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Nice Guy vs Bad Boy - David Shade

Nice Guy vs Bad Boy - David Shade

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Published by BettyJude
The difference between nice guys and bad boys as explained by David Shade
The difference between nice guys and bad boys as explained by David Shade

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Published by: BettyJude on Feb 24, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Nice Guy vs. Bad Boy
Women say that they want "A nice guy with a sense of humor." But why is it that womenfall for the inconsiderate jerk? Has a woman ever cried on your shoulder about the bad boy that treats her badly? And you were a "nice guy". I shall explain why this happens.To understand what women want, we must observe what they actually respond to. Truthis found in reality...
The Bad Boy
Bad boys are confident. Confidence in a man is very alluring to a woman.
Bad boys are masculine. The feminine in a woman is attracted to the masculine in aman, and with a bad boy, it is extreme. It is this contrast that is so alluring to awoman. It makes her feel sexy and feminine.
Bad boys are fearless with women. He will woo her by being sweet andgentlemanly, while she is drawn to his masculine confidence.
Bad boys lead an exciting life. They are daring and live on the edge. Women wantto be part of it to make their own life more exciting.
Bad boys are mysterious. They have a dark side that women are endlessly curiousto know. She never really feels she knows him.
Bad boys cannot be tamed. Women are nurturing creatures, and are thus compelledto save him. She is determined to rescue him by teaching him how to love.
Bad boys are protective. Women don't want to admit it, but women love to feel protected.
Bad boys are sexually exciting. For a woman, the sex is awesome with a bad boy.He is dominant, he talks dirty to her, he makes her do things she is too inhibited todo, and she loves it. It makes her feel sexual. It is extremely exciting for a womanto experience those intense sexual feelings.
Bad boys are addictive. She becomes so wrapped up in her experience that sherealizes she needs it, and the bad boy knows it.© 2010 David Shade1
Once she becomes addicted, the bad side of the bad boy comes out.
Bad boys are selfish. He inconsiderately takes and takes, and she gladly gives andgives even more in order to keep him because she is addicted to the exciting sex.
Bad boys are secretive. She begins to notice things he is keeping from her, thingsabout his dark side that would be self-incriminating.
Bad boys make promises of fidelity and then deny their indiscretions. When shelearns he has cheated, she is devastated; but she needs it, so she works even harder to save him.
Bad boys are paranoid. He knows that other men do exactly the same thing. Thus,he is very possessive of his women. He becomes controlling in order to keep her tohimself.It is incongruent. The internal incongruity is another form of weakness.Bad boys are apron-hugging mamma's boys. His frequent visits to his mother and hisneed for his mother's approval supersede his woman's needs. Bad boys tend to marry atraditional woman, but are only sexual with her to procreate. He only gets sexual with hismistress, because bad boys have the Madonna-Whore complex.Most every highly-sexual woman has been with a bad boy at least once in her life. This istrue for both high self-esteem and low self-esteem women.Eventually, the high self-esteem woman can't take the drama any more, and she leaveshim. It is probably the most emotionally traumatic thing she will ever do. It is heartwrenching for her because she has become so addicted to the awesome sex.But did you notice something? It's not the Bad Boy's aggressiveness or spontaneity or cocky super-confidence that makes a woman eventually get up and leave him, it is hisweakness. For all that they may be exciting and challenging, Bad Boys are not strongmen, not truly. And when she finds out the truth of his weaknesses it is then that a womanleaves him. His paranoia and jealousy demonstrate that his confidence is only skin deep.His shallow inability to commit to one woman shows his terrible lack of trust in his own judgment. And his reckless behaviors and inability to love reveal that, much as he may play with fire, he is actually scared shitless of the power of life. The real reason a womanleaves a Bad Boy is not because he was too powerful but because he was too weak!After a woman has been through the roller coaster ride with a bad boy, she will forever avoid inconsiderate jerks, but she will always crave those intense sexual feelings, feelingsof being uber-feminine, of being possessed and dominated, of being "out-of-control" passionate.
 Let me repeat: She will always crave those intense sexual feelings.
© 2010 David Shade2

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