) commanded the rest of theprophets, Allah (S.W) sent him as the final Prophet tohumanity, He (S.W) accepts his religion as a religion for all,and completed the previous messages by his (PBUH)message.The message of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the finalmessage from Allah (S.W), and it is distinctive in itsproperties that make it the fastest spreading religion onearth. Islam has covered half of the earth with its civilization,and nations are competing to have it as their religion, forwhat they find in it. The reason for this is that Islam is
- Muslims prefer using the name “Allah”, which is one of many other beautiful names and it is GodAlmighty’s greatest name, instead of the English word “God”. The word “Allah” is pure and uniqueunlike the English word “God”, which can be used in many forms. If we add ‘s’ to the word “God” itbecomes “Gods”, that is a plural of God. Allah is one and singular, there is no plural of Allah. If we add‘dess’ to the word ‘God’, it becomes ‘Goddess’, that is a female God. There is nothing like male Allah orfemale Allah. (taken from: “The Concept of God in Major Religions”, Dr. Zakir Abdul Kareem, pp 18)(Added by the translator)
- Muslims do not mention the name of Allah without glorification. The letters “S.W” are contractions of the two Arabic words “Sobhanahu Wataala”, which means,
Glory to Him! He is high above all 
(HolyQuran 17:43). The English meaning of these two words is from the “Meaning of the Holy Quran byAbdullah Yusof Ali”. Therefore, in this book I will use the words “Allah (S.W)” when referring to GodAlmighty, except for excerpts and quotations.(Added by the translator)
- Muslims also do not mention the name of a Prophet without honoring him with prayer and invocation.The letters “PBUH” are contractions of the sentence, “Peace Be upon Him” when mentioning a prophet, or“Peace Be upon Her” when mentioning the Pure Virgin Mary, and the letters “PBUT” are contractions of the sentence, “Peace Be upon Them”, when mentioning more than one prophet. (Added by the translator)

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