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Bodybuilding - All-Star Abs

Bodybuilding - All-Star Abs



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Published by ed1969gar
The title says it all these are varrious exxersices to have all star Abs
The title says it all these are varrious exxersices to have all star Abs

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Published by: ed1969gar on Sep 07, 2007
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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When you need abdominal muscles that show and go,try these monsters ofthemidsection 
Speed Shift 
The man:
Johnnie Morton, wide receiver, Detroit Lions
The move:
standing abdominal twist
ometimes catching a football involves moving your upper body oneway while your lower body goes the other. To pull it off, Mortonneeds balance and superhuman control of his midsection muscles—qualities that will help in any sport that requires quick changes in di-rection, like baseball, basketball, tennis, soccer, or hockey.
How you do it: Hold a medicine ball or weight plate with both hands out in front of your chest,your arms slightly bent. Without moving your legs, rotate your torso 90 degrees to the right.(Don't go any farther-that would be too tough on your lower back.) Pause, then rotate back180 degrees so you're facing left. Pause and rotate right to the starting position. That's onerepetition. Work up to three sets of 20 or more repetitions, beginning and ending each setwith the weight in the middle. 'This gives me a good burn and helps me develop stamina aswell as strength," Morton says.
Abs are money.
We speak from personal experience, havingused the cover of this magazine to sell moresix-packs than Anheuser-Busch.
But there's evidence everywhere. A moldedmidsection is pure cash flow for anyone whohas to remove his shirt in his line of work. Wouldthe name "Pitt" be anything more than a signalto roll on some deodorant, save for an ab-flexingscene in
Thelma and Louise?
The bankability reaches beyond aesthetics.If you're an athlete, abs are your body's big-playmuscles. Your legs and arms may do the gruntwork, but it's your abdominals that put you on
So we asked professional athletes and actorsto show us the abdominal exercises that helpthem earn a living.
You already know this stuff works. You'veseen the results on ESPN and in the localcineplex. Now it's time to see how a set of proabs will look on you. »
Illustrations by John Hull
www.menshealth.com i
2001 1O3 MEN'S
The man:
Dain Blanton, Olympic goldmedalist in beach volleyball
The move:
cross-legged crunch
beach volleyball player neverknows where the next serve orspike is going to take him. But heknows his abs have to get him there.He uses them to bend, twist, andextend his body into position for areturn. So Blanton tries to shift hislegs and torso into different posi-tions each workout, in an effort togive the midsection muscles newand different challenges.
How you do it:
Lie on your back on the floor,your lower legs crossed on the floor. Hold yourhands behind your ears and pull your elbowsback as far as possible. Now crunch your headand shoulders up off the floor and hold thecontraction; then slowly lower yourself. Do threesets of 10 to 15 repetitions.
Make 'em Last 
The man:
Tiki Barber,running back,NewYork Giants
The move:
cyclingcrunchA running back, like an obstetrician, has tospend a lot of time in a crouch. But unlikethe OB, a running back has to spend everysecond on the field prepared to hit as well asbe hit. This requires not only midsectionstrength but also stamina, which is why Bar-ber does cycling crunches. These force him tocontract his abdominals—as he would if heknew Ray Lewis had him in his sights—whilekeeping his legs moving. Any athlete whoneeds a low center of gravity—for guarding inbasketball, working the baseline in tennis,scooping up throws at first base—will benefitfrom cycling crunches.
How you do
it: Lie on your back and bend your knees andhips 90 degrees so your feet are in the air. Place your finger-tips behind your ears and perform an abdominal crunch bylifting your head and shoulders off the floor. At the same time,lift your right leg to your chest. Lower your torso to the floor asyou straighten your right leg, keeping it a few inches off thefloor. Crunch again, this time lifting your left leg to your chest.Do three sets of 20 repetitions.
 BEACH BLANTON  BINGO: Constant variety makes agreater Dain.

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